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    ....I do hope you are hanving an outstanding Friday!....I will be out and about this weekend at a few different places so please feel free to stop by and say hi!.....will be at Bourbon Street tonight from 10pm on.....dollar jello shots.....5 dollar cover!!!! south on Seneca just off 235....will also be at Rusty Eck Ford Saturday from 1-3p.....and prior to that I will be at Complete Nutrition at New Market Square from by all means come say hi!!! Rick

  • Click here if you think America rocks!

    ....Welcome to Thursday!!!....lot's of things happening over the next few days...I will be broadcasting live at Mcdonalds (Kellogg and Dugan) from 11am to 1pm today....customer appreciation day in concurrance with flag a quarter pounder or big mac at regular price and get the second for only 14 cents!!!!....will be at Bourbon Street tomorrow night......Rusty Eck on Saturday....Is it me or does it seem as though there is this "America is on the decline" vibe lately....maybe it's due to the fact this is an election year.....who knows....I just know that there is still NO other country in the world I would wanna live in.....of course we are far from perfect and have our faults....who doesn't.....but we are still the best country in the world bar none.....all one has to do is simply check out what is going on in other parts of this world and it becomes extremely clear..there are governments in this world that would not even allow me to post daily blogs.....let alone enjoy basic freedoms we have here.....there are governments that imprison their citizens for no legitimate reasons...and so so with absolutely no trial whatsoever....there are governments in this world that have absolutely no concern about their own is flat out scary......I for one am thankful beyond belief to live here.......and again would live no where else.....thank you for stopping by! Rick.

  • This is a blog about ..... YOU!

    ....well kind of!.....I just (as in just i mean like within the last 5 minutes) went on the air and asked listeners such as yourself what it is that I should blog about today......i basically said the first person who can text me with a blog topic gets to dictate whatever subject matter I blog about today.....therefore the topic you chose for me to blog about is........ARE REALITY SHOWS FAKE?....I would have to first off say that I have no idea to be if I were to guess I would venture to say that it's probably a little of both.....there are some that are definitely legit....and then there are some that are anything but.....It would not suprise me if the majority of them had at least some pre planned element involved....I mean you have to realize that first and foremost these shows are designed with the idea of making a profit and I would have to believe it's not unheard of for producers to do what they have to do to the reality show scripts in order to achieve that goal..... however I also admit that I have no way of truly knowing either in a sense your guess is a good as mine! thanks for stopping by as always! Rick

  • Click here to find out who the greatest rock guitarist of this generation is

    .....Comming up next month the one and only....the perenial tophat wearing, west coast struttin, leather pants donning Slash will receive a much deserved star on the Hollywood walk of has been a long time comming and let's face it......Slash practically single handedly took things to another level.....his inventive and original licks transformed rock....I realize those are big words....but you have to admit, there is only one Slash....and there isn't even anyone who comes remotely close.....anyways I know I will have a toast in his honor the next time I am out! Congrats Slash! Rick.

  • How would you like to be a guest DJ?

    ....Starting Monday July 2nd and running through July 4th at Midnight.......T95 will be playing 2fers every hour as a result of Red White and You!....and the beauty of it all is.....YOU will pick the artists that we feature in the 2fers!....and here is the kicker.....we are going to let you intro your own 2fer if you so desire!!!.....simply email me ( and let me know which artist you would lke to see featured.....and if you wish to intro your 2fer on air....leave me a contact number so I may reach you and arrange that!'s Red White and YOU! Rick

  • Pro Wrestling Apitomizes America!!!!

    ...I love pro wrestling and am not at all ashamed to admit it...WWE is truly the "greatest show on Earth".....and I mean that with absolutely no offense whatsoever to Ringling Brothers.....I guess what i like most about it is the carnival like atmosphere it brings...the "anything can and usualy does happen" mentality......yes I am well aware of the fact that the matches are pre determined and the moves are mostly staged.....but I don't care and that is the real beauty of is by far entertaining enough and just insane enough to make me not care about that....if that makes any sense at me it represents what America is and hopefully always will's a realm in which nothing is impossible and where one who puts their mind to it can accomplish's a place where being the underdog is not even remotely a bad thing....and it's a place where starting over is not a death sentance but rather a challenge.....Yes I will gladly watch the 3 hour special edition of WWE Raw tonight......and enjoy every second of it! thank you for stopping by as always ..... Rick

  • Nickelback Show, etc

    .....I thought the show was outstanding!....My Darkest Days brought some great energy and Seether as always rocked the house!!!....Bush.....WOW.....exceeded my expectations easily.....Gavin Rossdale covering Come Together while up in the actual stands amongst the audience....that was awesome!...Nickelback is one of those bands who it is always great to see live considering they can just play hit after hit after hit.....overall I would have to say no one was disappointed! thanks for stopping by.................Rick

  • Huge weekend!

