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  • The NFL season is at the half way point!

    ....Hard to believe, but we are already half way through this year's NFL season......and there are most definitely some suprises to say the least...I mean who woulda thought the Cowboys would only have 3 wins at this point?....I am not saying I had them picked to make it much past the first round,,,,,but only 3 wins at this point??? wow.....and who woulda thought the Bears would have only one loss....or that Seattle would be looking like a contender....or that New Orleans would be in a must win situation this early on?...makes me wonder what the next half will bring,,,,,,speaking of New Orleans.....Saints Eagles tonight on MNF! thanks for stopping by,,,,Rick

  • Had a great weekend!

    ...what a great weekend!....was good to see everyone come out to the Jesse James Dupree signing on Sat afternoon....even saw someone had a chainsaw for him to sign!....The Jackyll show was off da hook Sat night from what everyone says,,,,and I understand the Primus show was something special as well on Sunday!....Ron Schneider in town tonight at the Loony Bin,,,i understand as I type this there are still some tix left for the late show....I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

  • Turning back time

    ...Have you ever wondered what you would say to yourself if you could go back in time....say ten years or so?......what if you could go back in time for one day and tell yourself anything....let's say you went back to ten years ago....while retaining all the info/knowledge you currently have today....and you could talk to ... you......what kind of advice would you give yourself?....obviously it will differentiate depending on each individual....i mean we all have our own blueprints so to speak...when I think about it I honestly don't know for sure what I would tell myself....I can think of some things in general I might say....but not specific things.......I think I would tell myself to perhaps take more time for the little things that in all actuality are the HUGE things that will be cherished as life goes on....things like calling an old friend I haven't talked to in way too long.....taking a day off just to...well....take a day off and maybe jump in my car and drive to somewhere i have never been....just to do it.....perhaps introduce myself to the neighbor i have seen time and time again and have yet to say hi to......spend the day at the zoo......ask a friend what their favorite book is....and then read it.......go visit my uncle who I NEVER see despite the fact he only lives a couple hours that I think about it these definitely are specific things lol....I will be out and about this weekend and I definitely hope to see you out and about as well! Rick

  • favorite games to play

    ....A friend of mine and I were discussing this just the other you recall the games you and other kids in your neighborhood used to play?....and do you think kids sill play them today?...I can vividly recall spending entire afternoons playing sandlot football....or kick the can......or capture the flag.....and of course when we had enough of us we would play some good old fashioned sandlot baseball.....those were magical days to say the least....sometimes I wish i could go back and be ten again for just one week....just so i could relive some of those days.....we honestly often thought they would never end....thanks for stopping by..........Rick

  • Welcome to November!

    ...Had a great time last night at Hooters!!! Gave away some Aerosmith tix as well as some K State football tix...and even some Prmus 3 d tix!.....thank you to everyone who came out and thank you to those who partook in the dude looks like a lady contest as well as the costume contest!!....Jackyl in town this weekend and that is always a party!.....I will be broadcasting live at Rusty Eck Saturday from 1-3 and more than likely I will pop by Jesse's autograph signing Sat afternoon.....and of course the show sat night........hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • Halloween and Hooter girls!!

    ...Wassusppp!!! I will be broadcasting live tonight at Hooters from 8-10pm!! Halloween night at Hooters!!! by all means stop by and say hi!...we will be having a "dude looks like a lady" contest for Aerosmith tickets!!!....and of course we will be hanging out with all the lovely Hooters girls!! Halloween night,,,,,Aerosmith tix.....and Hooters can not go wrong!!!! hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • It's time to Txt the Halls!!

