ON THE LINE: Bert Kreischer is headed BACK to Russia

ON THE LINE: Bert Kreischer is headed BACK to Russia

ON THE LINE: Bert Kreischer is headed BACK to Russia

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  • ON THE LINE: Bert Kreischer is headed BACK to Russia

UPDATE: Due to the Coronavirus, Bert has had to postpone and reschedule most shows. It is unclear if he did make the trip to Russia.

The Machine is headed BACK to Russia in 2020!

Comedian Bert Kreischer recently talked with Meatball, and revealed that his agent has booked two events in Moscow and St. Petersberg later this year. This would be the first time he returns to the country that gave him his “Machine” namesake.

“My biggest fear always, has been, I will get booked into a corporate gig (in Russia), I’ll get there, and it’ll be at a Mob restaurant,” He said. “And then I got a call from my agent. He said, ‘Yo, we got a phone call from a big promoter in Russia who wants you to do shows in Russia… are you in?’

“I was like, ‘If you can get a deal, with some network to do a documentary on me going back to Russia… I’m in.'”

So coming in September, be on the look out for the Return of The Machine to the Mother Land.

Kreischer also talked about using his family as material in his shows, saying his daughters only found out when kids at school brought it up, AND, the one joke his wife wouldn’t let him tell. He also talks about the importance of comedy on people’s lives.

“The other day, Bill Burr called me and said something to me that was one of the funniest things in the world… and I laughed… and for that one second, I totally got removed from all my problems,” he said. “If comedy, or any of the stuff I do, gets one person who’s dealing with crap in their head, out of their crap for a second, and they get a moment of relief… then it’s worth all the speedo dance videos, and marching bands in my backyard, and jumping off the Stratosphere, and all the jokes about my daughter, it’s worth it all.”

The Berty Boy tour will be in Wichita, April 23rd at The Orpheum with two shows at 7 and 9:30. Tickets are in the link below.
Also, check out his podcast “The Bertcast,” and his Youtube cooking show “Something’s Burning.”

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