Wichita PD answers Lip Sync Challenge with White Stripes

The Police Lip Sync Challenge is "going to Wichita."

It's been teased for a few weeks, but now Wichita PD has released their Lip Sync Challenge, and obviously, The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" makes the most sense.

Smiley faceIt features various branches and districts of the department, even acted out scenes of arguments and arrests. But the video really shines when they put a full band in Old Town Square, and under the fire and watchful eye of the Keeper of the Plains.

Most of these challenge videos just use parts of the songs, and have an off-duty cop sitting in their car. But that just wouldn't do for WPD. It's the full song, and full-production value, complete with outtakes and credits at the end. 

In addition to featuring the PD, the clip ALSO reads like a love letter to Wichita, spanning the skyline, and showcasing many of its residents. 

Watch the whole thing below!

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