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  • Happy Birthday to ..... Robert De Niro!!

    Happy 72nd birthday to Robert De Niro!! He is easily one on my all time favorite actors...there is no one and I mean NO ONE who can play a mob guy like he does....and let's face it....he was nothing short of INCREDIBLE in Cape Fear....did you know it has been 25 years since the release of Goodfellas?? Can you believe that? Some of the main cast members from Goodfellas recently got together for a reunion of sorts and of course Robert De Niro was here to check it out! Rick

  • It is National Vinyl Record Day!

    Today is National Vinyl Record Day and I think that is awesome!!!!! NOTHING has that very cool sound you get from vinyl........NOTHING........and vinyl is actually making a very big comeback! Did you know Wichita is the home of a very cool record store called Spektrum Muzic? Click HERE to check em out! Rick

  • Iron Maiden keeps the Wheels Turning!

    There is just something about Iron Maiden.....something that is timeless....LOUD...and impossible to ignore.....they have a brand new album due out very soon here for a little teaser! Rick

  • It is time for an ICE COLD BEER!

    There is nothing...and I mean nothing...that goes down as good as an ice cold one from the bottom of the cooler on a 90 plus degree day!! Everyone has their own favorite so to am definitely a cold Bud Light or Heinekin doubt...what would you say is the best foreign beer out there? Click here for a list of some outstanding beers from around the world! Rick

  • 007 Is Back!!

    I am most definitely a complete nerd to say the least when it comes to Jame Bond...I have every single Bond movie on dvd and blu ray...and yes I do bust them out and watch some of them for the 10th time on occasion....NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING beats a good Bond villian and of course the Bond girls are awesome as well....and with no disrespect to Sean Connery....I mean after all he is Sean Connery..the greatest Bond ever...I do have to say Daniel Craig is really staking his claim as one of the best Bonds ever ....Click here for a new extended trailer to Spectre... Which will be in theatres soon...but not soon enough! Rick

  • Korn up Close and Personal!!

    I have seen Korn live at least half a dozen times...maybe more...and I have NEVER seen them do a bad show....they are INCREDIBLE live!! They are also doing something this year that is nothing short of AWESOME! click here for all the details! Rick

  • Corey Taylor Tells it Like it is!

    First off let me say I am a HUGE fan of Stone Sour...I think they are an incredible band and I have honestly never heard them do anything I was not a fan of....admittedly some songs better than others but over all I have yet to hear them do anything I did not like...That being said I have to say I also think this is pretty entertaining/funny....Corey Taylor has been catching some heat over some comments he made about Kanye West..Click here to see it for yourself! Rick

  • Shinedown is BACK!

    Shinedown is easily one of the best bands out there and they are finally back with some new material!! I have yet to hear anything they have done that I personally didn't absolutely love! Click here for a look at their new video for Cut The Cord. Rick

  • The Very Best of Metallica

    Loudwire recently did their research and went through their process. The results are in. What are the ten greatest Metallica songs of all time? Click here for all the details! Rick

  • Stone Temple Pilots Happy to have Moved on

    First off I ama HUGE fan of the original lineup of Stone Temple Pilots. I was sad so see them replace Scott Weiland and I sincerely mean that with absolutely no disrespect to the very talented Chester Bennington. I also totally understand why they made the was something that simply had to be done in order to insure there would be a future for STP...I have seen them numerous times with Scott and they were ...for lack of better terms...simply amazing! Chester has apparantly gone over quite well according to Dean DeLeo.. Click here for more ! Rick

  • Best Rock Albums of 2015....So Far

    I realize of course we are not quite even half way through the year...but talk is already starting over the best rock albums of the year! For a list of what some are saying are the top vote getters click here. IF i were to vote I would have to lean towards the new Seether and the new Godsmack...but hey that's just each their own!

  • Maynard gets a new Body Part!

    Maynard James Keenan is to rock what Will Ferrell is to comedy....he just seems to fit perfectly to say the least. That does not mean, however, that he is indestructable!...Maynard had to recently undergo hip replacement here for details. RIck

  • Someone Other Than Axl from GNR Makes Headlines!

    Axl Rose is by no means a stranger to controversy. Everyone knows that. which is why it is unusual to say the least when someone in GNR OTHER THAN Axl gets noticed for some kind of mayhem! Guitarist DJ Ashba got involved in a little tassle over ...get E Cigarrette! It happened over Memorial Day weekend. Click here for the details! Rick

  • Check out These Rock Star B Days!

    Today seems to be a rather popular day for rock stars to be celebrating birthdays! Happy birthday to Ian Astbury of one of the greatest bands on the planet...The Cult! Ian turns 53 today. Click here to see how he feels about Lorde actually covering a Cult song! He picks a bad guitar and his name is C.C. Deville who as we all know provided blazing licks for Poison for many years. C.C. also turns 53 today! Click here for some very cool and interesting trivia about C.C. Deville! And last but definitely not least Mike Inez of Alice in Chains is celebrating his 49th birthday today as well...I have always hailed Alice in Chains as one of the greatest rock bands of all time and Mike Inez is definitely part of the reason why. Click here for a very cool interview with Mike Inez in which he talks all things Alice In Chains! Rick

  • So You Think You Know Soundgarden

    I am a HUGE fan of Soundgarden. I always have been ever since the first time I heard My Wave and Spoonman..and yet as big of a fan as I am I do not recall this!! Apparently Soundgarden used to play a video/song before each live show (way back in the day) called "Night Surf." It was never released and only those who attended live shows way back when would ever see or hear it... until now! Click here to check it out as they have just now released it for public consumption! Enjoy! Rick

  • GNR Reunion Possibly in the Works?

    I will never forget the first time I heard Welcome to the Jungle by Gun N Roses. I can recall just being blown away by it and thinking to myself.....SOMETHING BIG is brewing here....which is why I am totally stoked that Slash recently said a GNR reunion is NOT out of the question! Click here for the dirt! Rick

  • Sebastian Bach Still Going Strong!

    The days of Skid Row hitting the road with every great hair band on the planet may be over for the most part but that certainly has not slowed down 47 year old Sebastian Bach. Click here to check out a very cool update on what he is currently up to! RIck

  • Kurt Cobain. imitates Chris Cornell?

    Montage of Heck (a documentary about Kurt Cobain) is set to hit HBO May 4th features a ton of never before seen footage and as an avid Nirvana fan I can not wait to see it! Apparently there is a scene in which Kurt Cobain actually imitates Chris Cornell! Click here to check it out! Rick

  • The Smashing Pumpkins....and professional wrestling??

    What a unique ....yet in some way very cool combination!! I am referring to Billy Corgan's recent affilliation with ...are you ready for this?.......TNA Wrestling!!!! Click here for all the dirt! RIck

  • This is why Eddie Vedder is So Cool!!

    National Record Store Day was just a couple days ago (Saturday 4/18) and THIS is why I have always had alot of respect for Eddie Vedder....he has always been pleasantly unpredictable...if he happens to be in town you never know when he might just pop up on the bar stool next to you while you are at your favorite watering hole (I have actually known a couple of people who DID have that happen to them)...While in Seattle on National Record Store Day Eddie decided to pop into a record store and .....PERFORM LIVE IWTH THE SONICS!!! Click here to check it out!! Rick

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