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  • Are you ready for the weekend???

    ...Nothing like a nice summer weekend!!!....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night from 9 to 11....3 dollar you call its while I am there and of course you need to come partake in the debauchery!!....Miami bounced back last night and to be honest I was not in the least bit surprised.....I have a feeling this series will go 7......Grills gone wild on T95!!! get details at do hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • This week just flew by!!

    ...Already Thursday and it seems like it just flew by!!....the weekend almost here and of course I am stoked about that!....San Antonio/Miami back at it tonight ....Miami having been taken out to the woodshed in game 3....I fully expect them to bounce back tonight and tie up the's just what they seem to do...they bounce back after being kicked around......Aaron Lewis at the Cotillion in one week and that should be awesome....and of course stay locked on T95 for your chance to win well as a jagermeister tap machine which would totally rock!!!....Hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • A gigantic potpourri of things!

    ...NBA finals tilted in the favor ever so slightly of San Antonio as they now lead the series 2 to 1.....I said it from the beginning and am sticking with it....this will go 7 far as who eventually wins the series.....flip a coin lol....I like San Antonio's chances....but it an easily go either way....If Miami is hitting on all cylinders they are unstoppable.....I realize they got trounced badly last night...but this is the NBA...and what has already occurred has no effect on what may occur in the immediate future.......Aaron Lewis in town one week from tomorrow and I am definitely looking forward to that......have always been a big fan of Aaron Lewis dating all the way back to Staind's first full length.....he will be doing mostly a country set, however I am sure he will bust out some classic staind tracks such as It's Been Awhile.....Outside....should be a great show.....hope to see you out and about soon..Rick

  • I went 14 innings last night!

    ...Am a little tired today because I stayed up late last night watching the Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays do battle.....for no less than 14 innings!! ....Boston finally getting the win....I started watching in about the 6th....with the idea that I could catch the some late night sportscenter...and hit the sack.....a couple hours later I am glued to tie ballgame in the 14th not complaining a bit by any means....I LIVE for extra innings...and there is absolutely nothing like watching the drama unfold over 14 innings late at night while sitting on my couch and explaining to my cat how the game of baseball works lol.....I loooooooveed it!!!.....I could honestly sit through a triple header if I were at the park....I have said it before and I will say it again....there is no place on earth like the ballpark on a summer day....I firmly believe that if there is a heaven there has got to be a ballpark there....I do hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Summer is Finally Here!!

    ...looks like we are headed for triple digits soon and Summer is finally here!!...I don't know about you but I LIVE for summer nights!!!...I hope you had an outstanding weekend.....Spurs and Heat knotted at one each and that is shaping up to be a great series...I still say...with all due respect to Heat fans and Lebron fans.......Lebron is NO Michael Jordan....not even close.....we are also approaching about a month out of the all star break....god I love baseball.....speaking of which I caught Eastwood's "Trouble with the Curve" over the weekend and (I realize my love of the world's greatest game makes me biased) it is actually well worth watching......I do hope you are having a great Monday!! Rick

  • Let's party this weekend!!!

    ....What a beautiful weekend on tap for us!!! and the timing could not be better with Riverfest in full swing and all.....I will be out and about all weekend long...will be at Pleasures on Saturday night from 9 to 11 so stop by and say hi.....3 dollar you call its while I am there and of course the lovely ladies of Pleasures in da house as well!!!!....Do not be surprised if you see me pop into the Cotillion Sunday night as Lamb of God is in town then!!....and of course I will be out and about during the final Riverfest weekend so I do hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • My hat is off to the greatest generation

    ...Many will argue that the generation of men and women who were in their prime during WW2 should be considered our "greatest" generation....and to be honest I find it difficult to argue with them.....especially with this being June 6th and all.....69 years ago to this day allied forces launched the D Day invasion which signaled the beginning of the end for the axis powers....many of those who took part never came home...the sacrafices that were made there and here on the home front should never be hat is definitely off to the "greatest" generation....I do hope you are having an outstanding Thursday! Rick

  • How can anyone NOT like Superman?

    ...I, along with many others I am sure, can not wait for Man of Steel to hit theatres!!....You just can't go wrong with Superman.....I can vividly recall when I was a kid watching Superman and wishing so desperately I could fly all over with a really cool cape lol.....I mean don't get me wrong Batman ranks way up there as well...especially with all the gadgetry.....but there is just no beating Superman!!...Man of Steel set to hit theatres on the 14th and I am counting the days!!....will be out and about at Pleasures this weekend so please stop by and say hi....will be there Sat night from 9 to 11 with half priced drinks and of course plenty of good times for one and all!! hope to see you soon...Rick

  • The Battle of Midway changed the course of history

    ...Today...June 1942....the epic Battle of Midway would become one of the most decisive United States victories agains Japan during WW 2.....the Japanese had what was considered to be a practically invincible navy....and the U.S. forces ended up destroying no less than four Japanese air craft carriers and lost only one....outnumbered and outgunned, U.S. forces changed the course of the war in the Pacific...from this point on until the end of the war the Japanese naval fleets were on the defensive....there is a reason they are often referred to as our greatest generation...and believe me when I tell you my hat is off to ALL service men and women past and present. Thank you for stopping by today! Rick

  • Arnold still has it!

    ...I picked up the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger film on DVD the other day....The Last Stand.....and honestly I was concerned about whether or not Arnold could still pull it off....I mean let's face it he is no spring chicken!....and happily I can tell you that he definitely still has it!.....If you get a chance to pick it up by all means do is well worth watching....Johnny Knoxville definitely adds to it in a positive way as well....I guess what I liked most about it was simply that Arnold didn't attempt to ignore the fact that he isn't 30-40 yrs old any more.....instead he embraced it...played it up...and made it work well....Man of Steel will be on the big screen within a couple weeks and I most definitely will check that one out as well!! hope to see you out and about soon.........Rick

  • The NBA Finals are set to begin!

