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  • upcoming

    ....WWE Smackdown tomorrow night!!!!!!!.....I will have the one and only..THE VIPER Randy Orton live on the show tomorrow!!!!!! ....Don't forget we will be shooting a WWE version of 2 Guys Talking Sports in front of the Arena tomorrow night!!!!! I will also be broadcasting my show live from 5 to 7pm at the Arena tomorrow night!! gonna do some good on Friday Sept 9th....more on that later this week just keep checking back!!! Rick

  • waiting......for.......FALL

    ......This is by far the hottest Summer I have ever experienced in Wichita KS.....I have lived here for going on 12 yrs now....and this is by far the hottest!!! I can not WAIT for Fall.....right now I would take a nice breezy 85 degree day....that would rock!!!! gonna be at Pleasures tom night so by all means come out! I will be there broadcasting live from 9-11pm....47th South and West....hope to see you there! Rick

  • 2 guys talking sports!!!

    ...Be on the lookout for a one time only WWE version of 2 Guys Talking Sports!!!!....we will be shooting it on location at the Intrust Bank Arena this comming Tuesday when Smackdown is in town!!!! Will also be shooting our NFL division winner picks episode at The Fieldhouse (across from WSU on 17th) on wed Sept 7th.....come out and be a part of the mayhem!!!! I will be at Pleasures this Saturday night as well so come say hi! Rick

  • No More! on my 3d day now.....I gave up smoking 3 days ago and I already feel so much better....I decided to do so because I simply had enough......I had enough of the waking up in the morning feeling like a ton of bricks were on my chest......I had enough of feeling my lung power decrease every time I would work out or even take a walk.....I had enough of all of the ill effects smoking has had on me and therefore said to myself....NO MORE.......I realize that 3 days is nowhere near long enough to say that I have officially quit......but it is a start and I am going to beat this!!!!!!.....NFL regular season keeps inching closer....and I can not wait!!!!! My Cowboys open on the road vs the Jets....tough opener but who knows.....anything can happen in the NFL......MLB playoffs on the horizon as well.....thank you as always for checking in......................Rick

  • One week to Smackdown!

    ....wassusp! one week WWE superstars from all over the globe will invade the Intrust Bank Arena for WWE Smackdown!!!!...we will be shooting a WWE edition of 2 Guys Talking Sports on sight!!!...There is also a good chance I will be interviewng none other than THE VIPER Randy Orton during my show !!!...thank you by the way to those of you who came out to the Rock Squad girls car wash over the was a great time and we raised the better part of 500 dollars for the Shriner Hospitals....thanks again for stopping by! Rick

  • Weekend happenings!

    ....Lot's of things happening this weekend including the T95 Rocksquad girls carwash!!!!....It gets underway tomorrow morning at 11 at Britney Center.....and it is for an outstanding cause....the Shriners Hospital will receive all proceeds so come out and have some fun while supporting A great cause!!!...I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night starting at 9....will be shooting a new episode of 2 Guys soon as well so keep your eyes peeled for that! Rick

  • Car Wash

    ....Rock Squad girls....skimpy bikinis......soap and water.....I am telling you there is absolutely nothing wrong with that equation!!!!!...this Saturday beginning at 11am we will be at Britney Center and the annual Rock Squad girl car wash will be on!!!!! Bring your car...truck....cycle....whatever and simply make a donation.....and watch as our lovely rock squad girls take care of the rest! Proceeds benefit the Shriners Hospitals so it is a great cause and I do hope to see you there! Rick

  • Fall!

    ....we are so close to getting into Fall!!! Football.....cooler weather.....did I mention football?....Rock Squad girl car wash this weekend and that's always a good time! It starts at 11am Saturday at Britney Center......donations benefit Shriners's gonna rock!!! I do hope to see you there!....and of course I will be at Pleasures Sat night!......hope to see you soon and thank you for stopping by.......Rick

  • Curt Flood

    .....Wassup! welcome to Tuesday!!!...I didn't make it to the STP show but I wish I would have! I heard it was off da hoooook!.....shot some new "2 Guys" over the weekend....speaking of which I can not wait for the NFL opening day Sept 11!!!!!!...If you get a chance check out the documentary HBO is running this month on Curt is nothing short of fascinating and it is long overdue...Curt Flood played baseball for the Cardinals back in the late 60's early 70's....He did so in an era that was still tainted to some degree with segregation and racism....he courageously took a stand when no one else would and his actions benefitted every professional athlete that came along afterwards....he had his demons no doubt...but he is still an unsung it if you get a chance....thanks for stopping by as always.......Rick

  • Friday.....weekend!!!!!

