Slash, Ozzy, Lemmy, and more featured in anti-bullying documentary “#NoJoke

I can only speak for myself (Meatball) on the topic, but bullying was a major part of my youth.

Throughout middle school and high school in particular, I was the butt of many jokes, and subject to any number of bullying tactics. Granted, I knew people who got it worse than me… and at the time, all I could do was hope they held the attention of MY bullies long enough for me to feel a sense of normalcy.

It’s a terrible way to go through your youth.

Now, I look back on it, and ask what could I have done different…. not to keep me from being bullied, but to help others who were bulled.

Andrew Cole is a musician… and that’s about all we know about him. A few years ago, he wrote a song about bullying, and wanted to get his message out. So naturally, he reached out to as many people as possible to help… and once the first domino fell, the rest came in droves.

Slash, Ozzy, Lemmy, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Roberts, Robbie Krieger, Steve Vai, Chad Smith, Lights, Patrick Stewart, Jane Lynch… just SOME of the names he got involved with his anti-bullying campaign, AND artists he got to record his song.

The whole ordeal was made into a documentary “#NoJoke,” which is scheduled for release Oct. 22nd on digital formats.

You can watch the trailer below, or visit