Dave Grohl surprises fan during Kimmel’s Health Care Hero segment

During Jimmy Kimmel’s latest segment, “Health Care Heroes,” Jimmy surprised TJ Riley, who’s a nurse in the Bronx. TJ actually contracted Coronavirus, and was sidelined with a fever for 12 days. His husband, family, AND 60 percent of his staff also contracted the virus.

Yet, he continued to do his job even after treatment.

So Kimmel contacted TJ to announce him as their latest Health Care Hero – giving him $10,000 and gift care packages for his entire nursing staff at Jacobi Medical Center. BUT, that wasn’t all. Riley’s a huge Foo Fighters fan, and Dave Grohl himself interrupted the call, damn near making TJ’s eyes pop out of his head.

“I thought I was having a Coronavirus dream,” he says in the video.

Grohl congratulated TJ for the honor, thanked him for his work, and then treated him to a one-off acoustic performance of “Everlong.”