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  • Checking in

    Wassup!!!!....only 17 days and counting till we give away a 2010 Fatbob at Alef's with T95's Rock and Ride 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!......Riverfest kicking into gear this weekend.......what's your favourite River Fest food?....I am kinda partial to the bratwurst this very second as I type this I am listening to the new Adilita's Way 4 tracks in and so far....OUTSTANDING....anyways thank you as always for checking in.................Rick

  • welcome back!

    ....I hope your Memorial Day weekend was outstanding! Welcome to Summer 2011!!!....Unfortunately I did not make it to Rocklahoma over the weekend but I heard it was off da hook!....this Thursday by the way the first official T95 Thirsty Thursday of the Summer with the Wichita Wingnuts so don't miss out!....River fest getting under way this on the lookout for T95 Dodgeball and The Plunge during Riverfest 2011.......Hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Thank you

    "It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you"

  • day.....

    .....Whitesnake/Warrant tonight at Hartman!!!! should be a great show!!!! 311 comming up June 6th....outdoors during Riverfest....that's gonna be incredible!!!! Can you believe Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us?? the official kickoff to summer?? 3 day weekends R O C K!.. Rock and Ride finishing up in just a few weeks with the grand finale at Alef's on June 18th.....keep it locked on T95 for your shot at a key!!!!!!! thanks for stopping by..............Rick

  • Late last night

    ....I have said it countless times on this blog.....time and time again.....I love baseball....there simply isn't a better way to spend an afternoon than at the ballpark....period....which brings me to late last night....I found myself fighting insomnia at around 1am last night...nothing new considering I have always been a full fledged night owl....anyways i was scanning through the channels when I ran across Field Of Dreams which was just starting on one of the movie channels....of course I have seen this film several i said...I am a HUGE fan of the worlds greatest recreation,,,.however it had been literally years and years since I had seen it....and I have to tell you....what a treat it was to watch.....I had forgotten how good of a movie it really is....they simply do not make them like that any more....I don't think they ever will.....there is something just pure and incredibly right about that movie....I don't know how to explain me it's the greatest movie about our national past time ever made.....and that is with all due respect to The Natural.....Field Of Dreams takes you to that place that only you are aware exists inside of all of us is part of our blueprint....and the only word I can think of to do it justice is......magic. Thank you for stopping by as always Rick

  • Rocklahoma this weekend!

    ....HUGE weekend down in OK !!!! this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) the biggest party in the country takes place with ROCKLAHOMA!!!!! if you have yet to see the line up for the three day event be sure to check out boys Seether as well as Staind and many many others will be there!!!! also be on the lookout for thursty thursdays at Lawrence Dumont as the Wingnut season gets underway GO NUTS!......thanks for stopping by as always......Rick

  • Monday wassup!

    ....was at the ballpark yesterday....was at Kauffman stadium in Kansas CIty watching the Royals Cardinals.....was about 80 or so.....tried to rain but failed......a perfect day for some baseball and I was in heaven!!!!!! was sitting down the right field line right by the viisitors bullpen...god i love this time of year......ANY day at the ballpark is a good day....people always talk about what they would do if they ever hit a huge lottery jackpot....I can tell you right now the first thing i would do....i would spend an entire summer going to ballgames at every mlb park in the country,,,all 30 of em....then i would do it again! thank you for stopping by......Rick

  • Thursday happenings

    ....wasssup! are you ready for the weekend already??...i am!.....will be at pleasures as usual this sat night come out!....Rocklahoma right around the corner as well as a Summer packed full of great shows! thanks for stopping in Rick

  • what would you do?

    ...what is the first thing you would do if you won a gigantic lottery jackpot.?.....say one in the neighborhood of 75 million plus after taxes.......what is the first thing you would do if you found out that you only had 4 hours to live?......what is the first thing you would do if someone offered you the keys to every kingdom in exchange for your ability to make new friends?....just in the mood to try and make you think today.....forgive me......................Rick

  • almost half

    .....can you believe this year is already almost half over???????? where does it go?...before you know it summer will be here and gone! Mavs/Ok City tonight......I am not really much of an NBA fan to be honest......however I do get into the playoffs...especially when it comes down to the final four...would love to see OK City pull it off simply because of my never ending habit of pulling for the underdog.....but if I were in Vegas I would have to take Dallas......and would love to see Chicago eliminate the Heat....but once again....will not hold my breath..........anyways thank you for checking in as always................Rick

  • wassuppp!

    what a beautiful day!!!!! a little over a week until Avenged!!!!!!!....will be at Americas Pub fri night for midget wrestling! you can not beat a good midget wrestling extravaganza!!!! i will be there from nine on....come out and say hi! will also be at pleasures sat night!! thanks for stopping by Rick

