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Hank The Mechanic

Hank The Mechanic

Hey!  Thanks for swingin’ by my home inside our website!  It’s dark in here.  I’m scared.  SOMEONE LET ME OUT!  HA!  The pages below will give you a bit more insight into my life as goofy as it may be.  I have been at T95 for 11 years now and I have made a TON of great friends.  You are a huge part of what makes me what I am and I thank you!  Now on with the madness…..

M-F 10a-2pm
Sat 10a-3pm

Call Hank (316) 436-1095
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    In Russia, everyone has a dash cam. They have become a necessity of life because between people lying, insurance and law enforcement being jacked up, people have these to have visual ...

  • Celebrity DOPPELGANGERS!

    Celebrity DOPPELGANGERS!

    Have you ever seen the picture of Nicolas Cage up against the realy old picture of a Civil War guy? They're identical! I found a great slideshow of celebrity doppelgangers that ...

  • Star Wars 7 photo LEAK!

    Star Wars 7 photo LEAK!

    As you all may be aware, I am a Star Wars GEEK! I have always been a huge fan, and when they announced Disney was taking over, it took me a ...

  • VIDEO:  Aerosmith cancels show because of Joey Kramer's HEART!

    VIDEO: Aerosmith cancels show because of Joey Kramer's HEART!

    Aerosmith had to cancel their show last night in Concorde, California because drummer Joey Kramer is dealing with heart issues! Word has it Joey has beed suffering from unspecified heard problems ...

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