Red Cross offering chance at Super Bowl package to boost donations

Between the holidays and COVID, the Red Cross is dealing with a drop in donations.

There is a major need for plasma donations, especially from people who have recovered from COVID-19. The plasma from survivors has been show to be an effective treatment for critically ill patients.

“Blood and plasma donors who have recovered from COVID-19 may have the power to help critically ill patients currently battling the virus,” said Dr. Erin Goodhue, Red Cross medical director of clinical services. “With hospital distributions for convalescent plasma increasing about 250% since October, these generous donations are vital in helping to save lives throughout the winter – a time that is often challenging to collect enough blood products for those in need.”

To encourage donations, the Red Cross is teaming up with the NFL. Everyone who donates in January will be entered for a change to win a getaway package for Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles. If you make a donation before January 20, you will also be entered to win a Big Game at Home package, which includes a 65-inch television and a $500 gift card.

You will need to make an appointment to donate blood or plasma. Use the link below to set a date and time.

Red Cross Donation Information