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  • IF you are an Employer...READ THIS

    ...IF you are or plan on ever being an may just wanna read this......apparently there are laws in place in pretty much every state to some degree that make it possible for employers to be held liable for accident related injuries that occur as a result of inattentive driving..including texting while driving.....and these laws are no joke.....Click here for all the info. Rick

  • Football Drinking Games

    ..Thank the heavens FOOTBALL IS IN FULL SWING!!!....and nothing beats a Sunday afternoon with friends.....parked in your favorite spot to soak in some football....and some outstandingly entertaining football drinking games!! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be responsible when partaking in these....hand your keys to a sober driver)......Click here for a list of very cool football drinking games! Rick

  • Fun things to do With Sixty Big Ones

    ...I can think of numerous outstandingly fun and cool things I could do with an extra sixty bucks!....Take a friend out to dinner.....pick up some dvds/blu rays I have been wanting to add to my collection... go to Worlds of Fun!!....go to the movies!!.....go have a couple cold ones at my favorite a couple more cold ones for someone at my favorite spot.....purchase the Wrestlemania ppv....pick up a new portable hard drive for my laptop.....pick up a new pair of jeans.....I can go on and on and on ...and I am sure you can too..and I am also sure you would agree with me when I say the one thing I do NOT wanna do with 60 bucks would be having to cough it up to pay fine for texting and driving...In the state of Kansas sixty bucks is what texting and driving will cost you when you get some states the fines run into the hundreds.....not to mention risking your life and the lives of others over a text is beyond here to see a state by state rundown on texting while driving fines. Thanks for stopping by! Rick

  • Which would you Rather Wear?

    ..The next time you think about texting and driving....think about can be charged with felony manslaughter if you cause an accident while texting and driving....this is no can end up doing serious text is important enough to risk that...ask yourself this question....would you rather wear thumb bands or handcuffs?....Click here for more information. Rick

  • Bond Gadgets ROCK!

    I am the first to admit....I am a HUGE fan of the Bond simply can not beat 007!! The gadgets that Bond always gets to utilize are just awesome!! The watches have always been my personal favorites..... Click here for the top seven Bond gadgets! Rick

  • Texting while driving is a fast track to burning your cash!

    Not only is texting while driving extremely dangerous for yourself and those you share the road with, (not to mention simply stupid) it can also result in stiff penalties and is illegal to text while driving in the state of Kansas....and I don't know about you, but the last thing I wanna do is end up lightening my wallet so to speak over something so stupid! Phones down thumbs up! Please by all means click here for valuable information on texting and driving laws in Kansas. Rick

  • Checking scores while driving....NOT COOL

    I have this incredibly cool ap on my smart phone that allows me to check up to the second scores and stats on every major and name etc.... at a second's notice I can get the dirt on pretty much anything necessary to keep me in the loop...even fantasy stats...and being a huge sports fan I have to say I love it !! I am on it constantly...without a doubt I ping it at least a dozen times if not more per day....what can I say I am a sports junkie! That being said....the one time I will NEVER check it is WHEN I AM DRIVING.....16 percent......SIXTEEN PERCENT of fatal crashes are attributed to inattentive driving.....that is practically ONE IN FIVE....this weekend as you are driving to and from and here and there......please keep these words in mind.......PHONES DOWN THUMBS UP.....thank you. Rick

  • Parents, lead by example

    If you are a parent you obviously know how important it is to teach kids NOT to text and drive....Texting while driving has proven time and time again to be not only an incredibly dangerous activity for drivers to partake in, but for others on the road as well...and how are we going to relay this message to kids if we don't lead by example?...Click here for some helpful tips on how to effectively pass on the message to teens!

  • Hangover cures from around the world!

    Labor Day weekend is over and we are less than one week from....FOOOOOTBALLL!!....if you just happen to be draggin it a little today due to the holiday weekend festivities, please by all means allow me to perhaps offer some relief!! Click here fo check out hangover cures from aound the world!

  • Saturday Night Fun!

    ..Am back from vacation!! Had a great time in Florida and am also glad to be back.....heard the Queensryche show was awesome wish I could have been there for it!...Last night I went out to one of my favorite neighborhood pubs and since I wasn't driving I decided to have myself a cold one...and of course my favorite bartender was behind the bar and she promptly reminde me that the only thing as stupid as drinking and driving is texting and driving! Rick

  • Happy Birthday Layne Staley...We Hardly Knew You

    Layne Staley was born on this date (August 22nd) in 1967...he would have turned 47 today....being a HUGE Alice in Chains fan it saddened me to say the least when I heard of his passing...Alice in Chains is just one of those bands that has an insanely magnetizing way of just talking to me if that makes any sense at all...I ran across an interesting piece on Layne and thought I would pass it along... Click here to check it out!

  • Breaking Benjamin on the Way Back!!

    Breaking Benjamin is an invcredible band as far as I am concerned and I was severely disappointed when they disbanded so to speak....which is why I was also excited the second I heard about their newly built base and re-establishment! ! Click here for the details Rick

  • Happy Birthday Dimebag...We Hardly knew You.

    On December 8th 2004 the world lost a musician whose passion was immeasurable...On December 8th 2004 Dimebag Darrel left this world...not by choice....way too he would have turned 48.....I can recall exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing when I heard the news ...I ran across a rather fascinating article that provides some insight on what exactly occured on that fateful day... If you wish to read it click here.

  • These Rockstars KNOW how to party!!

    Motley Crue lay claim to the "hardest partying band on the planet".....or at least they once did...and it's easy to see why....have you ever wondered who else would make a list of twenty hardest partying bands on the planet? Click here to find out!

  • There is Absolutely Nothing like the Right Car!

    We have all gone to the movies on occasion and thought to ourselves....I would LOVE to have THAT car!!! I came across this particular list and found it quite intersting to say the least. Here is a list of ten very cool movie cars..enjoy! Rick

  • Get away for the Weekend!!

    The weekend is here and what better way to spend it than to just get away for a couple of days!!..I personally love nothing more than to just at the drop of a hat take off for a couple days to wherever!... click here for some very cool getaway spots that are perfect for weekend fun! Rick

  • Get ready for some new FOO!!!!

    The Foo Fighters are on the verge of releasing their 8th studio album!!!! Talk about a band that just keeps getting bigger and better! Click here for details and release date. Rick

  • Kansas City is in first place in August? No way!!

    Anyone who knows me in the least knows I am a HUGE baseball fan....and I am definitely a Yankees fan down to the core...that being said I am also the first to admit you gotta hand it to our hometown KC Royals right now!!!...They are actually in first place in August...which hasn't happened since...well.... click here to find out when! Rick

  • The Foo Fighters will be kicking out some new stuff SOON!!

    I don't know about you but I LOOOOOVE the Foo Fighters!!! I think they are one of the greatest bands in the history of rock!!! And guess what...they are on the verge of releasing some brand new material which will be awesome!! Click here for more info! Rick

  • Football and nicknames go hand in hand!

    With Preseason under way we are getting so close to football finally returning!!! One thing you most definitely have to hand to professional football is it's never ending stream of really cool nick names..

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