ON THE LINE: Lou Brutus of Hard Drive, on “The Current Unpleasantness” and living in the Sovereign Nation of Darlandia, and vomiting all over Live-Aid in 1985

Who else, other than Lou Brutus would have stories of Pig Porn on tour with Motley Crue (he wasn’t in it), Puking all over Live-Aid in Philadelphia from a helicopter, and getting high (accidentally) with Snoop Dogg?

No one.

Lou’s what we like to call a professional fan of Rock and Roll, and Meatball talked with him recently about the new book, living in “The Current Unpleasantness,” and the life he’s led until now.

He’s made a career of traveling to shows and festivals, working for radio stations, interviewing damn near every Rock Star on the planet. And finally, thanks to his close friend Corey Taylor, we have some of those stories in one place…

“Sonic Warrior: My carer as a Rock N Roll Reprobate”

Hard Drive and T95 have a long history, and Lou knows this.

All this week at 5 pm, we’re giving away a copy of Lou’s book.

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