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  • November is finally HERE!

    ...As hard as it may be to believe...we have officially entered the final two months of just seems to fly by!.....tomorrow night is Daylight Savings so do not forget to set your clocks back!...fall backwards!!....Details by the way on another outstanding show coming to at 5pm during my show make sure you do not miss this!!....I hope you had a great Halloween and got some great trick or treat goodies.....Kansas City STILL unbeaten will have tough test Sunday in Buffalo....Buffalo seems to always have their number.......only 6 and a half months till opening day..............thank you for checking in......Rick

  • Last second Halloween costumes/this could be the night!

    ...Have you got your Halloween costume locked down yet?...I would hope so considering we are 24 hours away and counting!!.....If not then maybe I can help out with a couple last second Halloween costume ideas.....for example....put on a loud 80's sweater and go as Bill Cosby!....or tote a fanny pack around and be a tourist.....or how about this....put on a black suit.....shades...and go as a bouncer....or maybe this.....print the words "go ceiling" on a white t shirt...and go as a celing fan!!.... or perhaps a mullet and a flannel shirt.....Billy Ray Cyrus....just a few ideas for some last second costumes lol....hey tonight could be the night we crown a new World Series champion....Boston up three games to two.....but do not by any means count the Cardinals out of this one...their pitching is just too good to do so.....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • only two days till.......HALLOWEEN!!!

    ..I love Halloween....always a matter of fact I lived for it when I was a kid.....loved putting the costumes on....the trick or treating...just the overall spirit of it......and of course nothing beats sitting around a camp fire telling some good ghost stories.....not to mention a good prank never hurts lol....I see Boston has taken at 3-2 lead in the series over St. Louis...with the pitching St. Louis has I would not by any means count them out..if they can continue to keep Boston bats in check they still have a good chance....of course I realize that is a BIG if.....anyways I do hope you are having an outstanding Tuesday!! Rick

  • ..What a strange World Series!!!

    ....two it comes down to the best of three!!....what is really odd is how the last two games have with an obstruction call and one with a pickoff....I am not entirely sure but am willing to bet this has never happened...........last nights's game was HUGE for Boston....manly because it guarantees the series will go back to Boston for at least one ......hey don't forget T95 and Heroes tonight for some football....great drink specials...and very cool prizes throughout!! Kansas City STILL unbeaten.............hope to see you out and about soon......Rick

  • BIG weekend lined up......Series tied one each!

    ..Will most definitely be out and about this weekend!!....Saturday morning will be at Genesis on west Central from 10am-noon....most likely will be working out so come work out with me...and be sure to take advantage of their OUTSTANDING offer that will be available while I am listening to T95 for details!!....will also be at Pleasures Saturday night from 9 to 11 with three dollar you call its and incredibly hot chicks that love to entertain!!....St Louis and Boston now tied at one each in the series....I have a feeling this one is go all seven.....I do hope to see you out and about very soon!! Rick

  • Fall classic kicks off tonight....Halloween almost here!

    ...the Birds and the Sox go head to head tonight to kick of the Fall Classic!!!...should be an outstanding series....Halloween just around the corner have you figured out what you are gonna be yet?......what would you say is your favorite Halloween candy to get...when you were a kid trick or treating what was your favorite stuff to get?...I was ..and still am i guess lol ...a fan of the classic butterfinger.....and of course the candy corn....and you certainly could not go wrong with the reeses peanut butter cups!!....have no idea as usual at this point what I am going to dress up as this Halloween......anyways I do hope you are having a great day! Rick

  • the Fall Classic will soon be underway!

    .Boston and St. Louis....two traditionally historic and proud franchises......getting set to clash in the Fall Classic and as a baseball fan I have to licking my chops in anticipation for this one!!! Boston with their heavy hitters....beard wearing blue collar bring your lunch pail to work mentality....getting set to go head to head for a best of seven with the fundementally sound, well oiled pitching machine that is St Louis....this is gonna be an epic series I can feel it!!!....I wish they were kicking it off tonight instead of tomorrow night!!!....Halloween keeps creeping closer and closer....LOVE favorite time of year.....I do hope to see you out and about soon and as always thank you much for stopping by!.....Rick

  • Kansas City just keeps rolling on!

    ..7 and 0.....WOW....who would have guessed especially after Kansas City only won a select very few games last year!....Let's just hope they can continue with their winning ways...I will say this much...that pass rush they have is just rediculous.....had a great weekend with Todd N Tyler in town...thank you so much to everyone who came out and was a part of the madness so to looking forward to Halloween!!! hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • San Antonio in Feb

    ..I have never been to San Antonio.....and what started as a mere fb conversation between me and an old friend of mine has quickly turned into me planning to make a stop in San Antonio....I have known my good friend since childhood....grew up in the same neighborhood...will be good to see him....and for crying out loud I have yet to even see the Alamo!!...Todd N Tyler on their way to town....Huge weekend lined up as we prepare for the rock squad calandar release party at Roccos tomorrow night!!....will be at Heroes with Todd N Tyler as well on's gonna be alot of fun and I do hope to see you out and about very soon!! Rick

  • Tick Tock Tick Tock

    ....we are getting closer and closer to Todd and Tyler coming to town!!! They will be here tomorrow and Saturday as well so by all means make sure you come say hi!! They will be at the Thunder game tomorrow night....and at Heroes on well as at Roccos Sat night for the T95 Rock Squad girl calandar release party!!....what a weekend we have lined up!!! I do hope to see you out and about very soon!! Rick

  • Halloween is AWESOME!

