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  • Motley Crue Takes a Poke at.....KISS!

    Motley Crue are without a doubt one of the most successful rock bands on the planet. They have sold over 80 million units world wide which puts them in rather rare company to say the least. As sad as it may seem to many of their fans, Motley Crue's final show is quickly approaching and Vince Neil recently had some things to say about the inevitable end. He even took a poke at none other than KISS in the here for all the details.

  • Will Zeppelin EVER play again?

    It just never ends.....the Led Zeppelin reunion rumours are once again rampant due to Jason Bonham's recent statements. Click here for all the details.

  • Happy Birthday Nikki Sixx!

    Happy Birthday Nikki Sixx!

    Today marks the 57th birthday of the one and only Nikki Sixx! Nikki has definitely made the most of his 57 years on planet Earth and it certainly does not look as though he is slowing down any time soon. Click here for a very cool invterview with Nikki in 2011.

  • Manly Cocktails Just in Time for the Holidays

    Manly Cocktails Just in Time for the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us and one thing you will most definitely wanna be right about is your choice of cocktail. It is a crucil decision and one that should never be taken lightly! I am more than happy to assist you and have found the perfect holiday cocktail recipe list that will let the world know you are a connoisseur of excellent manly holiday cocktails. You no only rival James Bond when it comes to knowledge of this nature, you are a cut above the rest! Click here for a very cool list of holiday cocktails. Rick.

  • Happy Birthday Ozzy

    Happy Birthday Ozzy

    Ozzy Osbourne is celebrating a birthday today and what better way to pay tribute to the Prince of Darkness than to honor him with a very cool story about.....him? Click here and check out what Zakk Wylde has to say about Ozzy! Rick

  • President Obama is NOT Jonathan Davis

    President Obama is NOT Jonathan Davis

    I am the first to admit I know far from everything.....but if there is one undeniable fact can promise you is the absolute truth,it would have to be this:President Obama is not Jonathan Davis. Click here to see an absolutely hysterical video in which our president proclaims it! Rick

  • Lzzy Hale stoked about a possible GNR renunion

    Lzzy Hale stoked about a possible GNR renunion

    It has yet to be totally set in stone but the cat is definitely out of the bag. Guns N Roses may be in the process of actualy reuniting (at least to some degree) and no one is more excited about it than Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Lzzy has always been a huge fan and claims she would absolutely love the opportunity to open for them. Click here for all the details. Rick

  • Rock on the Range Lineup Announced

    Rock on the Range Lineup Announced

    Rock on the Range 2016 will be here before you know it and the official lineup has been announced! This is going to be huge.It is the 10th year anniversary of Rock on the Range and believe me they have a lineup that is worthy of a 10th anniversay celebration. Click here for all the details. RIck

  • Christmas Lights Done Right

    I am the first to admit I am not a huge fan of the tiresome task of hanging Christmas lights...I have absolutely nothing against Christmas a matter of fact I am also the first to admit I can truly appreciate a very cool Christmas light display as long as I am not the one having to figure out how to hang it all. Slayer Bob, however, is absolutely crazy about his Christmas lights and with good reason. Slayer Bob is a HUGE metal fan and loves to pay tribute to the genre he loves with his outstanding Christmas lights displays. Click here to check it out! Rick

  • The Top Fifty All Time Greatest

    Rock experts nationwide have pooled their thoughts so to speak and came up with what they consider to be the top 50 greatest rock debut albums of all time. What would you say was your personal favorite debut album from a rock band? I personally prefer STP with Core...Alice in Chains with Facelift..maybe GNR with Appetite. Click here for the list the "experts" compiled and see if you agree or disagree! Rick

  • Stone Temple Pilots Taking Applications

    I have always been a big fan of Stone Temple Pilots...I even stuck with them through the Chester Bennington era...which by the way has officially come to an end....Click here for all the details! Rick

  • Triple H a Kansas City Royals Fan?

    It has been 30 years....30 looooooong years since Kansas City won a world series....the last time they did cel phones were no where near mainstream....facebook did not exist...and Ronald Reagan was president of the United States....WWE superstar Triple H was all of 16....speaking of which did you know Triple H is enough of a Kansas City fan to actually have produced a WWE Championship belt in their honor?? Click here for the details. Rick

  • New Die Hard?

    I love the Die Hard films...I mean how can someone not? I don't know if you have heard or not...they are considering making a Die Hard 6 which would actually take place in the 1970's!! Click here for all the details! Rick

  • Happy Birthday Flea!!

    He was born in Australia.....Melbourne....when he was 5 he moved with his family to Larchmont New York...He eventually moved to Los Angeles where at a young age he became fascinated with the trumpet and idolized Miles Davis....His childhood nickname was given to him due to his inability to sit still even for a stuck with him to this a teen he fell in love with punk music and picked up playing the bass guitar....not only did he pick it up..he made it a part of himself and created his own unique style/sound with it...his name is Michael Peter Balzary....we know him as Flea..and today he turns here for a very cool article about one of the greatest pure bass players this world has ever known! Rick

  • Let's Talk Baseball!!'s post season is here!!! I have always loved America's past time and this year's playoff picture has shaped up to be an amazing one!! Yankees/Astros what may shape up to be an outstanding pitcher's duel....Kansas City awaiting the winner....and of course how about them Cubbies!!!!...Here's an interesting tid bit for you Cubbie fans....the last time the Cubs won the ws..was in 1908....tomorrow night's wildcard showdown between the Cubs and Pirates in Chicago....has a first pitch time of 7:08 military time that translates to....1908....Click here to check out some of the greatest moments in post season baseball history! Rick.

  • Halestorm in Kansas City Rocked!

    I was fortunate enough to see Halestorm perform live in Kansas CIty just a few days ago...just this last Monday as a matter of fact...and let me tell you they did not disappoint!!! With no opener (which was awesome because it meant more time for them!) they played for the better part of two full hours and they were AWESOME!!. I did hang with them for a few min before the set and they were extremely cordial and pleasant as always...I have always said from day one they have one of the freshest and most outstanding sounds in rock today. Click here to check them out doing I Miss the Misery live in the UK! Rick

  • What is Your Official Team Cocktail?

    The list is out! Apparently after much research (which quite frankly would have been a blast to be a part of!) the list of official "team cocktails' is out for every National Football League team! Click here to see what your team's official cocktail is! Rick

  • Roadhouse is being....Rebooted!

    I looooove the cult classic Roadhouse...I mean who doesn't right? With Swayze and Sam Elliot ruling the bar scene how can you go wrong wright?...Apparently Roadhouse is being rebooted with none other than Rhonda Rousey playing the lead role!!!! Click here for details! rick

  • Let's duke it out! Great rock fueds

    Whether it's Axl and Nirvana.....Metallica and Mustaine....Manson and Reznor...etc etc...there just never seems to be a shortage of great fueds in the world of rock! Check out some of rock's nastiest fueds by clicking here! Rick

  • Happy birthday Dimebag! We miss you!

    It was Dec 8th...2004....I will never forget where I was when I heard the news...not to sound cheesy or dramatic about it...but quite frankly that moment still haunts me to this day....I received a call from a good friend of mine who was a huge fan of Pantera and still is to this day...he was so rattled about it he could hardly speak...I recall vividly that he simply told me to turn on my tv and check out mtv...the second I started to process what had happened one thing occurred to me sharply...and that was the simple fact that the world had lost an incredible amazing guitarist who had yet to even fully would have been Dimebad Darrel's 49th birthday....Happy birtday my friend and you have no idea how much we miss you. Click here to see some very talented musicians pay homage to Dimebag Darrell.

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