    ...The countdown is on!!!!!.....the top 20 Metallica songs of all time....chosen by you!!! It's Black Friday.....the 20th year anniversary of the release of Metallica's Black Album!!!!....I will kick off the countdown today at 2pm!......lots of things happening this weekend including Pleasures tomorrow night.....I do hope to see you there!.....Rock Squad girls car wash on the way as well and it is for a great cause.....The Shriners Hospitals.....I can't believe this week flew by as fast as it did!!! Rick

  • Metallica etc

    ....This friday marks the 20th anniversary of Metallica's Black album.....and don't think we aren't going to celebrate it!!!....feel free to vote for your favorite all time Metallica song by texting your vote to 316 768 1010......we will count down the top 15 vote getters all day friday starting at 2pm!.....Movie sneak tonight at the Derby Plaza (30 min or less)...looks as though it should be good!...also keep in mind we will be shooting another episode of 2 Guys Talking Sports within the next few all means feel free to text any sports related questions for us to 316 768 1010!....thanks for stopping by as always.............Rick

  • Eminem

    ....Kanrocksas was amazing!! Primus was off the hook and Eminem took it to another level!!!....I am not a huge Eminem be honest I don't even own one of his cds.....but I do have to admit....he puts on an outstanding show!!!!....He rarely does live shows any more so if you get a chance to catch one of his.....I highly recommend it!!!...anyways thanks as always for stopping by..........Rick

  • Kanrocksas

    .....I will be doing my show live tomorrow from the Kansas Speedway at Kanrocksas!!!!!! should be an outstanding time! looking for video on website.....will be shooting another episode of Two Guys Talking Sports very soon....please feel free to email me any sports related questions for Two Guys or text me at 316 768 1010 any time day or night! Rick

  • Hinder

    ....Wasssuppppp!!!....was a good show last night!...I liked 9 Left Dead.....they definitely have a future!...Adalita's way rocked as usual as did Egypt Central.....and Hinder...did not disappoint! thank you to those of you who came out and those of you who couldn't make missed a great show! going to be doing my show live from the Kanrocksas festival in Kansas City on Friday...will be doing the show live on sight!...Rusty Eck Saturday 1-3 and Pleasures Sat night 9-11 I do hope to see you out and about! Rick

  • M O N D A Y

    ....Welcome to Monday!!....I am one of the few people I know who actually likes Mondays lol....The next eposode of 2 Guys Talking Sports will be shot one week from today....if you have any sports related questions for us please feel free to text them 24 7 to 316 768 1010....or simply email them to me at ...... Hinder in town tomorrow night with Egypt Central and Adalita's Way as well as 9 Left Dead!.....what an incredible lineup!!! I will be doing part of my show live at the Cotillion so I do hope to see you there!!!! Rick

  • Busy Weekend!

    ...The free agency merry go round contnues in the NFL.....round and round she goes....where they all end up perhaps we will soon know!....I will be at Rusty Eck Ford tomorrow from 1-3pm....I will then shoot up to Newton for a fundraiser for Big Bros Big Sisters....they are an awesome orginization and I am more than happy to help them out!...My friends Livy High will be there as well as a slew of other bands! Athletic Park in Newton....doors at 2p....the action gets under way at 3!.....I will then be at Pleasures tomorrow night from 9-11p.....I do hope to see you out and about! thanks for stopping by..............Rick

  • Blown Call

    ....I was speechless....just flat out floored....when I saw the call that was made during the Pirates/Braves game last night.....I fully realize that MLB umpires are far from perfect and just like everyone else they make mistakes......but I was still simply speechless....I mean that dude was out by 3 feet at least and everyone including the Lochness Monster could see it!!! WOW......anyways I hope you are staying cool is 110 degrees outside right now as I type this....Hinder in town in less than a week! thanks as always for stopping by,,,,,Rick

  • Doing some good!

    ....wasssup!!! I hope you are having a great Tuesday!...yes,,,the NFL is back on track!!!!!! we should be seeing some of our first pre season action within a few weeks at the most!!!....I will be out and about this weekend....and am planning on rolling into Newton on Saturday to help out with a benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters.......It's a great cause and we will have an outstanding line up from what I gather....more details comming soon!!! thanks for stopping by as always!! Rick

  • Monday!!

    ....I hope you had a great weekend!.....just finished up shooting another episode of 2 Guys Talking Sports at Neighbors Bar and Grill....had a great time and it will be posted on very soon! also be sure to look for us on FB!....Hinder in town a week from tomorrow,,,,,Adilitas Way on that ticket as well,,,,should be off da hook!!!! I caught the season opener for Entourage last night....I am so gonna miss that show when it's no longer on,,,,thanks for checking in!!! Rick

  • Things

    ....Hinder/Egypt Central will be playing the cotlillion 8/2.......that should be an awesome show!!!! had a good time last night at Saliva/Filter.....will be out and about with the KS Lottery tomorrow afternoon and of course will be at Americas Pub tomorrow night!!! Pleasures on Sat night as well!.....I do hope to see you out and about! and of sure to text any sports related question to 316 768 1010 or simply email me ( with it for 2 Guys Talking Sports!!! we will be shooting again on monday! Rick

Wichita, KS

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