    ..Am still debating over what to be this year on Halloween....I love Halloween it by far is one of my favorite times of the year....nothing beats a good ghost story!....and who doesn't know of at least one of those!...Los Angeles down 3 to 1 but do not count them out...they do have the fire power to bounce back....Boston/Detroit going at it today....TNT in town this weekend and that is gonna rock!... and speaking of things that rock...the T95 Rock Squad calandar release party Sat night at Roccos is going to be off da hooooook!!! Hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Halestorm covers ......ACDC??

    ..was just listening to some new Halestorm!! They have released a new EP with remakes of Pat Benatar....Daft Punk....and ACDC to name a few....and it is really good!! Their cover of Shoot to Thrill just melts faces!!! Todd and Tyler here this weekend and what a weekend it is gonna be!! Pearl Jam digital downloads this week as well as passes to the Thunder game this weekend...just be listening to T95 for your shot at all of that and then some!! T95 Rock Squad girls calandar release party Saturday night as well at Rockos!!!! hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Pearl Jam is back with numerous NEW tracks!

    ...Brand new Pearl Jam will be released tomorrow and from what I have heard of it is AWESOME! listening for your chance to win the digital download before you an buy it on T95!!..Todd and Tyler in town this wekend and of course that will be a nonstop party.....Indianapolis and San Diego square off tonight in what should be an epic matchup.... Boston bouncing back late last night verses Detroit......and of course WWE Raw tonight!! don't forget the party tonight is at Heroes.....hope to see you soon....Rick

  • Are you ready for your WEEKEND?!!

    ....You gotta just love Fridays...I mean its the cusp of the weekend and that flat out rocks!!!! I will be out and about tomorrow night at Pleasures so by all means please drop in and say hi!! wise it is promising to be outstanding and you can't beat that!! MLB championship series kicks off tonight as we are down to the final four teams...and of course football this weekend!!! Have a great weekend and I do hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Happy Birthday Brett Favre!!

    Brett Favre turns 44 today...happy birthday Brett!! be honest I have never been a Packers or a Vikings fan...but I am a huge fan of anyone who played the game with the passion and energy Favre did....he simply would not accept the concept of losing and fought tooth and nail every inch of the way...and I will put a guy like that on my sidelines ANY day of the week...Todd and Tyler comming to town soon details at rock squad girl calandar release party on the way as well and of course you can get all the dirt on that at as well...I do hope you are having a great Thursday!! Rick

  • Boston advances.....St Louis....Pittsburgh....Dodgers....Oakland and Detroit Still Alive

    ....It is most definitely crunch time as far as the MLB playoff picture is concerned as we are down to 5 teams left!!....Boston of course advancing last night as they put away pesky Tampa.....Los Angeles awaiting either Pittsburgh or St Louis....Boston awaiting either Oakland or usual it is all comming down to the wire and that is awesome!!!....I heard about something that may be happening in the near future today...I soooooooooo wanna tell you but can't right now...when I know something for sure I will definitely let you in on it!!....I do hope you are having an outstanding Wednesday and I hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • What band would you LOVE to see reunite and tour?

    ...If you could snap your fingers and make ANY band in the world (that has broken up) re unite and tour, which band would it be?'s not like there is any right or wrong answer.....I mean everyone has their own flavors so to speak.....Led Zeppelin comes to mind....Pink Floyd.....maybe even Pantera.....or how bout this....if you could travel back in time and see any one band....before they were famous....playing in some small pub for door money....who would you choose?....STP comes to mind for me....or Nirvana.....or maybe Pearl Jam.....anyways i do hope you are having an outstanding Tuesday and I do hope to see you out and about very soon!! Rick

  • things that are AWESOME about mondays!

    ............Mondays seem to get such a bad rap!!...I mean don't get me wrong I understand why people have a tendency to not be so fond of Mondays.....they signify the beginning of the work week and the end of the weekend....I totally get all that....but on the other hand I have found few reasons to actually look forward to Mondays......Football for have to admit there is something awesome about outstanding NFL action every Monday night during the regular season!!!..there is nothing like kicking it with some friends and watching some football on a Monday night.....and of course do not forget about Monday Night Raw!!!!! during halftime/comercials flip over to WWE Raw and find out what is currently going down in the world of Divas....body slams....and plot twists!!...Mondays are also just good for relaxing...they simply are not nearly as fast paced as say .. thursday or friday....and Mondays are also good for just catching up with everyone after the weekend......regardless of whatit is you are doing today...I do hope you are having a great Monday and I do hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • What a fun weekend on tap!

    ...MLB playoffs well under way as only 8 teams remain....Boston and St Louis both look good as well as the Dodgers and Atlanta....we will be out and about throughout this weekend as T95 will be broadcasting live at a pro wrestling school here in town on Saturday!! be listening to T95 for all the dirt on that....and of course I will be hanging out at Pleasures Sat night as well so by all means come say hi.....had a great time with Ten Days of Tallica!!.....I do hope to see you out and about very soon....Rick

  • ...Toys will be Toys!

    The 2013 nominees for the National Toy Hall of Fame are in and Pac Man is one of the nominees! are the Teenage Mutant Ninja me it's an easy gotta let Pac Man get in!! Pac Man to this day is an all time classic!! The National Toy Hall of Fame is located in Rochester NY and every year much like the MLB hall of fame they induct new members....this year's nominees also include chess....little green army men.....clue....the rubber well as nerf toys and the vote....again....Pac Man!! I have yet to venture out to Rochester and see the National Toy Hall of Fame but would love to do so and will definitely put it on my list...I do hope you are having a great Thursday!!! Rick

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