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  • Seether soooooo close to sold out!!

    ...Seether is less than 150 tix from a sellout!!!! GET YOURS WHILE YOU CAN!!...this show is gonna be epic!!!!....I will be taking a couple days off...(tomorrow and friday) but will definitely not miss Seether on Saturday!!.....and of course I will be at Pleasures Sat night as well so I do hope to see you out and about....I can not believe we are soooooooooooo close to the kickoff of the NFL season!!!! College football this weekend!!!! School of Rock weekend on T95 kicks off Friday and runs all the way through monday night........make sure you get your education!!! Rick

  • What was the first concert you ever attended?

    ....I can remember the first show I went to like it was yesterday.....I was 8 years old and my parents could not find a babysitter so they took me with them to see Johnny Cash......I was way too young to really know what was going on....I just knew something very cool was happening......I recall watching the man in black mesmorizing the audience with an acoustic set that was nothing short of magical....I mean it was Johnny and in person!!!!...What was the first show you ever went to? you recall it vividly? always thanks for stopping by.....Rick

  • Seether is going to be OUTSTANDING!

    ....we are just a few days from Seether invading the Cotillion and it is gonna flat out rock!!...I have always loved that band....their lyrical content combined with their driving melodies simply can not be are almost gone so get yours while you can....last I checked there were under 250 left!!!....I will be taking a couple days off this week (thur/fri) a good friend of mine once told me....sometimes you just have to unplug......of course I will be at Pleasures this weekend on Sat night so I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • 42 is an outstanding film

    ....I do hope you had a great weekend...and welcome to Monday!....won't be long before mondays will mean....Monday Night Football!!!!.....just a couple weeks!...I saw the movie "42" over the weekend and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed...."42" of course is the story of Jackie Robinson and the trials/tribulations he had to deal with when he broke into Major League baseball...he has always been someone I admire and respect simply because if his demeanor couple with his overall handling of his situation....he easily could have lashed out and struck back so to speak but he chose not to....instead he took the higher road and allowed his play on the field to do his talking for him....not to mention the doors he opened....he made baseballl a better game..he made the world a better place...and for that I have to commend him.....if you do get a chance to see it by all means watch is about so much more than baseball....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Richie Sambora longer with Bon Jovi?

    ..Reports have surfaced that Richie Sambora....lead guitarist for Bon longer lead guitarist or any part of Bon Jovi...having apparently parted ways with Jon Bon Jovi...after 30 years....I can't even imagine that band WITHOUT Richie busy weekend on tap as we get closer and closer to 1) Seether..and 2) FOOTBALL!!.....yes I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night so please by all means come see me!...will be there from 9 to 11 pm and of course we will feature the 3 dollar you call its while I am always I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • BIG things on the horizon!!

    ...Seether in town in 9 days and counting!! get your tix while you can at the Cotillion box office or via phone at 316 722 4201!....and of course be listening to T95 for your chance to win some!...plans are in the works for another specialty weekend on T95 very soon!...I can't go into details but I will tell you is something we have NEVER done before...and it is gonna be very cool!!...looks as though the mlb playoff positions are going to be fought for all the way down to the finish going to make for some exciting sept baseball!!....and of is soooooooo close!!!! hope to see you out and about soon.........Rick

  • DDP....Scott Hall...Jake the Snake.....all under one roof?

    ..I saw an extremely interesting segment on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel last featured former pro wrestlers Diamond Dallas Page...Scott Hall...and Jake the Snake Roberts..... Apparently DDP is now teaching yoga.......yes I said yoga....and he is marketing it quite the point where he as sold half a million dvds....what was interesting was the fact that Page reached out to Scott Hall and Jake Roberts (who have both battled their share of demons over the years) and openly invited them into his home which is where they both currently reside....and as long as they stay clean they are welcome there apparently.....anyways if you get a chance to catch it by all means do so.....Seether on the way to town!!!! and of course I will be out and about this weekend so I do hope to see you soon..............Rick

  • New Three Days Grace is GOOD!!

