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Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

I was conceived as a result of a late night liason between a traveling circus magician  and Suzanne Somers (at least thats what I am told and who am I to question?)  As a child i was never really considered totally normal. I would say the adjectives utilized to describe me were more like impish, ornery, attention seeking, clown fearing, did I mention ornery...always trying to entertain everyone at any cost...other than that normal by most standards, I think. I spent my time looking for ways to create chaos and at a young age I figured out that upsetting the suits was fun! I got into radio at the tender young age of 15 and have never looked back...and I dont regret a single second of it!

M-F 2-7pm
Sat 3-7pm
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Call Rick (316) 436-1095

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  • Chevelle was awesome....Tesla coming to town!!

    ...Had a great time at the Chevelle show the other night!! Ran into alot of old friends and it was awesome to see them!....and yes we announced Tesla while we were ...

  • 2014 Ren Fest was a Blast!

    Spent a good part of Saturday at the 2014 Ren Fest at Sedwick County Park over the weekend...Had a great time! Check out the video here!

  • The Blood Moon is almost upon us!

    ...Next week...Tues to be somewhat exact....the moon will experience a total lunar eclipse and appear to turn a burnt reddish orange color.....supposedly going to be quite the's called a blood ...

  • Just a few days to Chevelle!!!

    ....LOTS of big shows on the way!!!...this Summer is going to be crazy!!! Chevelle in town Tuesday...I have yet to listen to the entire new cd yet but am hearing it ...

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