Alice in Chains premieres first episodes of “Black Antenna”

To accompany their Grammy-Nominated “Rainier Fog” album, Alice in Chains is putting out a 10-part short film on Youtube, and premiered the first two episodes Thursday night (March 7th).

Each episode coincides with a song from the album. So far, we’ve got “The One You Know” and the title track. It sounds like new episodes will be released weekly on the band’s Youtube Channel.

So far, it follows a young woman, and a man who appears to be her guardian of sorts… but it’s also got a strange “alien” or sci-fi undertone to it. Nothing’s really been made clear yet, other than something odd is happening with the pair.

Below is the first episode, and a link to Episode 2, but be warned, these are NSFW. There’s a fair amount of violence and nudity in it.

Episode II