ON THE LINE: Greg Upchurch of 3 Doors Down writes “Skin to Skin” during quarantine; has plans to open coffee shop in Oklahoma hometown

Greg Upchurch, drummer for 3 Doors Down is in quarantine and isolation like the rest of us, but he’s using his time alone to (unintentionally) launch what could be a cool solo career for him.

While in isolation, he wrote the song “Skin to Skin” in about 20 minutes, then had it recorded, produced, and had a video for it within 3 days. Upchurch had help with his engineer friend Marshall, who rents a room in his home.

“I felt like Prince,” Upchurch said. “I read a story where he had a producer on salary, so if he wrote a song at 2 a.m., he could call him up and have it made.”

The song was written as a form of therapy for Upchurch while in isolation, but offers hope that one day, we’ll be back to normal. Greg also played every instrument on the track, and sang vocals.

He also spoke about his plans to open a coffee shop in his home town of Kingston, Oklahoma, but was delayed thanks to the Coronavirus.

Listen to the full interview above, and watch the video for “Skin to Skin” below.