Harvey County begins public information campaign on COVID-19 safety

The Harvey County Health Department, Newton Medical Center and 18 other organizations are working together on a public information campaign to urge people to take steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The campaign is called “Your Choices Matter. Choose Wisely,” and it involves printed flyers, posters and social media messages calling on people to wash their hands, wear masks, follow social distancing, and observe other practices for community health safety.

Harvey County Health Department director Lynette Redington said there are over 1,200 cases that have been reported during the pandemic, and there are 336 cases now that are considered active.    Newton Medical Center president Val Gleason said 40 to 50 percent of the patients in the hospital are COVID positive.   She said an entire unit has been converted to house COVID-19 patients and ICU beds are at a premium.   She said hospital staff members have been working hard to care for patients, but they are appealing to the community to follow the recommendations outlined in the campaign.

The campaign will run through the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years’ holiday seasons.