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  • Black Label Society in the Big Apple!!

    Black Label Society will be taking over the Cotillion tomorrow with their Unblackened tour and I for one am totally stoked!!! They recently performed in the Big Apple and got great reviews on their Unblackend show there!! Click here for all the dirt! Rick

  • HAVE YOU SEEN THIS: Kurt Cobain documentary

    I am a HUGE fan of Nirvana. I always have been. When I saw this I totally freaked!!!! Kurt Cobain changed the world. He gave a voice to millions who for so long did not have one.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Happy Birthday Ric Flair!!

    Happy birthday to the Nature Boy!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!! It is Ric Flair's birthday today...he turns 66 today!!! Click here for some of the greatest moments of the jet flyin...kiss stealin...wheelin and dealin Nature Boy Ric Flair!! Rick

  • Iron Maiden taking a break

    I have to admit....I LOOOOOVE me some Iron Maiden!! Startling news to say the least from the Iron Maiden camp....Bruce Dickinson battling cancer!! It does sound as though they may have caught it early however which is good news by all here for all the details. Rick

  • You MUST see this unbelievable entertainer!!

    3 Doors Down has always been one of my favorite bands....and who can resist their HUGE hit Kryptonite?.....I came across this amazing performer and had to share ....CHECK THIS OUT! Rick

  • Killswitch Engage invades The Price is Right!

    This is really crazy! Adam from Killswitch Engage was recently on The Price is RIght...and he WON BIG!!! Check it out right here! Rick

  • The Foo Fighters don't need any sound!

    Something very cool happened in Bogota Columbia in the midst of a Foo FIghters show...I would explain...but sometimes things are best explained via here and check it out! Rick

  • Gene Hackman Personifies Cool!

    There is no doubt that I consider Gene Hackman to be one of the top five greatest American actors none....I have watched Unforgiven countless times simply because of his uncanny display of ability utilized during the act of him painting a flawless portrait of a small town hard nosed sherriff in the old West....He turns 85 years young tomorrow and I can only pray he is not done working yet...Click here for a very cool article on one of the greatest ever!! Rick

  • A Rather Humble Rock Star

    ..Quite often we here about how rock stars are diva like and sometimes ego driven....which is why it is refreshing to see something like this!! Nikki SIxx recently saying that he DOES NOT want to receive awards for any of his achievements! Click here for the details! RIck

  • Did New England Cheat?

    What is all this??? Deflated footballs??? A possible scandal brewing?..Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE sports nut so I certainly found this to be interesting to say the least! I guess they always say you aren't trying if you aren't cheating right? Click here for the dirt on this! Rick

  • Avenged Sevenfold....Being told What Songs they can Play!!

    Here is something pretty crazy!! Avenged Sevenfold recently did some shows in China and Hong Kong.....While in China they were actually instructed by the government there as to what songs they were allowed to play and what songs they were NOT allowed to play!..Click here to check out an interview in which the band discusses this and see some highlights of the shows! Rick

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Wylde!!

    Zakk Wylde turns 48 today.....I have always said there are very few pure straight up out of this universe shredders on guitar like Zakk Wylde....he is definitely in a league of his own!!! He also once said that with all respect to Dimebag....if Pantera wanted to reunite for a show or two he would be honored to fill in for Dimebag...and to be honest I would say that it's really not possible to fill those shoes...but if anyone had to try...I would prefer the one and only Zakk here for a very cool interview with him....and Happy birthday Zakk!!

  • Scott Weiland is Back!!

    ..I am well aware of the fact that Scott Weiland has had his fair share of issues which have hampered him throughout his career....That being said...I am STILL a huge fan of his talents...I have always said he is one of the greatest rock front men of the past 3 decades...easily.....and it looks as though he is far from finished! Click here for more details..... Rick

  • Axl Rose Honored for a Lifetime of Achievement!

    Axl him or hate him...has without a doubt managed to have a massive impact on the world of rock....Guns N Roses, one could argue, were easliy one ot the top three rock bands on the planet at one time....Axl recently received a Ronnie James Dio lifetime achievement award that he actually feels he really did not deserve...his own words believe it or not! Click here for details! Rick

  • Happy Birthday Lars!!!

    Today marks the birthday of Lars Ulrich....who has spent a couple decades so to speak drumming for one of the greatest bands on the planet.....METALLICA!!!!! Lars turns 51 today!! Click here for some of the all time greatest "Lars" moments in Metallica history!! Rick

  • This is AWESOME!!

    Anyone who listens to my show or knows me at all knows I am a HUGE fan of Entourage...and I have been awaiting this moment FOREVER!!!! The Entourage movie is finally set to be released in 2015....and I can not WAIT!!! Click here for a sneak peak! Rick

  • Rockstar B-Days!!!!

    ...Here is a question for you....How do you think rock stars celebrate birthdays?...I mean one would think it would be a little more exciting than say...blowying out some candles lol,,,,,if you happen to get a chance today simply ask Vince DiFlore of Cake....or Sam Loeffler of Chevelle....or even Neil Senderson of Three Days Grace....they are all celebrating birthdays today! Speaking of which what do you think any of these guys would charge YOU if to come play a private show for YOUR birthday?...or what do you think your favorite band of all time would charge?....Click here to find out! RIck

  • Kid Rock Shows love for our Wounded Warriors!

    I have always been a big fan of Kid Rock...not just his music but also his dedication to get involved with projects on the side that are helpful to so many people...he is definitely down to earth and genuine...and he has also always shown a ton of support for our troops at home and overseas.. Click here to check out something very cool he recently did for one of our wounded warriors! Rick

  • Anywhere in the World for Turkey Day!

    ...What if by chance you all of a sudden had the ability to simply go anywhere in the world for Thanksgiving weekend?...I mean if you could just blow off the traditional stuffy lets hang out with the relatives all day routine and go ANYWHERE....where would you go? Ciick here for a very cool list of places to spend Thanksgiving weekend! Rick

  • Check out this Video from Seether!

    ..I am a HUGE fan of Seether...always have been from the very first time I heard Fine Again and Driven Under...I came across this hysterical video of them performing "Same Damn Life" while dressed up as elderly old men...this is funny!! Check it out here. Rick

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