Governor Kelly orders K-12 schools in Kansas to close for remainder of school year

Kansas governor Laura Kelly says she has ordered that all K-12 public schools in Kansas will close for the remainder of the school year, as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus.

The governor said a task force is expected to have recommendations Wednesday on a continuing education program that will allow students to continue their work on a remote basis.   The governor said local superintendents have been briefed on the decision and they will be communicating with parents, teachers and school district employees.

The governor said administrative offices and support facilities can remain open for limited persons in consultation with state and local authorities.  She said one they are thoroughly sanitized, some school buildings may be reopened for small groups of school personnel working on continuous learning plans.

Governor Kelly said the coronavirus pandemic cannot be controlled statewide if school buildings return to normal operations, or if they respond inconsistently within local communities.

The governor also announced that most state employees in executive branch agencies will be directed to stay home on administrative leave, to minimize additional exposure to the virus.

The governor said these steps will create the space needed at the state level to develop a more strategic and resilient infrastructure to get ahead of the coronavirus threat and limit its long-term impact.

Wichita school officials have announced on social media that there will be no delivery of any type of instruction to students before March 30th.