Ivan Moody gets HUGE Face Tattoo to commemorate a year sober

It’s Big, It’s Colorful, and it’s Meaningful!

Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody got a HUGE Phoenix tattoo on the side of his head and face, Sunday, to commemorate a year of sobriety.

Moody got a LOT of praise on social media to mark the occasion, and had been posting concept art pieces to Instagram prior to the tattooing.

The tattoo is of a giant Phoenix wrapping up his neck and jaw, around his left ear, and on the side of his head and face. The work was done by legendary tattoo artist Rick Trip, and he used a very special shade of Red ink designed by Rick Walters – another legendary tattoo artist who died last week. The bottle of Red was the very last bottle Walters ever made.

One thing’s for sure, he’ll be reminded EVERY… SINGLE… DAY he looks in the mirror, of the incredible journey he’s taken!

Congrats Ivan!

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My blood for Yours

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