New music from Ozzy, A Day to Remember; New covers from Evanescence, Marilyn Manson

So…. a LOT has happened today with music being released. No major albums, but some big singles, so let’s break them down track by track.

FIRST UP: Freakin’ Ozzy man. Second song in two weeks, this one, an actual invite from the Prince of Darkness, “Straight to Hell.”

A little more tempo on this one, compared to “Under the Graveyard,” but also the addition of GNR axe-man Slash on guitar. Ozzy’s surprise solo album “The Ordinary Man,” produced by Post Malone’s studio man, will drop early 2020.

Give it a listen below.


NEXT… A Day to Remember, and “Resentment,” the second single off their upcoming album “You’re Welcome.”

Earlier this year, the band released “Degenerates,” anticipating a late 2019 release of the album, but things didn’t work out that way. The band said they needed just a little more studio time to get it right. Since then, they’ve also collaborated with EDM musician Marshmello.

Listen to “Resentment” below.


On to the COVERS today…

Marilyn Manson recently put his own creepy twist (yet still oddly faithful to the source material) on Johnny Cash’s “God’s gonna cut you down.” Now, Manson took on The Doors’ “The End.”

If you’ve never heard the original, here it is…

And in true Manson fashion, he somehow finds a way to take an already eerie, chilling song, and make it even creepier. BOUND to be a regular live track for the shock rocker.


And finally, we’ve been waiting on some new Evanescence for quite some time, and sometime in 2020, we’l get it. Until then, we settle for Amy Lee and company covering Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.”

Originally, the song was used for the soundtrack of Gears of War 5. A segment of it was used for the promotional material. NOW, we get the fully produced version while Evanescence puts the finishing touches on their upcoming record.