    ...Today fhrough Friday I will be giving away very cool stuff from the Kansas Lottery with our Text the Halls promotion!!!....everything from 50 dollar i tune gift cards to 100 bucks in scratch tickets up for grabs!!!! For details just be listening 2-7pm this week ....also will be dishing out some Aerosmith tickets as well as some Thunder tix and other goodies as well,,,,,,,tomorrow night will be broadcasting live at Hooters for our Dude Looks Like a Lady contest which will also involve Aerosmith tix!!! Hope to see you out and about soon.......Rick

  • Saving Abel at Thunderbird Bowl

    ...I had a great time at Thunderbird Bowl on Saturday and it was awesome to see so many of you come out!....they played a great set and even busted out their version of Simple Man which was awesome!!!....and everyone at Thunderbird Bowl was very cordial and fun to work with!...I have been getting hit with texts and emails wanting to know if we are going to do something like that again anytime soon and all I can say never know! it is a possibility!......thank you so much to Saving Abel for going out of their way to do that for us here at T95 and of course for all of their fans right here in Wichita! Rick

  • Baseball season ends,,,,,Football takes the wheel.

    ....Congratulaions to the San Fransisco Giants!....not only did they win the World Series and therefore are now world champions, they did so via a four game sweep of a Detroit Tigers lineup that is chalk full of good hitters.....that is an impressive accomplishment if I do say so myself!....I watched my fill of NFL action over the weekend as well....Dallas just cant catch a break....Kansas City is already looking forward to next year.....Peyton continues to roll in Denver....The Bears are proving to be an NFC powerhouse this year.....The suprise this year so far in the NFL?....would have to say either Minnesota....or Indianapolis......I would have to say both so far have exceeded expectations.....but then again the season is only half over so we will see .....thank you for stopping by as always! Rick

  • What a crazy day!!

    ......WOW....have been on the go since i pulled into work this morning!!! had a great time with everyone at Genesis and thank you to those of you who stopped by!...Saving Abel tomorrow at Thunderbird Bowl......and yes I still have some of those tix to give away during program today,,,as well as some Primus tix!,,,,I will be at Rusty Eck tomorrow 1-3p.....Thunderbird Bowl of course later in the afternoon,,,,and Pleasures tomorrow night 9-11 as always hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • The World Series is on!!

    ...Game one is in the books......Giants cruising to an 8-3 win.....and in the process they really roughed up Verlander which was pretty suprising.....if you are a Detroit fan I would not panic just yet....It is only one game.....and as we all know you have to win 4 in order to claim your championship trophy so to speak....very good chance I will have someone from Saving Abel on today's show!.....speaking of which only a couple more days till they do their acoustic set at Thunderbird Bowl and that is gonna rock!!....I will also be at Rusty Eck Satruday from 1-3p and Pleasures on Saturday night! Hope to see you out and about soon.......Rick

  • Saving Abel in town this weekend!!

    ....Saving Abel live at Thunderbird Bowl (Pawnee and Oliver) on Saturday!!.....bowling and Saving's gonna be fun! is a free show but you do have to have a ticket to get in!...and yes we do still have a FEW listening to T95 for your chance to score some and for the when and where we will be handing some out!.....World Series boots off tonight in San Fran......Go Tigers! am an American Leaguer considering I am such a big Yankees fan, so I have no choice lol.....Hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Detroit or San Fran!!

    ...IT was a rainy downpour in San Fran last night by the time the 9th inning rolled around.....but that definietely did not stop the Giants from celebrating as they won game 7 on the NLCS against the St Louis Cardinals!!.....I have a feeling this WS is going to be off da hook!!!.....San Fran is heating up at just the right time and Detroit features a line up loaded with lumber not to mention the best pitcher in Baseball in Justin Verlander......I hope it goes 7!....This Saturday Saving Abel at the Thunderbird Bowl and that is going to be outstanding!.....get your tickets by listening to T95 for where and when we will be distributing them....they are free, but you do have to have one! thanks for stopping by and I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • What a great weekend!

    ...Had an outstanding weekend!....was outstanding to see so many of you during the Party on the Plaza Satruday....and of course Todd and Tyler being in town was outstanding as well!..we just announced our Not So Silent Night show.....its outstanding!.....Saturday December 8th it will be opening act Aranda....with headliners....Chevelle!!!.....tix n sale friday 10 26 atten am at the Cotillion box office and at!....its gonna be a great show!!!! Don't forget Monday Night football tonight at Heroes!! Hope to see you out and about soon........Rick

  • Yet another show comming???

