Originally from Chicago, Bickham’s radio voyage has taken him to all sorts of exciting places (And I can’t stress “Exciting” enough). He started his radio career while at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. Apparently they didn’t like his blatant disrespect for authority and he soon moved on to the heart of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri. In his brief time there he learned what hillbilly life really is like deep in the backwoods of Missouri when his first experience of a good old country party was witnessing party goers skinning a rabbit that their dog had killed… which they later fried up and served at the party. Seriously, the only thing missing from this scene was someone strumming a banjo.
Realizing this wasn’t the type of lifestyle he was interested in he moved slightly up the societal ladder to Wichita where he spent much of his time in counseling due to the trauma he had previously encountered. It was thought at this point that perhaps attending a few Kansas City Chiefs games may help. How being a Chief’s fan could help anyone’s sanity is beyond us… but Bickham became one and only roots against them when they play the Chicago Bears.

In his spare time he enjoys cheering on the Fighting Illini, the Chicago White Sox (NOT the Cubs), Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs 
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