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  • Had a fantastic weekend!

    ...Had a great weekend....was good to see those of you who came out to Pleasures Saturday night! there every Saturday from 9-11 with 3 dollar you call its!!!....caught up on some college and NBA hoops over the weekend as well....can not WAIT for the tourny!!!....not to mention the NBA finals this year could get interesting to say the least with OK City and The Heat playing as well as they are....not to mention the Lakers starting to come on....speaking of which am getting ready to partake in the bracket challenge at can partake as well!!!...and you can actually win some very cool prizes including cash moneeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!! check it all out at!! Rick

  • Are you ready for the WEEEEEEEEEEEKENDDDD!!

    .....You gotta love Fridays!!! I mean we are just on the verge of launching into the weekend and you gotta loooooooooooove it!!!....another day closer to opening day....another day closer to Shinedown..another day closer to Volbeat.....another day closer to ROCKLAHOMA!!!! listening to T95 for your chance to win tix to all those shows......just heard about yet another HUGE event coming soon....I want to tell you but just can' least not listening and you will hear about it very soon!!! will be at Pleasures tomorrow night so come say hi!!!! Rick

  • Have a green beer!!!!

    ...St Patties is only a couple weeks out!!!...and don't think we don't have something very cool planned for that weekend on T95! is already Thursday ... weekend ALMOST here!!!!....I will be out at Pleasures Saturday night and I do hope to see you there....will be there from 9-11pm with 3 dollare you call its and lots of lovely ladies!!! Aircraft/military IDs and Casino Cards get you in absolutely free!!!....hope to see you soon.........Rick

  • Best weapons to utilize for a zombie apocalypse

    ....If a zombie apocalypse so to speak were to occur any time soon.....would you be ready??...what would you say is your personal favorite weapon to use against the typical zombie?....some prefer the standard never runs out of ammo and it is the old classic....then of course there is another classic standard...the baseball bat....sturdy and again never needs reloading.....i have always been a fan of the good old 12 gauge when it comes to defending one self from seems to be quite effective.....not to mention it makes a cool sound when preparing to fire.....i do hope you are staying warm and haveing a great day! Rick

  • KU game last night rocked!

    ...Did you happen to catch the KU/Iowa State game last night?? what a finish!!....KU posted triple digits and got the win in OT.........wasn't easy by any means and you really have to hand it to ISU for playing with such heart.....I honestly thought the Cyclones were gonna pull it out towards the end of regulation.....the big 12 race still up for grabs with KSU....OSU....and KU all in the running.....the tournament this year should be better than ever.....Rock Chalk!!! Rick

  • Who wants to build a snowman?

    .....Have fun in the snow while you is melting fast!...Shinedown/Three Days Grace/P.O.D. going to be here before we know it!....Volbeat coming to town as well...get all the dirt on these shows and more at with the T95 concert calendar!.....Yes I do plan on being out and about this weekend.....Pleasures on Sat night from 9 to 11 with 3 dollar you call its!! by all means come say hi!.......hope to see you soon....Rick

  • Had a great time at The Chill!!

    ...Was great to see everyone at The Chill over the weekend!...also had a great time helping out with the Hooters bikini contest.....i mean how could I not lol.....just announced this morning that Volbeat is coming to the Cotillion on May 9th with All That Remains....and that is gonna rock!!!....lot's of big things on the horizon....had a great time Sat night as well at Pleasures was good to see those of you that came out!.....more snow on the way???...well it is February..and we are in Kansas....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Another big weekend on tap!

    ...The Chill this weekend at the KS Coliseum hooter girls!! what is NOT to like???...I will be emceeing the Hooter girls bikini contest which gets under way around 4pm on Sat....Warrant will also be there performing live Sat night as well!!!...12 dollar admission at the is gonna be off da hook!!...and of course I will be at Pleasures sat night so by all means come say hi! hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Oh the weather outside is frightful......

    ...Nothing like a litlle...ok alot of.....snow on a Thursday in February!!!....just when we thought we may escape into the welcoming arms of Spring.....we get slammed with over a foot of the white stuff!!!...I honestly don't mind so much.....I like a good winter storm once in a blue moon or so....keeps us in check....reminds us that Mother Nature is still calling the shots.....besides it's a great excuse to stay in snuggle up to your significant other whoever that may be lol.....get a good fire going in the fire a couple movies.....there is no better excuse to get cozy!.....whatever it is you are doing I do hope you are staying warm and having a good Thursday......Rick

  • Rock Chalk !! What a game!!