    Riverfest wrapping up this weekend and a huge show in town tonight!!!!! Nickelback/Seether/Bush/My Darkest Days.......WHAT AN INCREDIBLE LINE UP!!!....doors at 5 show at 6 tonight at IBA!.....and yes tix still available but going fast so get em if you haven't yet!...we will be hosting the Party on the Plaza starting at 3 in front of IBA.....Barrelbright cranking things up at 4......prizes....including last second meet and greet for Nickelback!!!!.....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night by the way......9-11p broadcasting live.......I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • Axl

    ....wassuppppppp! I hope you are having an outstanding Thursday.......just 24 hours till the BIGGEST show of the summer!!!!! Nickelback/Seether/Bush/My Darkest Days......IT IS GONNA BE OFF DA HOOOOOOOOK!.....Party on the Plaza starts at 4pm with Barrelbright......hope to see you there!....Axl Rose get's his jewelry back after an attempted (alleged) heist....I am probably one of the very very few people on planet earch who actually defends Axl to some degree....I mean don't get me wrong....I get the fact that he comes off as a total diva....I get the fact that it is irritating at best when he decides to take the stage at 10 instead of 7......I get the fact that it is childish and flat out stupid that he can not seem to put his differences aside and co exist with Slash long enough to attend a hall of fame induction or even actually re unite for just one night.....I get all of that and I totally understand why he rubs people the wrong way as a result....I guess the only reason I half way defend him is because .... well....there was a time when rock stars were SUPPOSED to be that way.....we expected it....applauded it.....encouraged it....and lived vicariously through it.....maybe Axl is kind of a throwback to the days when rock stars just didn't give a rat's *ss....when they actually took pride in flipping the bird to the man and rebelling against the norm......some times I do think that's what rock seems to miss now.....I mean I absolutely looooooove the rock format......I am thankful as all get out that I get to be exposed to it daily......but I do sometimes think that just maybe.......and I realize this sounds insane....but just maybe a little more Axl is what rock needs right now.........thanks for stopping by!!!! Rick

  • Sports Fans!!

    ....Let's see....My beloved Yankees are 6 games over 500 as of this very second......which puts them a half game back of Tampa/Baltimore (who are tied for first) and even more importantly....a full 2 games in front of Boston!!!!!!!!! Any diehard Yankee fan knows very few fates worse than trailing the Red for now......thank god they are in front of Boston!!!!!!.......Speaking of can anyone not fall in love with the effort put forth by those pesky Boston Celtics???? I absolutely love it.....not because I am a Celtics fan as much as the simple fact they were told by the media all season long they didn't have a chance....they didn't have enough star player talent....they are too old....they are not fast enough......etc etc etc.......I think it is awesome that they refused to listen to any of that and are now up 3 games to 2 against a favored Miami Heat team.....granted the series is far from over so we will just have to see what happens next! thanks for stopping by.............Rick

  • Hollywood.....Foo Fighters!

    ....Did you see this??? Taylor Hawkins will be playin none other than Iggy Pop in a new film entitled "CBGB"....which centers around the now defunct iconic rock club and punk scene...should make for some very interesting cinema!!!

  • Seether...let's shoot some video....etc

    .....Another day closer to Nickelback/Seether/Bush/My Darkest Day!!!.....If i had to pick a favorite out of difficult as it may be.....don't get me wrong I think they are all outstanding.....but I do have to admit I am definitely a diehard Seether fan...Their lyrical content alone has me hooked every time I listen to them....and they seem to just keep getting better!....shot some good video of the Dodge Ball tourny at Riverfest the other day....check it out at when you get a chance...had a great time doing it and by all means if you have any good ideas for my next video shoot please let me know! always looking for the next video trek/adventure so to speak...text me at 316 768 1010 if you have any ideas or simply email me!...( thank you as always for stopping by! Rick

  • Dodgeball

    ....Had a great time at the Dodge Ball tourny during Riverfest on Saturday!....thank you to everyone who came out and participated and or spectated!....I shot some video and it is up on so check that out when you get a chance......Riverfest of course continues all week long so make sure you get out and check it ou!....Nickelback/Seether/My Darkest Days/Bush here this Friday and it's gonna rock!!....the Party on the Plaza kicking off around 4....I will be broadcasting live from 3-7p so make sure you stop by and say hi!!! Rick

  • Riverfest....weekend!!!

    Wasssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!! The Riverfest officially under way!....I will be at the dodgeball tourny tomorrow during Riverfest and am sure I will be at various other Riverfest events as well....and of course I will be at Bourbon Street tonight as well so by all means come out!!! Over Under ..... over or not over?......well not entirely!...the on air portion is over yes.....but Over Under continues online at! if you are a freeloader you can answer Over Under questions on and get a shot at even more cash!! If you are not a freeloader by all means become one at!'s free and only takes mere seconds to sign up! hope to see you soon..................Rick

  • Over Under Continues

    ....we have given away thousands of dollars with our Over Under contest and we are contnuing to give away cash money all this week!.....T95's Over Under STILL going on this week!....if you haven't signed up as a freeloader at yet what are you waiting for????'s free to do so and only takes a few seconds!.....Bourbon Street this friday night we will be broadcasting live so make sure you stop by and say hi.....The Riverfest almost upon us as well!! Rick

  • Welcome back!!!

    ....The one great thing about comming back from a holiday weekend is the simple fact that we have a short week! is already Tuesday soon to be Wednesday!.....the Under the Covers Weekend went great and we had a ton of great feedback so thank you!!.....we are in the process of planning yet another specialty programming event in honor of the 4th of July and from what I can tell so far it is gonna rock!!!....Emphatic is an up and comming band I recently started becomming familiar with...they are out of Omaha...and they are really good!!! check em out when you get a chance!....I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Memorial Day

    ...I hope you are having an outstanding Memorial Day!...Every time I see military personnel....whether they are in uniform or not....I always make an effort to shake their hands and thank them personally....if not for them I would not be able to do what I do for a living...not to mention the fact that none of us would be able to enjoy the freedoms we have today if not for them....I will never forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrafice for us and I will also never forget those who put their lives on the line in the line of duty in order to secure our well as those who continue to do so today....tonight before I go to bed I will light a candle and put it in my's not much....but it is my way of paying tribute and respect for those who are no longer with us because they chose to put their lives on the line defending you and I from tyranny...if you get a chance light a candle tonight as well......thank you for stopping by! Rick.

  • Zombie!!!

    ...What a huge show tonight at Hartman!!! Rob Zombie/Megadeth/ doesn't get much better than that!!!!....what is really cool is the fact that they will be performing full arena style shows....which is something you won't get to see when you see them at big rock all means I have nothing what so ever against bigger festivals......but I think anyone would have to admit there is something to be said about the over all intamacy of venues the size of Hartman.....I am looking forward to it!!!! don't forget the after party is at Bourbon Street Bar and Grill on South Seneca tonight!!! dollar jello shots......5 dollar bombs.....and of course I will be there broadcasting live!!!! hope to see you out and about soon!!! Rick

  • Under the Covers

    ....Ihave been working nonstop to get our Under the Covers weekend put together.......starting tomorrow at 3pm and running all the way through Monday night at midnight we will be playing several cover songs done by some of your favourite artists every hour.....its gonna rock!!!! will hear some things that you haven't heard in quite some time!.....I can't wait to get it started!!!!....of course I will be at Zombie tomorrow night and Bourbon Street as well.....will be at Pleasures on Sat night.....I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • Holiday weekends rock

    .....We are planning something outstanding as far as the programming on T95 goes for this Memorial Day Weekend so make sure you check it out!!!! Over Under continues and so far we have given away tons of cash....who knows you could be next!!!....Zombie/Megadeth in just 3 days!!!! that is GOING TO ROCK!!! what a way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend!!!...and of course the same night we will be after partying at Bourbon Street Bar so make sure you stop by (south on Seneca just off 235) and say hi! dollar jello shots and 5 dollar bombs,,,,,not to mention T95 broadcasting live in da house!!!!!! Rick

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