Gov. Kelly Says Technology Issues Have Resulted In Underreporting Of Vaccines Being Administered

Governor Kelly recently addressed concerns that Kansas is ranking low in the nation as far as the amount of COVID-19 vaccine doses being administered statewide.

She said that while some of this can be attributed to human error, the underreporting of vaccinations is largely due to a technological error that is resulting in inaccurate numbers being sent to the CDC.

Reported vaccine administration rates have been significantly lower than anticipated, despite qualitative reports of doses being given quickly by health care providers. Kelly said that this gap in reporting is due to inconsistencies and time lags between the state’s immunization registry and the federal registry.

To help reduce these errors, health care providers will be required to report daily data on doses received, administered, transferred, or in inventory. This should help the Kansas Department of Health and Environment more accurately identify where vaccines are being administered in addition to recognizing reporting issues.

Providers already identified as having issues with data reporting will provide patient-level information in order to account for doses that have indeed been delivered, but have not yet been recorded as administered or in inventory.