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  • Can you believe River Fest is here already?

    ...Wichita River Fest is almost upon us and of course it will be good times for one and all!!...I will be out and about in it on Saturday as the T95 Dodgeball event gets underway around 11am!...will also be at the Wichita Wild tailgate party Saturday from 4 to 6 and that is ALWAYS a great time!...LOTS of things happening all Summer long and we are just getting started.....Sat night will be at Pleasures as well so I do hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • Godzilla must be seen on BIG SCREEN!

    ....It is not that unoften I will advise someone to "wait for the dvd" when it comes to newer movies...with Godzilla however I must admit....quite the opposite....DO NOT wait for the dvd if you have any desire to check out the gigantic organism known as Godzilla!!! far as plot/overall film quality goes...above average ...there is simply no doubt though that this is a special effects film and in order to truly appreciate it you absolutely have to see it on a gigantic screen befitting of the beast incarnate...3D if at all possilble....the Red Sox finally snapped their ten game skid over the Yankees are hanging in....if nothing else they are managing to hang around the top spot...Rocklahoma was quite the party to say the least!!! I do hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Holiday Weekends are awesome!

    Memorial Day weekend will be here in just a couple days....and who doesnt just loooooooooove holiday weekends?....nothing like 3 full days in a row to do with as you please....whether you go to the lake.....go out of town....or just chill at home....I do hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend....I will be out on Friday and Saturday so I do hope to see you out and about!...Pleasures on Sat night so if you get a chance come say hi! ROCKLAHOMA almost here! Rick

  • Baseball.....NBA...and all things in between!

    ....My beloved Yankees doing all they can to at least hover in the midst of the race in the NL's a wonder they are even close considering the injuries that team has undergone!....Detroit playing some serious ball right now....if they don't let up they may have their division wrapped by August!....Oklahoma coming up short last night in NBA playoff action as they were toppled by San Antonio.....only game one so anything can still happen.....will be out and about this weekend so I do hope to see you out soon! Rick

  • Rocklahoma just days away!!

    ...Rocklahoma right around the corner and of course we are going to celebrate all holiday weekend long on T95!! listening as we construct a Rocklahoma weekend featuring artists that will be performing live at Rocklahoma!!! Should be ALOT of fun....we are also inching closer and closer to our 35th B Day bash and you KNOW it will be off da hook when M otley Crue takes the stage July 13th at Intrust Bank Arena!!!......I do hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Summer is knocking on the door!

    ...we are just inches away from launching ourselves head first into Summer 2014!! where does it go?? seems like it was January like a week ago doesnt it? going to the K for Yankees/Royals on June 8th...that is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!...will most definitely stop by the Quaff on the way and say hi to some old friends there....I WILL have Rocklahoma passes to give away at Pleasures this weekend so please by all means stop by sat night.....hope to see you out and about soon! RIck

  • Lets start sliding downhill to the weekend!

    ...Have always liked Wednesdays....they mark that infamous downhill slide to the weekend!!...Just seems any more as though there are not enough hours in the day!!.....getting closer and closer to our 35th B Day Bash with Motley Crue and Alice Coper and that is flat out gonna rock!.....been qualifying all week long for Carlioad of Cash.....also big party this weekend at Twin Peaks!! I do hope to see you out and about soon......Rick

  • Sick Puppies coming to town!

    ...Sick Puppies will be at the Cotillion on Aug 6th and that should be an awesome show as our 35th b day bash year just keeps getting better and better!....Motley on the well as Tesla.....Queensryche....and who knows!!!.....what a great Summer it is shaping up to be.....NBA playoffs continuing tonight.....MLB in full swing......not to mention WWE Raw is on tonight!! Hope to see you out and about soon.....Rick

  • Busy weekend....Johnny Football in Cleveland!

    ...Another busy weekend on tap and I would not have it any other way! will be at Pleasures tomorrow night so by all means come say hi.....three dollar you call its for everyone!!! Johnny Football may have taken the long way.....the scenic route so to speak.....the 22nd over all pick.....but he is headed to Cleveland none the less!....NBA playoffs in full swing....and of course baseball just kinda getting fired up!! I do hope to see you out and about soon.....Rick

  • What happened to Spring?

    .....It just kind of seems as though Spring has pretty much been skipped over in the grand scheme of things!! Hopefully we will at least get something that kind of half way resembles Spring before long!..Movie sneak tonight in Derby with Neighbors,,,that should be fun....Steel Panther in just a couple days get tix while you can at the Cotillion box office ....will be out and about this weekend hope to see you soon! Rick

  • Best kept secret....Movie Sneak....Steel Panther!

    After this weekend I would definitely have to say one of the best kept secrets in professional sports this year so far has been the NBA playoffs....I mean don't get me wrong I realize A TON of people have been watching/attending.....but you really don't hear much on the streets about it.....which is crazy to me when you take into consideration how outstanding the matchups have been so far....the game sevens have been complete nail biters and the matchups on the way promise to be the same!....Neighbors movie sneak tomorrow night check out the freeloaders section at to find out how you can score passes....Steel Panther at the Cotillion not too far off and that's gonna be interesting to say the least!! I do hope you are having a great Monday.....Rick

  • ...Can you believe it is already Thursday???