    ...Pearl Jam has brand new full length due out soon...and Three Days Grace has just released their latest single (Misery loves my Company) and it is OUTSTANDING! listening for it very soon on T95.....SEETHER IS JUST ELEVEN DAYS AWAY!!....and that show will be off da hoooook!! Am really liking the new Pop Evil and the new NIN.....not to mention the new Avenged....we are so close to football and yet so far!!! IT IS KILLING ME!! ..anyways hope to see you out and about soon... Rick

  • Less than 3 WEEKS TO GO!!

    ...we are just under 3 weeks to go for some NFL action!!!...I realize preseason has already been in full swing....just hard to get into preseason....they are kind of like practice games....Lots of drama last night in Boston as Arod was plunked in a rather obvious manner....and he responded by hitting a dinger later on......Kanas City still in the running for the post season....alot of the divisional wildcards will come down to the wire for sure!!...had an excellent time at the luau party at Pleasures sat night was good to see everyone there.....hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • What a great show last night....more to come!!

    ..Hinder was awesome last night!!...if you missed it you missed a great show!!....And I have to say Acidic and Devour the Day were both outstanding as well.....Seether on the way and they will be here on the 31st!!....Pleasurs tomorrow night please by all means stop by and say hi....will be there from 9 to 11 pm and they are throwing their annual luau party which is always a great time!! Yankees took a hit yesterday but hey there is always tomorrow right?....I do hope to see you out and about soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rick

  • How well do you know Hinder?

    ...on Dec 22nd of 2006 they released an acoustic version of Little Drummer Boy that was available to their fanclub members only.

  • Led Zeppelin 45th anniversary of first show!!

    The 45th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first concert will be celebrated next month....their first show actually occurred in was originally slated to have the Yardbirds (Page's band) perform but they broke up....and as a result Page formed a band with Robert Plant....John Paul Jones...and John Bonham...and thus Led Zeppelin came kicking and screaming into this world....they were actually billed as "the new Yardbirds" when they played their first gig that fateful day 45 years ago....Hinder in town tomorrow night and I do hope to see you there!! and of course I do hope you are having a great Wednesday! Rick

  • All kinds of happenings!

    ...we are only a couple days away from Hinder and that show is gonna rock!!! Tix still available call 316 722 4201 or just hit up!...and of course Seether in less than two weeks and that is gonna be awesome as well......can you believe the hometown boys in blue???? bout those KC Royals??..who woulda thunk it....they have won something like 18 out of the last 22 or so!!! I realize there are still the better part of 40 games left....but you have to admit it would be insane in Kansas City if the Royals slipped in the back door and got into the post season!!...I do hope to see you out and about soon.....Rick


    ...The NFL regular season kicks off in less than one month....FINALLY!!!!! starving for some football!!!! will Kansas City improve?....I would have to think so with the recent additions to that team....Alex Smith definitely will not hurt their chances...not to mention they are in a division which is unpredictable if nothing else.....San Fran should be a pre season favorite as well as the AFC you gotta like Denver's chances....and Houston as well.....but hey it is the NFL and anything can and usually does happen...had a great time over the weekend at Pleasures was great to see those of you who stopped by....will be there again this weekend for their LUAU!!! hope to see you out and about soon.....Rick

  • Happy Birthday.......Sam Elliot!!

    ...In my opinion Sam Elliot is one of the greatest character actors alive.....who can possibly forget his work in films like Roadhouse and Tomnbstone......Sam Elliot turns 69 today....happy birthday to Sam Elliot!!......less than one week to Hinder being in town.....Seether roughly 3 weeks out!!....will be at pleasures tomorrow night (47th south and west) so please stop by and say hi!! will be there from 9 to 11pm with 3 dollar you call its and lovely ladies galore!!! hope to see you outand about very soon.....Rick

  • Hinder and Seether....within a couple weeks of each other!!

