LISTEN: Unreleased Freddy Mercury song “Time Waits for No One” out today

It’s not hard rock.

It’s not metal.

But dammit… it’s Freddy F*****G MERCURY!

Queen released the song “Time Waits for No One” today, with a video of Mercury singing it. However, I’m skeptical that this is actual footage of him, given it’s high quality. My guess is, it’s a video representation of the hologram they used a while back.

The song is basically FM singing with a piano backing him up. No soaring queen guitar licks, or heavy drum beating… just Freddy and a piano.

This is the first audio released of the iconic Queen frontman since his posthumous “Made in Heaven” record with Queen. Consequently, the last studio album released by the band, despite touring the world multiple times in the past couple decades. Now, they are fronted by Adam Lambert, whom Brian May says can do “Anything Freddy could do… and more.” (Though I doubt he could use his front teeth as a can opener.)

Freddy was a one-in-a-million superstar, and to get new music from him in 2019 is something special.

Give it a listen.