    ....Another BIG weeked on tap and that is awesome!!....Guns n Hoses tomorrow night at Hartman Arena...Cops vs Firefighters and it's all for a good cause so by all means check it out!!! Details at be at Pleasures this weekend as well so please stop by Sat night and sip on some three dollar you call its!!....and yes we have kicked off our carload of cash contest so be listening for your shot at possibly getting a chance to win ten grand and a new car!....hope to see you out and about soon......Rick

  • Did the NBA do the right thing.....or go too far?

    ...It has to be tough enough playing second fiddle to the Lakers in Los Angeles without having to deal with the type of off the court issues plaguing the L.A. Clippers right now....ESPECIALLY while in the midst of the post season.....Donald Sterling (Clippers least for now) didn't just get slapped by NBA commisioner Adam Silver drop kicked Sterling into another universe due to Sterling's comments recently caught on tape that certainly had undertones most would consider ugly to say the least.....Sterling has been banned for life from any and all NBA activities...fined 2.5 million dollars....and instructed to sell the L.A, Clippers.....the NBA certainly is not playing when it comes to this kind of thing......and to be honest I don't think they should...Sterling's comments were without a doubt racially discriminating in nature and as far as I am concerned there is simply no room in the NBA or any other league for that kind of would say perhaps Silver was too tough on him....I mean a lifetime ban??? ....forcing him to relenquish control over his team??... and I can certainly appreciate their viewpoint....however I also feel the NBA had no choice other than to put their foot down and make a resoundingly LOUD and impossible to ignore point....they had to stand up and say ....THIS SIMPLY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE......and I respect them for doing is 2014 after would like to think we are beyond all that.....I do hope you are having a great Wednesday and hope to see you soon! Rick

  • ....What to do on a Tuesday.....

    I do hope you are having an outstanding Tuesday!....LOTS of big things on the horizon...Steel Panther.....Queensryche....Tesla......35th B Day Bash with Motley Crue/Alice Cooper...not to mention Riverfest!!...the NBA lowering the boom on the Clippers owner today.....was it too much or not enough?....I would have to say they were in a position that dictated they take a stand and pretty much had to do something....NFL draft around the corner as well and that should be interesting to say the least.....rumors of Dallas trading up to get Johnny Football.....not holding my breath on it though lol....will be out and about soon ..hope to see you! Rick

  • Could this be the Seventh Sign??

    .....I honestly have always believed I would never see the day......I have always thought that if I did it would HAVE to be the seventh sign of the apocalypse......What I am referring to is....George Clooney....according to some reports....may have gotten engaged to be married within the last several days!!!!.....I will believe it when I see it....but if so.....I would have to say it's fairly cold if not frozen over in Hades......Steel Panther on way town and that show will flat out rock!!.....we will be announcing yet ANOTHER show very soon so by all means stay close to T95! Rick

  • New music from......Metallica????

    ..It has been over 6 years since Metallica released a new full length.....which means it is easily time for them to do so !!....Lars Ulrich in a recent interview claims they are in the progress of putting a new album of material together and while refusing to pinpoint a timeline he did say 2015....maybe early 2016.....and he also indicated he felt they did have a certain percentage of it somewhat complete....When it comes to Metallica I am all about them taking their time...because I know it will be well worth the wait......with any luck they will be touring the states after their European trek....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night please come out and see me while sipping on three dollar you call its! Hope to see you out and about soon......Rick

  • Yankees pitcher EJECTED!

    .....Wassupppp!!! Welcome to Thursday! NFL Draft around the corner.....NBA playoffs under way....and of course the greatest game God ever gave BACK!!!...Yankees starting pitcher getting ejected early in their game in Boston last night for using a foreign substance on the ball....which is nothing new....pitchers all over the league do it all the's more or less expected.....however most are just a little less obvious about it......I will be in attendance at Kaufman Stadium June 8th when the Yankees are in town to take on the mighty KC Royals and I can not wait!!!......I do hope you are having a great Thursday and will see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Happy b day to the one and only.......William Shakespeare!

    "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny....but in ourselves".....William Shakespeare

  • Baseball well under way.......NBA playoffs booting off as well

    ...To be honest I have never really been much of an NBA guy.....loooooove college hoops....just never really get into the least during the regular season that is......mainly because of the lack of defensive effort....the shorter shot clock which takes so much strategy from the game....the 6 fouls rule which is pretty much useless....the overall lack of hustle/discipline......however when the post season hits things do get taken to another level and the NBA becomes watchable.....not to mention more than somewhat exciting......sat up last night till well after eleven watching a first round game....there is absolutely no doubt that post season NBA is much more intense and driven than the regular season....guys start to play defense...they start to work their tails off on both ends....and the result is some excellent basketball.......Baseball off to a decent start...hard to tell how well my beloved Yankees will do considering the entire AL East is pretty knotted up so far......KC off and running and you gotta love hope you are having a most excellent Monday!! Rick

  • New music on the way from........Godsmack.....Tool?.......

    ...Word around the campfire is that Godsmack will be kicking out a new full length by the end of the year...I have yet to hear any of it obviously...however Sully recently stated they had several songs in the can that were nothing short of incredible.....being the HUGE Godsmack fan that I am .....I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!.....Am also hearing talk of a new Tool record by the end of the year as well....however will not hold my breath as I have heard this a couple times before....It would be HUGE however if they were to release.....Be listening to T95 for new music from Pearl Jam....Pop Evil....Linkin Park....and others!!! I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

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