Slipknot gearing up in most ‘Slipknot’ fashion possible

So here’s where we are with Slipknot:

  1. They are scheduled to perform for the first time in 2019 this Friday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  2. Chris Fehn is officially no longer with the band, so Friday could ALSO be the first time we see them without the long nose on stage (also, get a glimpse of who might have replaced him in the band)
  3. Corey Taylor just had knee surgery (see posts below), but said all is good, and he’s ready to be out on the road.And finally…
  4. The band started a cryptic countdown on their website this week. The video – which counts UP to “0516” would seem to suggest something is coming this Thursday. This would be a full day prior to their live debut for the year.

Also, noticeably present in the video, is featured images of the band’s masks as they progressed through the years as a band, and POSSIBLY some quick glimpses of what the new crop of head gear might look like.

All we know is, Thursday can’t get here soon enough. Is it new music? The official announce of the album and release date? Our first look at the new masks?

WHO CARES! Any of that, or something completely out of left field will make us happy! LONG LIVE THE KNOT!!!

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Update! Success! See you guys next weekend!

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