State court system moves to emergency operations

The Kansas Supreme Court has issued an administrative order that puts all district and appellate courts on emergency operations because of the coronavirus situation.

Jury trials that are currently underway will be allowed to conclude, but no other criminal or civil jury trials will be scheduled until further notice.

The Supreme Court expects the order to remain in effect for at least two weeks.  Chief Justice Marla Luckert said in a press release that this is an extraordinary measure to “match the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic, ” and the action will allow the courts to carry out their core functions while reducing in-person contact.

The emergency operations will cover a variety of hearings and functions.  People who have business with a court are urged to try to complete that business online, by phone or by mail.  If that’s not possible, the person can call the court for direction.

The chief judges of district courts will identify essential personnel, judges and employees, that will be needed to carry out emergency operations.