WPD launches downtown Community Policing Team

The Wichita Police Department created a new community policing team to focus on the downtown area.

Officers have been talking with people living and working downtown, and many are interested in seeing more of a police presence. Wichita Police Chief, Gordon Ramsay, says downtown doesn’t see much violent crime, but there are a lot of disturbance issues, including drunken behavior, graffiti, and public urination. In an effort to promote community engagement, more officers will be patrolling on foot, by bike, and on horseback. The officers on this team will work closely with the WPD Homeless Outreach Team.

Overall, the goal is to improve quality of life and make a positive impact. Officers have been talking with people and business owners to get ideas of things that would help out. Responses have asked for things like a bigger police presence in the mornings, when people are arriving to work. There have also be requests to see the WPD Mounted Unit more frequently.

There is no extra cost tied to the creation of this unit. Officers were moved from other areas.