WATCH: Trailer for “Yesterday” shows us what the world would be like without The Beatles

I know T95 doesn’t play the Beatles, but there’s no denying the impact they had on Rock Music. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, without The Beatles, at least HALF of today’s musicians wouldn’t be around.

The Beatles inspired multiple generations to play music, to express themselves with a guitar, bass, drums, and song lyrics.

So what if they didn’t exist? “Yesterday” is a movie just about that…. sort of. It follows one guy who remembers the Beatles, and just happens to have ALL of their songs memorized, but to the rest of the world, they never existed.

It’s a little strange to watch the trailer, because, this guy just starts taking credit for all their songs. So he’s kind of robbing the Beatles, but in turn, kind of pays that homage to just how important the Beatles were for music.

Check out the trailer below, lemme know what you guys think!

(Quick side note: When Ed Sheeran asks him to change the lyrics to “Hey Dude,” I immediately wanted to throat punch him… even though I know it’s not real… but how blasphemous, right?)