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  • Todd And Tyler

    Todd And Tyler

    Todd on the left, Tyler on the right. TNT and their merry band of characters are the T95 morning show. Visit their official page to read all about them...

  • Hank The Mechanic

    Hank The Mechanic

    Hey! Thanks for swingin’ by my home inside our website! It’s dark in here. I’m scared. SOMEONE LET ME OUT! Listen to Hank The Mechanic from 10am-2pm Mon-Fri

  • Rick Thomas

    Rick Thomas

    I was conceived as a result of a late night liason between a traveling circus magician and Suzanne Somers (at least thats what I am told and who am I to ...

  • Bickham


    We asked Bickham to stay up a little later and he graciously obliged. Listen to Bickham from 7-Mid Monday-Saturday

  • Junior


    Junior rocks out on the weekends.. and whenever else he feels like it. Junior is a big dude in spite of his name and we tend not to get in his ...

  • Mandy Scott

    Mandy Scott


  • House Of Hair w/ Dee Snider

    House Of Hair w/ Dee Snider

    Every Saturday at High Noon Dee Snider cranks out 2 hours of the twisted metal you have come to love. Visit the official House Of Hair site

  • Hard Drive w/Lou Brutus

    Hard Drive w/Lou Brutus

    The year was 1996. The date was the 4th day of July. The tattered remnants of the hard music community of these once proud United States were clinging to shattered dreams ...

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