    ...I honestly thought last night we would see a much closer game....I mean after all Indiana seemed to be one of those scrappy defense oriented tough to shake teams that fought their way into a 7th game....I guess when all pistons are firing for Miami they are beyond difficult to keep up with....I would like to pick San Antonio for the whole bag of marbles so to speak....but just can't seem to justify it after last night....I will go with Miami and Lebron will pick up his second ring....but hey that's just me and Lord knows if I knew everything I would own islands by now! I do hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Some big shows coming to town!!

    ....Of course Seether is coming to town on August 31st......but did you know Ratt is coming to town as well?? to mention...Clutch!!!!....get all the details on those shows and more at!...Had a great time at dodge ball during the Riverfest over the weekend....everyone that played had a great time and the crowd was awesome!! looking for video of it very soon on!! thanks for stopping by.....Rick

  • It is officially Riverfest time!!!!!!

    ..Wichita Riverfest 2013 is underway!!!....I love this time of year!! kind of marks the kick in of Summer and that rocks!!...I will be hosting the dodgeball festivities at Riverfest tomorrow so come say hi!....will be right in front of Century 2 starting about noon....stop by and dodge some balls!!....Am also planning on popping out Sunday to Alef's during the day as well....the 75 mile cycle ride gets underway on Sunday and that is always a great time for everyone........Pleasures on Sat night of course.....3 dollar you call its while I am there!!!....hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Alice in Chains has STILL got it!!

    ....Am listening to the new full length of Alice in Chains this very I type this....and it is GOOOOOD!!!!...and with all due respect to Layne Staley....(God rest his beloved soul)....this band has not missed a single step!....of course they will never sound like they did when Staley was pulling vocals for them.....but William DuVall is a tremendous vocal talent who more than adequately provides the haunting vision this band is known for.....and Cantrell is STILL on top of his game....I have been a huge fan of this band ever since the first time I heard Grind many moons ago.....if you get a chance to pick up their latest full length (The Devil put Dinosaurs Here).....DO IT!!!!.......thank you for stopping by....Rick

  • VIDEO: Gooding is coming home for Riverfest!

    ...If you have never seen Gooding absolutely have to check him out this weekend at the Wichita Riverfest!!!.....he will be performing Sat night (June 1st)...and he is truly a phenom!!!...I have known him for going on ten years easily now and I have seen him grow into one of the most talented musicians I have ever seen...and I have seen my share!..Besides, he is a Wichita kid and he is coming home this weekend so go check him out!!! Rick

  • Riverfest is just around the corner!!

    ...Riverfest is on the way and yes we will be hosting dodgeball again this year at Riverfest!!!! get all the details and more at!!...also be listening all week long for your chance to win 4 packs of Riverfest buttons!!!...I hope you had an outstanding holiday weekend....Hard to believe but Baseball season is alomost a third of the way over.....All Star break will be here before you kow on T95 with the KS Lottery all week long as well!!...hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • A Memorial Day Traditiion

    ....Take a moment...take several moments today...and remember those who have fallen in the name of keeping us the name of assuring that we continue to enjoy our the name of assuring that we continue to live in the greatest country on earth....I am ALWAYS thankful for our veterans....the men and women who have served...and I am thankful as well for those men and women who are serving today...they can never be appreciated enough....which is why I have within the past several years made it a tradition of mine to do something every Memorial Day....Every year when Memorial Day arrives I simply go get some flowers..and place them on the grave of someone who has served this country....I do not need to have known them...all I need to know is that they committed themselves and were willing to sacrafice for this great nation....I know it's not much but I consider it my Memorial Day Tradition....Perhaps you have one of your own....either way I do hope you are having an outstanding Memorial Day......Rick

  • What a weekend on tap!!!

    ....THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND IS HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEERRREEEE!!!....Summer is officially underway!!...Rocklahoma is in full swing!!.....I will be at Parks Motors of Augusta tomorrow from 1 to 3 and of course at Pleasures from 9 to 11 tomorrow night!! DOUBLE SHOTS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROCK all weekend long on T95!!....nothing like a good double shot!!! I do hope to see you soon............Rick

  • Holiday Weekends are AWESOME!

    ....Summer officially kicks off with Memorial Day weekend and we are soooooo close!!!! starting Friday at 3pm we will be loading you up with double shots all weekend long...just in time for Memorial Day weekend so get the grill fired up and keep it locked on T95!!....Mob HIt tomorrow and yes I will be giving away 1000 big ones tomorrow !! Will also be broadcasting live at Rusty Eck tomorrow from noon to two.....will be at Pleasures on Sat night from 9 to 11..Memorial Day weekend is ALMOST HEEEEEEERE!!!! Rick

  • One of the greates LBs to ever play the game!!

    ...Brian Urlacher is retiring.....of course the day had to come....we have all known it would...I was just hoping it would not be today...or this year...He is truly one of the all time greats...8 pro bowls...a dominating force in the middle....a legitimate game changer.....I am not even a Bears fan by any means...but I am a fan of Brian Urlacher....he played with intensity and heart....he will be missed by all sports fans......LOTS of things going on over the holiday weekend!!! Double shots all weekend long by the way with our Roast your Weenie weekend!....1000 bucks up for grabs on Friday with our T95 Mob HIt!!....hope to see you out and about soon,,,,,,,,,Rick

Wichita, KS

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