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  • Let's Party!!

    Every year the Princeton Review surveys 126000 college students nation wide in order to determing which campus can lay claim to the "most partying school" so to speak.....this year it looks like the Big Ten. and the SEC are well represented! Check out the entire list here!

  • Tom Brady .....What a Resume!

    ..Tom Brady celebrated his 37th birthday over the weekend and with football season looming...there is no better time than now to check out this list of Tom Brady's ex girlfriends! All I can say is...What a resume! Click here to check out the list! Rick

  • How does this even happen????

    ...Who doesn't love some Texas Hold Em?......Have you ever snagged pocket aces out of the gate and STILL managed to lose? about snagging pocket aces out of the gate and not only losing...but losing ONE MILLION dollars??? How does this happen?? Click here to find out!

  • Rockstars can be so demanding!!!

    ...It is no secret that rockstars are often eccentric to say the least and therefore can have some rather bizarre backstage "demands" written into their here and enjoy!

  • Happy Birthday Jacoby!

    Happy Birthday Jacoby from Papa Roach!! Check out this interview as Jacoby talks about everything from the rock and roll lifestyle to being a dad!

  • It is the K Man's Birthday!!!

    I have always maintained that Cosmo Kramer ranks in the top three sitcom characters of all time....maybe even top two..........Michael Richards aka the K Man...aka Cosmo Kramer turns 65 today!! Happy B Day Kramer! Cick here for some of the K Man's best moments!

  • Happy B Day Slash!

    His name is Saul Hudson....aka one the best guitarist on THE PLANET who is known world wide as Slash.......and today he celebrates his 49th birthday!! in case you just happen to be wondering what Slash has been up to as of here

  • The best is yet to come!

    ...We have already had some HUGE shows in town for our 35th b day celebration but as I always like to say....The best is yet to come!!! Queenryche....Sevendust....Sick Puppies....FFDP just to name a few that are yet to come.....caught wind of another possible show or two but can not say anything yet.....and believe me I SO WANT TO!!!....anyways I do hope you are having a great Tuesday and I will see you out and about very soon! Ricki

  • Is it ever ok to order a "girly drink?" ....Yes

    Have you ever wondered whether or not it's OK to order a girly drink at your local pub? Of course it is!!! Click picture!

  • SOOOOOO close to the weekend!

    ...It is already Thursday!!! What a busy week!!.....The good news is.....we are soooooooo close to the weekennnnnd!....yes I most definitely will be at Pleasures this weekend (Sat night) so by all means come partake in the debauchery as I like to say!....three dollar you call its for everyone!!! more day closer to.....FOOTBALL SEASON! (real football).....Sick Puppies in town in just a couple weeks or so and that will be an excellent show for sure.....hope to see you out and about soon! RIck

  • Hr Derby last night was off da hoooooook!

    ......was awesome checking out the HR Derby last night....rarely if ever does the defending champ win so in a way it was rather historic !........tonight's Mid Summer Classic should be just as much fun to watch as well.......hard to believe it will be Derek Jeter's final All Star Game appearance...seems like yesterday he was making his is only 8 weeks or so away!!!! (REAL football!!!!!) I do hope to see you out and about very soon.....rick

  • Had a great time/HR Derby is on!

    ..Had a great time at the Walkers pre party for the T95 35th B Day bash on Sat afrernoon and of course had a great time at Pleasures Sat night!!.....Motley Crue and Alice Cooper TORE IT UP Saturday night!!!.....what a way to celebrate our 35th year!!....Todd and Tyler being here was awsome as well !......the All Star game tomorrow night should be fun and of course that means that tonight we will get to enjoy the HR Derby!!!....I love the HR Derby....I mean come on who doesn't like the long ball?????...I do hope to see you out and about very soon....Rick

  • 35th Birthday Bash tomorrow night!!

    ...T95's 35th Birthday Bash gets underway tomorrow night with Motley Crue/Alice Cooper and it is gonna be off da hoooooooooooookk!!.....of course Todd n Tyler in town all weekend long as well you do NOT wanna miss this!!!...also just got word the Tommy Lee Cruciflyer will be part of the set as well tomorrow night,,,,,and the ounofficial after party tom night will be at Pleasures...ticket stub gets you in free! Hope to see you there! Rick

  • Just a few days from MOTLEY CRUE!!!

    ....Todd and Tyler in town for the weekend starting Friday so that should be off da hoooooooook! Motley/Alice Cooper on Sat is gonna be awesmoe I do hope to see you is our 35th B Day Bash so you better be there!!........the All Star break almost upon us already and it seems like the season just got under way! music from rise Against this week on T95 be listening for it.....I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Tesla set to rock your face off tonight!!!

    Tesla live at the Cotillion tonight and yes I am stoked!!!...will be doing the latter part of my show live at the Cotillion......tix still available by the way at the box office...this show is gonna rock!!!....just over a week till the 35th b day bash!!! July 4th tomorrow and I do hope you have an outstanding holiday...i LOOOOOVE the fourth!...I mean what's not to love?....bbq and blowing things up....doesn't get much better....will be out and about this weekend do hope to see you soon! Rick


    ...have been listening to the new Seether full length and it is GOOOOOOD!..track 8....Nobody is Praying for Me.........will be a SMASH!.....Tesla in town tomorrow and they are always amazing live....will be doing part of my show live at the Cotillion tomorrow night.....and of course Motley Crue/Alice Cooper just over a week away!!! will be out and about this weekend hope to see you soon...Rick

  • Motley/Alice Cooper sooooooo close!

    If you have not snagged your tix yet for Motley Crue / Alice Cooper (T95's 35th B Day Bash) yet what on God's green Earth are you waiting on????? July 12th will be here shortly .....Todd and Tyler will be in town and this is going to be the party of the year ...EASILY!!! Hey Tesla will be in town this week by the way at the Cotillion and that is going to be a great show!!! I hope you had a great weekend...was good to see some old friends over the weekend and I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • United States advances.....Tesla about a week out

    ...Despit losing to Germany the United States advances into the field of 16!....The World Cup is pretty much the only soccer I ever get wrapped up in and even the it is pretty much only when the United States is playing....that being said.......I would love nothing more than to see the U.S. team get into the final four ....I don't think it has ever happened but hey there is a first time for everything!....Tesla one week out and that is gonna be an outstanding show so by all means do not miss it!.....I do hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • World Cup......what just happened?

    ....I have never totally understood how the actual game time is monitored during World Cup contests.....and when the U.S gave up a goal in the final seconds to Portugal the other day...I honestly had to scratch my head....not so much at the fact that it happened...but more at the basic concept of how time was kept....I mean I totally understand the premise of adding the extra time,,,,what I don't understand however is why they don't post a clock showing down to the second exactly how much extra time there is after 90 min. have been just seemed to me as though they basically played until the referees decided to stop...makes little sense to me....anyways Germany on the agenda next and that will most definitely be a difficult opponent to say the least....they are amongst the best on the planet.......will be out and about this weekend hope to see you soon! Rick

  • We are sooooo close to some awesome shows!

    ...July 12th is gonna be one outstanding day!!! Not only Todd N Tyler in town but the T95 35th Birthday Bash featuring headliners Motley Crue with opener Alice Cooper will take place at IBA!!!!! If you have not got tix yet by all means be listening for last chance on air giveaways on T95 and oc course check with Select A Seat to purchase as well...YOU DO NOT WANNA MISS THIS!.....Tesla in town in just a few days as well (July 3) at the Cotillion and that show is gonna be off da hook as well!!....I do hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

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