    ...Make sure you keep locked onto T95 because very soon we will give you all the details!!!....Do we have another show comming to town??....Let's just say if I were in Vegas i can't say I would bet against it.......Todd and Tyler in town tomorrow and Thunder Hockey all weekend!!!!...Congrats to the Detroit Tigers for advancing to the big dance......even though they swept my offense lacking Yankees, I still have to give Detroit their dues.....they played extremely well and earned the right to punch their ticket.............hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Aerosmith getting HUGE reviews!

    ....According to many fans who have seen them as well as critics alike, Aerosmith has delivered nothing short of "killer" and "outstanding" sets on the first leg of their Global Warming tour....words used to describe have been "jaw dropping'...."epic rock moments"...."a wonder to behold"......and they are going to be here on November 11!!!! Todd and Tyler in town this weekend and of course we are not only excited about that, but we are also stoked about Thunder hocky returning this weekend!!....I do hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • What are you up to this weekend?

    ..Lots of things happening this weekend!!!......Todd N Tyler will be in town this weekend and we definitely look forward to having them here!....they will be live on the air with us Saturday morning from the Bullet Stop from 1-3 or so....and then at the Party on the Plaza at Intrust Bank Arena from 4pm on!!! and of course they will be at the Thunder game sat night!!!.....gonna be an outstanding weekend! Yankees lost again last night.....I do have to give credit to the Detroit Tigers....they are playing some ball right now....their pitching has been outstanding....hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • Debate number 2 tonight!

  • The Captain will be back

    ...I was definitely saddened to see Derek Jeter get injured over the weekend....and I was saddened not merely because I am a Yankees fan.....i was saddened because of what it is that he stands for and what he has accomplished.....Baseball, reguardless of it's ups and downs, is the one consistent thing we can always count's tradition and rich history so appealing to even the most nonchalant sports fan...when you talk baseball with people you will often find those who are like me,,,,,die hard true fanatics for america's past time.....people who LIVE to sit in the stands at the ballpark on a summer will also often find people who are not nearly as big of fans of the sport, yet still manage to somewhat keep up with it....and you will find those who simply are not fans of it....and have no desire to be...due to numerous things ranging from bloated salaries to players using phds to simply just not liking baseball,,,,finding it unappealing...(it difficult as that is for me to understand it defiinitely happens lol),,,,,,,What makes Derek Jeter so unique isn't what he has accomplished on the field....I mean don't get me wrong it's hard to argue with his numbers....but instead it is what he represents in an era of disillusionment. and "me me me" athletes.........he leads by example and rarely if ever will you ever hear him complain or play the blame game...that simply is not his style....he is often referred to as what is "right" about baseball and deservingly so....I have seen him play half a dozen times in person if not more...other Yankee players respect him.....I know so because I have seen it first hand....they respect him because through his leadership he has earned that resect....if you ever get a chance to see him play in person just take a minute or two and watch him when he is on the field...posted at short so and you will notice how keenly aware he is of EVERYTHING going on on that field....he knows oposing hitters often better than they know themselves.....he knows the strengths and weaknesses of every player that makes it to base....he knows how likely they are to hit and run.....or pull one down the line.....again I have seen it first hand....he is one of the last true ball players....and that is why I was saddened to see him get injured and have to leave the game he loves....even though I know he will be back next still smarts. thank you for stopping by! Rick


    .....Ok....just to be fair.....I can not let today go by without saying once again.....WHAT A GREAT FINISH LAST NIGHT IN NY!!!!.....I realize my Yankees lost....but it was still an outstanding game that went into extras....and it would be unfair of me to only mention these types of things when the Yankees congrats to Baltimore for a huge win last night.....comming down to game 5...and as a baseball fan I couldnt ask for anything more!!!!....I can not believe it is already Friday....this week just blasted by!!....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night so please feel free to stop by.....also will be out tomorrow morning signing people up for a chance to hang with Aerosmith!!!! I do hope to see you soon........Rick

Wichita, KS

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