  • New Seether

    ...The new Seether full length hits stores tomorrow!...I snuck a preview of it earlier to can listen to every track on their website....I loved it!....then again...I admit I am rather biased due to the fact I am a huge Seether fan....Did you check out Avenged/Three Days/Bullet the other night???? I had other obligations and unfortunately didn't get to see much of it but I heard it was awesome! anyways thanks for stopping by Rick

  • weekend happenings

    ....Avenged/Three Days Grace/Bullet tomorrow night!!! I will be out and about tomorrow 1-3pm at Rusty Eck broadcasting live......will be at Intrust broadcasting live 5-7p and then of course Pleasures tom night!...hope to see you out and about! Rick

  • Lincoln

    ....Just got around to seeing Lincoln Lawyer the other day.....and i certainly recommend it!...Mccounaughey turns in one of his finest performances as a slick quick witted attorney who makes his living off his reputation for being able to produce not guility verdicts for practically any one who has the financial means to afford him.....I have no desire to spoil it for you so you will just have to see it yourself....but trust's worthy!.....Trace Adkins is in it as well....he plays a biker.....and pulls it off amazingly well.......anyways thanks for checking in as always...... Rick

  • WWE in da house

    ...The Miz stopped by during the show today and it was nothing short of AWWWEESOMMMMEEE!!!!! Should be an outstanding show tonight and no the Miz did not tap out during last nights PPV!!!!! he was merely reaching for the ropes!!!! Flyleaf Fri night sounded great as always....and by all means keep checking back as I will be posting new blogs and videos often!!! Rick

  • Wednesdays

    ..I love Wednesdays.....for one thing its the beginning of the down hill slide into the weekend! On top of that it also serves as kind of a breather for me before things get chaotic.....and I definitely mean chaotic in a good way..... Do not stray from my show this week (or any other week as far as that goes) because I've got tons of stuff going on...including ren fair ticket giveaways....Kingman Music Fest passes to give away.....K State/OSU tix!!! and of course the unsual debauchery.....I sometimes think I was seriously put on this planet for the mere purpose of making the suits shake their heads constantly....My Yankees play tonight...keeping fingers much as I hate to admit it the Yankees pitching staff drops off dramatically after CC.....but any thing can happen!...I would so love to be a dictator for just one day so I can put it on my resume.....and I would so love to be in KC tonight for Zombie/Cooper.....and I would so love to be invisible for one day so i could chill in the wwe divas locker room.....and I would so love to make a cameo apperance on HBOs Entourage.....will add to list on another day slash blog.....thanks for stopping by! RIck

  • Baseball

    ....Am sitting here listening to the Sex Slaves Wasted Angel cd....particularly like track 12 (Mexico) ...I like the way it haunts if that makes any sense at all.....I love baseball...this is my favorite time of year.....NFL on sundays....and MLB playoffs/World Series!!!!!....there is no greater game in my mind than baseball......its the only major sport in which a virtual no name can come off the bench and in a matter of mere seconds become a household has no takes me back to my childhood when i would immitate big leaguers because I was convinced they could do no wrong....I can remember like it was yesterday how magical (for lack of better terminology) it felt just to go to the ball park and soak it all has a way of making us forget about all of the hassles and or problems in life we are dealing takes us to a place that is untouchable......and thats what i love about it.....thanks for checking in! Rick

  • Buckcherry Kansas City

    ....Saw Buckcherry in Kansas City over the weekend....also ran into our good friends Shaman's Harvest at Angels after the show....had a great time!!! Next time you are in Kansas City stop by the Quaff at 10th and Broadway....tell them i sent you!...lots of things going on within the next couple weeks.....ICP......Cheech and Chong.....not to mention Halloween fast approaching!!! Speaking of which had a great time fri night with eveyrone out at Kansas Fearfest (Town West next to Denim And Diamonds)...

  • Mushroom!!!!

    ....Am stoked about the Mushroomhead show in Salina comming up next week (tues the 19th at The Muse)...Am planning a little jaunt up that way ..... did that even remotely make sense?....getting huge response now from the My Darkest Days track (Porn Star Dancing)....if you get a chance check out The Sex Slaves Wasted Angel cd.....tracks 11 (I was there) and 12 (Mexico) especially....cant wait to open up the madhouse today at 2p.....hope to see/hear from you then! Rick

  • Friday!!!!

    ....Where did this week go???? seems like it was monday like yesterday.....The more I listen to the new Stone Sour the more i like it....I have always thought that band was incredible and still do....getting a ton of positive response from the My Darkest Days track...Gonna send someone and their friends to no less than 5 hauted houses in the Wichita area via limo...gonna draw for that today and am kinda jazzed about that!!! Also gonna hook some lucky soul up with some KSU TX tix this afternoon thanks to Wendys and trying to figure out when this weekend I can go see jackass off now to create more chaos.....thanks for saying hi!!!! Rick

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