T95’s President of Rock Election

It’s the SECOND most important election in 2020… who is The President of Rock?
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Starting September 28th, four parties will go head to head and vie for the ultimate position in Rock and Roll Politics… President of Rock!

Vote every week RIGHT HERE, or on our Twitter Poll, for the representative of each of the four participating parties.

The winner of each primary will represent their party in the final election, October 26th-30th, with the second-place finishers running as their VP nominee.

Polls will close at 5pm every Friday.




Seattle Sound Party

The Seattle Sound Party is exactly what it sounds like…. Seattle. While their roots were based on bands like Mother Love Bone, and frontmen like Andrew Wood, the party has grown, and from the ashes of Wood’s initial creation, you have powerhouses like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains, whose sound is hellbent on not sounding like ANYTHING else. Their party platform is a unique sound that could have ONLY come from the constant cloud-covered and dreary environment of Seattle Washington. Buck the system, do what you want, middle finger to the “norm” and be successful anyway!

Party Nominees: Layne Staley – Kurt Cobain – Eddie Vedder – Chris Cornell

Presidential Nominee Winner: Chris Cornell
Vice-Presidential Nominee Winner: Kurt Cobain


The Old Guard

We can all thank The Old Guard for building the foundation upon which Rock and Roll stands today. When the world was all bubble-gum and un-distorted guitar playing, The Old Guard dared to add a little fuzz. They got your attention, and made you pay attention to this new thing taking over the world. They built the roots to Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash, and even Hair Metal. In a time of being prim and proper, The Old Guard preached Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, and they will do WHATEVER necessary to maintain Rock’s roots.

Party Nominees: Axl Rose – Tommy Lee – Lars Ulrich – Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Write-In candidate: Eddie Van Halen

Presidential Nominee winner: Ozzy Osbourne
Vice-Presidential Nominee winner (chosen by the party leader):
Eddie Van Halen

Hard and Heavy Party

Take what was established with The Old Guard, and turn it up to 11! Hard and Heavy took their approach of getting people’s attention to a level that can’t be ignored. Blast beats, downtuned guitars, and even MORE brutal lyrics and vocals that no one has yet to match. But don’t think these guys are just all about screaming and violence. There’s a message in what they preach. While seemingly violent and aggressive in the mosh pits, Hard and Heavy still has a platform that promotes well-being, and healthy outlets… as well as care for your fellow man. There are STRONG family ties in the Hard and Heavy Party.

Party Nominees: Sully Erna – David Draiman – Ivan Moody – Corey Taylor


The Good Guy Party

Rock has a tendency to be lumped all together as an aggressive, hard-nosed “don’t give a f**k” personality in people, but there are plenty of Rockers who just want be good. The Good Guy Party represents some of the best. Members of the Good Guy Party typically love to Rock, and dance, and maybe fight a little, but will be right there to help you up off the ground, and buy you a beer. The Good Guys leave big tips to waiters and waitresses, promote love and well-being in their followers, and really do it just for fun. It’s not an obligation for members of the Good Guy Party to do the right thing… it’s just what they love to do. But don’t sleep on them just because they’re “good.” They still love to party and drink!

Party Nominees: Dave Grohl – Rob Zombie – Chester Bennington – Flea

Primary Election for The Good Guy Party are happening NOW! Click on the “VOTE NOW” button at the top of the page to cast your vote!