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  • If you could go back in time....

    ..If you could go back in time and witness any ONE event...what would it be?...there really is no right or wrong answer....probably different for everyone.....would you wanna see the signing of the Magna Carta?.....maybe the first Superbowl.......maybe the Beatles performing when they were far from known....maybe you would wanna see the original woodstock...or perhaps the moon landing.....whatever it may be...would be fun to just do it once! I do hope you are having an outstanding Tuesday! Rick

  • Lot's of big shows comming!

    ...WOW...Papa Roach....Three Days Grace...Shinedown....Kid Rock.....some HUGE shows comming to town very soon!!! check out our concert calandar at to stay up to date!...the Monster trucks in town this weekend...and of course I will be out and about this weekend so make sure you catch up with me and say hi! Goddard Dillons Sat 1-3 and of course Pleasures 9-11 Sat night! Rick

  • Can we pleaaaase get a tournament???????

    ...The NCAA Division one football championship last night was nothing short of unwatchable...WE NEED A TOURNAMENT!!!!!! it became obvious by the second quarter that Notre Dame was in way over their head and should not have been there to begin with.....WHY CANT WE HAVE A COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF SYSTEM PUT IN PLACE???.....ok now that I got that off my chest....will be out and about this weekend.....will be at the Dillons in Goddard on Saturday from 1-3 and Pleasures Sat night from 9 to 11 hope to see you soon!!! Rick

  • Alabama.....or Notre Dame???

    ....Tonight is the night!!!!....finally, after all the hype.....all the postering....all the press coverage....Notre Dame and Alabama square off for the right to be labeled as the 2013 division one national champion!!!!!....Personally I honestly do not care who wins this game.....Nothing at all against either school, am just not a big fan of either.....I would like to at least see a good game however....please for the love of all that is holy.........DO NOT be a blowout!!! for my prediction?..gotta go with the tide.....they have big game experiemce and let's face it...the SEC seems to do well in these situations....welcome to Monday and hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • Rock is ALIVE AND KICKING!!!

    ...I just saw the list of the top 50 grossing tours (according to forbes).....combined the top 50 acts grossed over 3 billion dollars in revenue and sold over 34 millioin tickets.....Madonna actually topped the list with 296 million in ticket sales in 2012.......the good news is that rock is very well represented!!!!.....Roger Waters....Metallica....Red Hot Chili Peppers....Van Halen....Nickelback....Black Keys...Scorpions.....and Aerosmith ALL made the list!!! case you are wondering....Metallica was 8th overall with over 86 million in ticket sales....rock is ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!!!! Rick

  • Lot's of shows and events on the way!!

    ....Kid Rock....Papa Roach.....Shinedown....Three Days Grace......not to mention the Monster Trucks!!!!!! all of which on their way to Wichita soon!....and we are just getting started!!!! Keep it locked on T95 for your chance to win tickets to all of these events as well as VIP passes and meet and greets!!!....only the third day of 2013 and we are off an running!!!! Rick

  • It's Fiesta Bowl time!!

    ....Tonight K State takes on Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl!!! It should prove to be a classic matchup.....Oregon and their notorious/somewhat unbelievable speed taking on a tenacious K State defense as well as the wisdom of Bill Snyder.....not to mention an offense led by Collin Klein.....the line right now is Oregon by 8.....guess we will just have to wait and see!!! I wanna say coverage begins tonight around 7:30 or so......will be out and about this weekend at Pleasures on Saturday night starting at 9pm.....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Hello 2013!!

    ...I hope you had an outstanding New Years!!!....I had a great time on New Years....was out on the west side!!!....caught a lot of football over the holiday....Adrian Peterson definitely got my attention as he was soooooo close to nailing down the single season rushing record!! thing I will have to admit I really like about that guy would have to be his the end of the Vikings game Sunday...when a sideline reporter asked him if he was disappointed about being only nine yards short or the record...he simply looked up and said .."how close was i again?" point being....everyone on the planet was keeping track of his yardage total.....EXCEPT him.....and for that I have to respect him.....first week of the playoffs this weekend and there should be some excellent matchups.....I do hope you are having a great Wednesday!.....Rick

  • 2013 almost here.....goodbye 2012!! we count down the final hours to 2012 and look forward to 2013....all I can say is........Will Jerry Jones PLEASE find Dallas a qb that can win big games?????.....PLEASE????......ok now that I have that out of my system.....what a year 2012 was!!!! and 2013 is shaping up to be even bigger and better!!!! matter what it is that you have on the agenda tonight, I do hope you have a great time and by all means be safe.....if you have had one too many please have someone else drive...far be it for me to get in the way of a good time....but why ruin that good time by being stupid about it??? done lecturing.....HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Rick

  • Let's talk football!!!

