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  • Greatest Sports Movies

    ...what would you say is your favorite sports movie of all time? right or wrong answer I mean we all have our own individual tastes....I would have to say I am partial to Field of Dreams..... the original Rocky......The Sandlot......Any Given Sunday.....and The no particular order here is another question for you.....can you name the ONLY 3 sports movies to ever win an Oscar for best picture? of em I have already named in this blog.......give up?.....Rocky.. Chariots of Fire.....and Million Dollar Baby...........welcome to Wednesday!!!! Rick

  • Welcome to Spring!

    ....Still a little chilly out but today marks the beginning of Spring!!....warmer weather will be here before you know it.....and of course the tourny gets fired up tomorrow!!!! Kansas being well represented with no less than 3 schools competing!!!....Shinedown in town on Saturday and that is gonna be HUGE!!...will be doing my show live in front of Intrust from 5-7p......and of course I will be at Pleasures Sat night as well so I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick


    .....48 hours and counting till the tourny kicks off and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!...if you are a sports fan at all this has to be one of your favorite times of the year......and it always seems to me the best rounds of this tourny are usually the first couple.....because that's when the Cinderella appears....and I will always say that NOTHING beats a good brackets are filled all I can do is wait.........and for potential suprises....I have to say I like Oregon......Mich for perennial favorites I have to say I lke Indiana.....Duke......and Miami....see this is what i love about this tourny.....ANYTHING can...and usually does happen......I JUST WISH IT WOULD START!!!!! thank you for stopping by........Rick

  • IT's tourny time!!!!

    ....Just a couple days away from the big dance !!! or at least the beginning stages of it!!! Have you filled out your bracket yet?..who will be this year's Cinderella????...who is going to nose dive early and ruin brackets everywhere??....and of course who is going to make it to the big one...the finale?...I LOVE this time of year!!...not to mention Opening day is getting sooooooo close!! in my office right now listening to Anthrax doing a cover ot the Rush classic "Anthem".......hope you are having a great Monday!!!! Rick

  • It is Thursday already!!

    ...What a busy day!!! It is after 3pm and I am just now getting a chance to blog....huge weekend of St Pattys Day party rock songs lined up for you on T95 starting Friday at 5pm!....WWE tix all week long and that has been going great! PBR tix as well.....lots of things happening including my usual Saturday night stop at Pleasures this weekend......Shinedown in town a week from Saturday and that is gonna rock!!! Hope to see you out and about soon......Rick

  • Wear your green this weekend!

    ...St Pattys day weekend is almost upon us!!! Time to bust out the green....and drink some ice cold green beer!!!!....we will be doing it up right this weekend with our "Best Party Rock Songs for St Pattys Day weekend" on T95!....kicking off Friday at 5pm and rolling all through the weekend until Sunday night at ten!! will hear the best party rock songs just in time for St Patties day weekend so DO NOT miss it!....Pleasures Saturday night 9 to 11 I do hope to see you there! Rick

  • We are getting so close!!!

    ....Opening close I can smell it!!!!...Have already secured my spot behind the Yankee dugout in Kansas City on May 10th!!!....what a great time of year for sports........NBA starting to mold and shape it's playoff outlook.....the big dance right around the corner....speaking of which to me the first couple days of the tourny are amongst the best....I mean it always seems as though that is when you see the most unpredictability and the most upsets....and there is NOTHING more exciting in sports than a good Cinderella taking flight.....NFL draft day approaching as well........hope things are well on your end and thank you as always for stopping by..............Rick

  • Argo is definitely worth watching!

    ...I finally got around to watching Argo over the weekend and believe me when I tell you I wish I would not have waited so long!! is outstanding...I can see why it won best picture.....Argo, just in case you have not heard or are simply not familiar with it, tells the true story of 6 Americans who went into hiding during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1980.....they slipped out of the American embassy and took refuge in the residence of a Canandian ambassador who bravely decided to conceal their's an amazing story and one that could only recently be told due to the fact that it was considered "classified" information up until the late 90s.....if you get a chance to see it by all means set aside the time and watch it......thank you for stopping by! Rick

  • Are you ready for the WEEKEND?

    ....Fridays are always awesome!!...I mean it's just the fact that we are on the verge of kicking off a weekend combined with the fact that Spring is in the air!!!....I will most definitely be out and about this weekend ... Pleasures of course on Sat night and by all means if you have not come out lately please do!!....we will make it worth your while with 3 dollar you call its and lovely ladies that love to entertain!......Shinedown/Three Days Grace/POD sneaking up on us.....what a way to kick off the end of Winter/beginnning of Spring!!!.....thank you for stopping by....hope to see you out and about very soon.......Rick

  • Daylight Savings this Weekend!!

    ...Just an early heads up!!....make sure you spring forward this is that time of year!!...lots of things happening this weekend including my weekly stop at Pleasures Saturday night!!! 3 dollar you call it while I am there and the lovely ladies of Pleasures will be entertaining!.. Military...aircraft IDs get you in free as well as your casino card so come party with us Sat night!!I will be there from 9-11p!! 47th South and West.....Pleasures....Big 12 Tourny kicks in next week and that is ALWAYS exciting.....and of course before long we will be watching 64 teams compete to get into the big dance!!......thank you for stopping by....Rick

  • Spring is getting closer!!!!

