Noel Gallagher releases lost Oasis demo “Don’t Stop,” Liam issues statement

While in quarantine, Noel Gallagher was digging through some old CDs, and happened upon an old demo that he and brother Liam cut for Oasis called “Don’t Stop” that never appeared on any of their records.

Seems like the pair PROBABLY won’t be reuniting, so… why not release it, right?


Except, it really WASN’T cool with Liam, who released a statement on on twitter…

Soo…. not a fan I guess. But he did point out in a later tweet, that his voice (Liam) wasn’t even on the track… so really, it’s just a Noel Gallagher track, released under the Oasis moniker.

Nevertheless, I thought it wasn’t bad, despite Liam’s voice being absent. Maybe that can be their next project together….. some day?