New anonymous band “The Violent,” may be comprised of well-known rock artists… but we have NO idea who it would be

Bands like The Violent always get me excited.

Anymore, someone will release music, and before you even hear a note, you look at the name, look up their bio, their IMDB account, their Wikipedia page, and judge them before you even hear the music.

BUT, bands like Slipknot, Ghost, and now The Violent… they rely on good music first, before you get to know them (or, just… figure out who they are after years of exposure.)

The Violent are a new, unsigned, Indie band, who just released their first single “Fly on the Wall,” with a music video. You can KIND of see the singer’s face (assuming that’s actually him in the video), but otherwise, all images are skewed and altered, so no identifying features are visible.

The kicker here, is… apparently, we already know the members.

In a statement, issued after the release of the song, Members say they have been a part of the rock world for a while now, and decided it was time for a new approach, “coming out on the other side, ready to rise through the ranks again.”

So this implies, it’s members from a band who did well… but maybe disappeared for a bit, rebranded, and are back again with a new sound.

They also claim they’re using The Violent as an outlet to vent, where maybe they weren’t able to, before.

Regardless of any speculation, the track is pretty good, and it’s an intriguing element in Rock music right now, as there is almost no anonymity for bands. Remember how intrigued we were with Ghost when we weren’t sure who the Nameless Ghouls were, or who Papa was?

That’s the kind of stuff that draws me in to a band, AND the fact they produce good music.

Check out the video below. Who do you think members could be?