Did Grover drop the ‘F-Bomb’ on Sesame Street!?!?!?!

Yes… yes he did. (Watch the video below)

While discussing moving some cameras with a fellow Muppet, Grover got a bit excited, and said “Yes, Yes, that sounds like a F*cking EXCELLENT idea.”

Now, PBS will try and tell you that’s NOT what he said. Officially, their script read “Yes, Yes, that sounds like an Excellent Idea.”

But, I believe Grover’s a Maverick. Going off script MANY times in the past, and is now showing his true colors, repping his Street in hard fashion!

This is the Heel change for Grover my friends. Expect a new story arc in the near future where he joins the Crips, and starts slingin dope.

Sesame Street is on HBO now, afterall.