    .....HUGE weekend on tap in the season hopes at stake.....and of course as usual it is that time of year for me to make my Superbowl prediction......sometimes....granted usually only sometimes....i actually get this here we the AFC I like New England and Denver....Brady and the New England offense are simply unstoppable when they wanna be....and there is definitely something special happening in's more than just Manning....I can't really explain it....just know it when I see it....I like New England to represent the AFC....the NFC this year is most definitely unpredictable to say the least.....I would have to say I like San Fran and Green Bay.....(sleeper------------- Seattle).....and I will take San Fran to represent the NFC.....and to win this year's big one...............hey if I knew everything I would own islands lol.......thank you for stopping by......Rick

  • The Ultimate Party Playlist

    ...have been constructing the Ultimate Party Playlist for New Years Eve and it is GONNA FLAT OUT ROCK!!!!! we will kick it off at 8pm monday night and it will roll till 3am tuesday morning!!! make sure you check it out!....I will be at Pleasures this weekend,,,,sat night from 9-11p so by all means stop by and partake in the festivities!,,,,will also be at East Central Genesis tomorrow from 11am to 1pm and of course am looking forward to seeing all my friends there!....hope you are having a great Thursday! Rick

  • New Years on the way!!

    ..I do hope you had an outstanding Christmas!!!....New Years right around the corner.....make sure you check out our Ultimate Party Playlist on New Years Eve on T95!.....from 8p-3a we will be hitting you non stop with our Ultimate Party Playlist!!! No need for a dj on NYE!! will be hearing everything from Korn to Tool to who knows what!!!! we are going to bring in the new year the right way with T95's Ultimate Party Playlist!!!!!! Rick

  • The Jolly Fat Guy

    ......Christmas Eve is here and Santa sighting are already rolling in!!!! Were you good this year?...or are you gonna be stuck with a lump of coal??? whatever the case may be I do hope you and yours have a great and merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!......this weekend we will be out and about,,,,,,,Rusty Eck on Sat afternoon and Pleasures Sat night!!!....I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • We are alive and well,,,,and ready for another big weekend!

    .....Apparantly the end is not as near as what we may have thought!....but hey I'm not complaining!....huge weekend on tap......will be at the Wichita Wings game later tonight and that should prove to be a great time for one and all!!!....also will be at pleasures tomorrow night from 9 to 11 as we get into the holiday weekend and the holiday spirit!!! by all means come out and say hi!....some excellent NFL matchups this weekend as well,,,,i do hope I find you in good spirits and as always hope to see you soon!!! Rick

  • Yet another great show!

    ...I just found out about yet ANOTHER incredible show comming to town.....I so wanna spill it but can't this very second!!! Be listening to T95 for details on it comming very soon!....only one day till the end!!!! at least according to the Mayans lol.....what are you going to do to celebrate the end of the world as we know it?........there are some OUTSTANDING NFL matchups this weekend so it better not end yet!!!!....I do hope you are having a great Thursday and I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well!! Rick

  • Huge weekend for sports fans!

    ...It looks as though the NFL playoff situation is comming down to the final few games before it becomes clear as to who will get in and who won't.....NFC East is knotted in a 3 way tie....I mean technically the Redskins are in the lead but with three teams at 8-6, it is still anyones division.....I have been saying it for a coule months now.....beware of those Denver Broncos......only thing that bothers me about them is their strength of schedule.......but with Peyton slingin it there is no telling how far they can go this year......cinderella pick for post season? with the best record who I think will make an early exit? superbowl picks?......I will go with ... Green Bay......and Houston. (am leaning a little towards New England) ...hope you are having a great day! Rick

  • Only 5 days to Xmas!

    ....Only 5 days to go and I STILL have yet to do any Christmas shopping....I do this every year....I always promise myself I will not wait till the last second.....but I ALWAYS seem to!...will be out and about over the weekend....Friday will be at the Wings game and Sat will be at Pleasures so by all means come on out!....Merry Axemas Holiday Weekend kicks off on T95 Friday at 5pm as we will be paying tribute to rock's great axemen.......will be doing so all the way through Xmas day so by all means make sure you check it out! Rick

  • Merry Axemas!!

    ...Starting this friday at 5pm we are kicking off our Merry Axemas holiday weekend! We will be paying tribute to rock's greatest "Axemen".....let's face it....NOTHING beats a riff pounding rear end kicking axe by all means make sure you check it out! starting friday at 5pm and running all through the holiday weekend and through Xmas! usual I have yet to do any Christmas shopping...heaven forbid if one year I were to actually do it early.....Yes I will be at Pleasures this weekend....Sat night from 9-11pm....come celebrate the weekend and partake in some holiday cheer!.....3 dollar you call its while i am there! hope to see you soon.....Rick

  • The Holidays are upon us!

    ...Believe it or not I actually drove around the other night and checked out christmas lights was actually is always nice to just take a drive sometimes.......we are only 7 days off of Christmas are you ready? all your shopping done?...I always wait till the last minute of course.....watched some great football over the weekend....the NFL is getting down to the nitty gritty as the final few playoff spots are up for grabs.......I still say keep you eye on Denver.....and as far as that goes another team I would watch....believe it or not.....Seattle.....anyways hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • The weekend is here!

    ....I will be out and about tonight at Pleasures (47th south and west) so by all means come out and party with us!! 3 dollar you call its while i am there,,,,and of course lots of lovely ladies!!! i will be there from 9 to 11 so come out!!.....Shinedown comming to town with Three Days Grace.....Kid Rock comming to town.......and we are just getting started for 2013!!!!! hope to see you soon,,,Rick

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