    HInder and Seether both coming to town soon!! Hinder will be here on the 15th and Seether on the 31st!! Both shows at the 316 722 4201 for ticket info or check out our concert calandar at for all the information as well...not to mention information on other area and regional shows!!! really liking the new Pearl Jam....wasn't as into it at first but i is most definitely growing on me...LOVE the new Pop Evil....the new NIN is not too shabby either! hope to see you soon....Rick


    ..Dustin Hoffman turns 76 today...and what an historic career he has had....the list goes on and on....Rain Man...Midnight Cowboy....Kramer vs Kramer....The Graduate....All The President's Men... Tootsie....Marathon Man....etc etc.....the weekend is almost here and pre season NFL tonight!!! I realize it's only preseason.....but it is FOOTBALLLLLL!!! lhope to see you out and about soon.. Rick.

  • A Rod needs to take his medicine!

    ...Anyone who knows me at all knows I am a die hard NY Yankees fan...always have been..ever since I was old enough to pick up a bat and glove I have bled NY Yankees....that being said...I still have little sympathy for the plight of Alex Rodriguez...Don't get me wrong....I respect his accomplishments on the field...PEDs or no PEDs...600 plus hrs is just that....600 plus places you in an extremely elite club....I don't care how much "help" you may or may not have takes a massive skill set to be able to get to that plateau....I guess what bothers me about him is simply the fact that he won't just own up and face the music so to speak.....we all make mistakes none of us are immune to's part of being grandfather once told me that making a mistake is what makes one human....admitting to it and doing what needs to be done to rectify it is what makes one a man......he told me that when I had not even hit 10 years old yet and I will never forget that....A Rod got did at least 10 others.....who all (with the exception of A Rod) have agreed to the consequences and have accepted the penalties incurred.....A Rod chooses to appeal...which he has that right....and I personally find no fault in the fact that he has that right...what I do find fault with, however, in what A Rod masquerades as his motivations for his actions....he claims it's about the game and his love of it......I have a tendency to believe he filed his appeal so he could continue to draw a paycheck....plain and's blaringly obvious to many and I would have more respect for him if he just admitted to it instead of offering up a charade.....the absolute best thing he could do for the game would be to face the music...take his hard during his suspension which looks to be a lengthy one (through the 2014 season) and be ready to come back and finish his career with a couple good seasons....go out the best way compared to doing what he is doing now which is obviously financially driven....I have always had a special place in my heart and soul for the game of baseball and always will....I see it as the greatest game ever invented....which is why it pains me to see A Rod do this....just my opinion and nothing more lol.....I do hope you are having a great Wednesday! Rick

  • Rush in Kansas CIty......WOW!

    ...THE RUSH SHOW SUNDAY NIGHT IN KANSAS CITY WAS.....IN A WORD.....AMAZING! ...went backstage and met Geddy and Alex...they were both very courteous and polite..took a couple pics with them as well....was aweseome!....they opened with Subdivisions....then it was Big Money....I wanna say Grand Designs and Force Ten...Limelite....they did Analog Kid....The Pass....Far Cry....and a couple others before they hit intermission...then came out get this....A STRING SECTION!!! was incredible to see Spirit of Radio accompanied by string section....when they busted out YYZ the entire crowd of 15000 plus just went NUTS!!!...of course Neil did a couple of lengthy solos and let me tell you watching a genius at work never gets old.....they encored with Tom Sawyer....and then 2112 intro with Temples of Syrinx.....I have seen way more shows than I can recollect...and I will flat out tell you these guys are flawless in concert....they are simply amongst the best musicians on the planet and that is a FACT!...check out for the pix!! Rick


    .....Fridays are absolutely awesome!!!.....just on the verge of launching into the weekend and that rocks!!!....of course I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night starting at 9! three dollar you call its while i am there and lots of lovely ladies as well!! going to be in Kansas City for The Rush show on sunday night.....if you get a chance to make it to this show at the Sprint Center....DO IT!! They are incredible live...this will be my 5th or 6th time......only a few more weeks until FOOTBALLLLLLL!!! hope to see you soon.....Rick

Wichita, KS

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