    ...We are on the verge of kicking off Spring and I love it!!! Primarily because it means OPENING DAY is on the way shortly!!!!!......I am sooooooooo starving for some baseball!!!!!......I have said it before and I will say it again.....I could spend days on end at the ballpark just being around the greatest past time on Earth.....there is NOTHING like it....from the second I set foot on the grass I am whisked back to my childhood days.....days spent dreaming of playing in the bigs....days spent at the neighborhood diamond trying desperately to get enough neighborhood kids together to just play baseball.....days spent trading baseball cards with your best friends and then scraping up enough money between yourselves to go buy a new ball.....God those were magical days.....days that can not be bought or sold for any amount of money....that is why baseball is ... It has a way of taking you to places that were carefree and reminds you of all that is good in this world.....I will never forget what it felt like to strut out to the pitchers mound and imitate my heroes with my wind up and my dilivery...I will never forget what it felt like to dig into that batters box and look the pitcher in the eye full well knowing that at that moment it was just he and I....hoping and praying that I get something over the plate....the way it felt that very split second I made contact and knew instantly that I was headed to at least 2nd....there is just nothing like it....Opening Day needs to get here NOOOOOW!!!! Rick

  • David Gilmour Celebrates a B Day!

    ....First of I have to say that I looooooove Pink Floyd.....they are just one of those so very few bands that just have a way of ....for lack of better terminology.....talking to me....getting inside of me and really talking to me...if that makes any sense at all....I could count on one hand the number of bands that do that to me.....Pink Floyd.....Alice in Chains.....Seether.....and of course it is different for everyone...we all have our own flavors so to is David Gilmour's birthday and therefore I will be obligated to definitely have a shot in his honor later this evening......happy birthday and THANK YOU for being a part of the magic that makes up Pink Floyd......Rick

  • Smackdown in Wichita!!!!

    ...I have never hidden the fact that I am a pro wrestling fan....have been since I was a small me it was always the carnival like atmosphere....the larger than life story lines....the whole "anything can happen" personna of it all...and with a few exceptions I have always been pretty much a fan of the bad guy or the "heel" so to speak...they are just so much more entertaining if you ask me.....and I have to admit...I am definitely excited that Smackdown is comming to town!!!! This is not a house show....but the real deal!!!! Smackdown!!!! all the stars are gonna be in da house!!! listening to T95 of course for your chance to win tix!....hope to see you out and about soon......Rick

  • Had a fantastic weekend!

    ...Had a great weekend....was good to see those of you who came out to Pleasures Saturday night! there every Saturday from 9-11 with 3 dollar you call its!!!....caught up on some college and NBA hoops over the weekend as well....can not WAIT for the tourny!!!....not to mention the NBA finals this year could get interesting to say the least with OK City and The Heat playing as well as they are....not to mention the Lakers starting to come on....speaking of which am getting ready to partake in the bracket challenge at can partake as well!!!...and you can actually win some very cool prizes including cash moneeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!! check it all out at!! Rick

  • Are you ready for the WEEEEEEEEEEEKENDDDD!!

    .....You gotta love Fridays!!! I mean we are just on the verge of launching into the weekend and you gotta loooooooooooove it!!!....another day closer to opening day....another day closer to Shinedown..another day closer to Volbeat.....another day closer to ROCKLAHOMA!!!! listening to T95 for your chance to win tix to all those shows......just heard about yet another HUGE event coming soon....I want to tell you but just can' least not listening and you will hear about it very soon!!! will be at Pleasures tomorrow night so come say hi!!!! Rick

  • Have a green beer!!!!

    ...St Patties is only a couple weeks out!!!...and don't think we don't have something very cool planned for that weekend on T95! is already Thursday ... weekend ALMOST here!!!!....I will be out at Pleasures Saturday night and I do hope to see you there....will be there from 9-11pm with 3 dollare you call its and lots of lovely ladies!!! Aircraft/military IDs and Casino Cards get you in absolutely free!!!....hope to see you soon.........Rick

  • Best weapons to utilize for a zombie apocalypse

    ....If a zombie apocalypse so to speak were to occur any time soon.....would you be ready??...what would you say is your personal favorite weapon to use against the typical zombie?....some prefer the standard never runs out of ammo and it is the old classic....then of course there is another classic standard...the baseball bat....sturdy and again never needs reloading.....i have always been a fan of the good old 12 gauge when it comes to defending one self from seems to be quite effective.....not to mention it makes a cool sound when preparing to fire.....i do hope you are staying warm and haveing a great day! Rick

  • KU game last night rocked!

    ...Did you happen to catch the KU/Iowa State game last night?? what a finish!!....KU posted triple digits and got the win in OT.........wasn't easy by any means and you really have to hand it to ISU for playing with such heart.....I honestly thought the Cyclones were gonna pull it out towards the end of regulation.....the big 12 race still up for grabs with KSU....OSU....and KU all in the running.....the tournament this year should be better than ever.....Rock Chalk!!! Rick

  • Who wants to build a snowman?

    .....Have fun in the snow while you is melting fast!...Shinedown/Three Days Grace/P.O.D. going to be here before we know it!....Volbeat coming to town as well...get all the dirt on these shows and more at with the T95 concert calendar!.....Yes I do plan on being out and about this weekend.....Pleasures on Sat night from 9 to 11 with 3 dollar you call its!! by all means come say hi!.......hope to see you soon....Rick

  • Had a great time at The Chill!!

    ...Was great to see everyone at The Chill over the weekend!...also had a great time helping out with the Hooters bikini contest.....i mean how could I not lol.....just announced this morning that Volbeat is coming to the Cotillion on May 9th with All That Remains....and that is gonna rock!!!....lot's of big things on the horizon....had a great time Sat night as well at Pleasures was good to see those of you that came out!.....more snow on the way???...well it is February..and we are in Kansas....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

Wichita, KS

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