    ....Did you happen to catch the KU/OSU game last night?? WOW!!! Double OT....with KU getting a HUGE road win by one point!!! was a nailbiter down to the very last second.....could have easily gone either way....and it was such a big win obviously due to the fact that OSU came out ahead of KU a couple weeks or so ago in Lawrence....had KU lost last night OSU would be in the drivers seat for the Big Twelve it is basically a three way race between OSU, KU, and K anything can still happen!!.....can't wait till the tourny in March!!!!....thanks for stopping by.....Rick

  • Fun things to do in the snow

    ...Hey I kinda figure why not make lemonade right?....what is your favorite thing to do in the snow? snowmen?....snowball fights?....sledding?.....snow angels?.....or maybe just nothing....stay completely out of it lol....or maybe you love to go four wheeling in it!!!!!....a little off roading never hurt anyone right?.....whatever it is you like to do in the snow.....have fun and at least try to be safe! Rick

  • Old Man Winter is in da house!!!

    ...Nothing like a little snowfall!!!...then again it is February....and we are in Kansas,.... so I guess these things do happen lol.....another day closer to Shinedown with Three Days Grace and P.O.D. at Intrust!!! Be listening to T95 for your chance at not only tix but meet and greets for Shinedown as well!! way stoked about the Rocklahoma lineup this year....get all the dirt on that at make sure you stop by the Chill this weekend at the KS Coliseum Pavillions!...hope to see you out and about soon..........Rick

  • Bands on the Bucket List

    ...The Rocklahoma lineup this year is easily the best I have ever seen them put together....GNR.....Alice in Chains... Korn......not to mention a ton of other stellar bands.....I have sort of a bucket list of bands ... for lack of better know, a list of bands that I have yet to see perform live and wish to before I uhh..well you know...kick the bucket so to speak....and on that list is Guns N Roses......for whatever reasons I have yet to ever see them perform live....I realize it would be nice to be able to go back in time and see them when Slash was with them....but unfortunately that is not an option.....however just seeing them period would be off da hoooook! I will definitely check them out this year at Rocklahoma and check them off the list so to speak! Rick

  • Spring is almost here!

    ...Spring is on the way and of course that means warmer weather......and Opening Day!!!! as usual I can not wait for Opening Day!!!....we are only a little over a month and a half away!!!....have been watching some NCAA basketball lately getting ready for the big tourny......this year's field admittedly is a bit strange considering there really is no clear cut stand out...there are at least 5 to 6 squads that could easily win it all....not to mention another half dozen at least who could easily be this year's Cinderella....I think this year's tournament will be more competative than ever before as a result....the brackets will be interesting to say the least....I do hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick.

  • Hooter girls rock!!!

    ...I will be helping ot MC the Hooters Swimsuit Competition this Saturday at the Chill!! (Hey someone has to do it)......It is gonna be it's usual great time so by all means make sure you do not miss it! gets underway at or around 4pm or so....and of course the Chill is always a great time for everyone....Warrant will be playing live at the Chill Saturday night!....all kinds of tix this week on listening for your chance to win tix to everything from The Chill to Shinedown!.....Rick

  • LOTS of tickets/giveaways this week!

    ....During the show this week I will be hooking you up with Arena Cross tix...Rocklahoma Tix.... Shinedown tix (that come with meet and greet passes for 3 Days Grace) well as tix to other regional and local events as well..........DO NOT MISS OUT!!!! be listening all week long for your shot at all of it!!...more shows on the horizon as listening for details on those comming soon... Opening day is on the horizon.......under 2 months to go!!!!! Yankees in Kansas City mid May and do you think I will be there??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL!!....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Had a great weekend!

    ...Was outstanding to see everyone who came out to the West side location of Complete Nutrition on Saturday...and of course thank you very much to Jimmy Johns for providing their as usual excellent sandwiches!!....Thank you as well to everyone who came out and said hi at Pleasures Saturday night!!....always a good time at Pleasures!....I will be at the Chill this weekend helping out with the Hooters swimsuit competition......(rough job but hey someone has to do it right).....we are getting closer and closer to opening day!!!!! Rick.

  • Astroids.....and weekend shenannigans!!

    ...Planet Earth got a....well....I guess one could say....a rather close call today....with a gigantic asteroid!!!....thankfully the one asteroid that actually made impact in Russia was waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than the one that sort of shaved us!!.....will be out and about this weekend,,,,will be at Complete Nutrition in New Market Square (21st and Maize) Saturday from noon-2pm....and of course will be at Pleasures Sat night (47th south and west) from nine to eleven pm!! by all means stop by and say hey! Rick

  • Happy Valentines Day!!!!

    ....Have you ever wondered exactly how Valentines Day as we know it originated?....well I decided to do a little research on that very subject...and this is what I came up with:

  • It's my Birthday!!!!

    ...What do Henry Rollins....Chuck Yeager....Peter Gabriel....Randy Moss.....George Seagul....and Jerry Springer all have in common with me???...they are all Aquarians and they were all born on Feb 13th!! celebrating my b day today and tonight as well!!....HUGE things on the horizon for T95 and by all means I do hope you will be a part of them.....Lot's of shows comming to town get all the dirt on that at Calandar......hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

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