Shaq talks trash on Kansas hot sauce, gets his a** handed to him

Usually, Shaq seems like a pretty fun guy. Meatball has actually met him a couple times when he was in Oklahoma, and had nothing but nice things to say.

BUT… when you start talkin trash on Kansas, that’s when it gets real, and Shaq felt it!

The former NBA big man appeared on a Youtube show called “Hot Ones, where the host asks his guest questions while they sample hot wings with various degrees of heat. Shaq vowed not to “make the face” while trying his wings.

HOWEVER, when he got to a sauce from Original Juan out of Kansas City, he started talking trash.

“Kansas don’t know how to do no Hot Wings.”

Famous Last Words from Shaq, as he almost immediately made “The Face” and strung together an impressive stretch of curse words, effectively breaking the biggest man in the league.

Watch the full episode below. The part about Kansas starts around the 18 minute mark.