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  • He gave an ENTIRE generation a voice

    ...Kurt Cobain would have turned 47 be honest I am not a huge fan of NIrvana's music..I mean it's not that I dislike it by any means....I am just not nuts over it so to speak...some of their stuff is more appealing to me than some of their other stuff....overall I like their sound...just not a mega fan so to speak....what I am a huge fan of however is what Kurt Cobain represented...what he achieved whether he meant to or not....the way that he gave a voice to so many who prior to him coming along had absolutely no have to take into consideration what was going on in the late 80's/early 90's when he came into the forefront....Hairbands had taken over the radio and were dominating the concert scene in the rock genre..bands such as Motley Crue..Poison....Bon Jovi...etc etc etc...and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they were doing...they were simply reflecting the times they were in through their music...decadence was king....Kurt Cobain came along and basically screamed at decibals way to loud to be ignored and let the world know that not EVERYONE was on the party wagon...not everyone was having a great time....not everyone was king of the a matter of fact an entire generation that was just coming of age not only understood Kurt Cobain...but responded to what he was doing in droves......masses...and as a result Nirvana changed the landscape of rock....and moved things into a different direction.....and THAT is something that I totally respect and am a MEGAFAN of...Happy b day Kurt.........Rick

  • Here are some random thoughts....

    ...if you could hire any band to personally perform for you and your friends at your b day party...who would you hire?....there really is no right or wrong answer....let's say the sky is the limit....anyone...who would it be?.....let's say you could go anywhere in the world right now for the next 30 min...where would you go?...or how bout could see any sporting event live...any sporting event on the planet.....which one would it be?...just some random thoughts to get you through Wednesday...I do hope you are having a great day!! Rick

  • Baseball just needs to get here NOW!

    ....anyone who consistently reads my blog knows how much of a baseball fan I am...always have is easily the world's greatest game...I could spend day after day at the is as close to heaven as mere mortals can get....and I have to tell is that time of year......the time of year in which I simply wish we could just fast forward a couple months and get to opening day!!! baseball just needs to get here!!!! is KILLING me!!!!....yes i do have tix for KC/NY this year and you can bet the farm I will be there....with any luck I will score an autograph from Jeter considering it is after all the Captain's final year as a professional ball player....the Captain's last stand so to speak...anyways I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • American Hustler....definitely Oscar worthy!

    ....I hope you had an outstanding weekend!...I must say mine was not bad lol...I did manage to finally go see American Hustler....everyone I know who has seen it recommended it and I certainly could see why!...the characters are diverse and each unique in their own way....which makes it a real easy watch....and the fact that some of it "actually did happen" makes it all the more interesting....I highly recommend it...if you don't make it to the theatres definitely dvd/blu ray this one....Huge things on the horizon as we continue to celebrate our 35th b day....including a very cool specialty weekend....more on that very soon! thank you for stopping by.....Rick.

  • What a week....and we are just getting started!!

    ........We are already steamrolling towards March and it seems as though New Years was just yesterday!!........Chevelle coming to town be listening for opportunities to win those tix as well as tix to the T95 45th B Day Bash featuring MotleyCrue/Alice Cooper!!........not to even mention Rocklahoma which is gonna be off da hoooooooooooooookkk!........I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night from 9 to 11 so please come out and say hi!! Rick

  • The Captain is retiring!

    If there ever was a true ambassador for the wonderful game of baseball, it has been Derek Jeter for the better part of the last twenty years.....Derek Jeter announced his plans to retire after this season...he did so via facebook today....I was fortunate enough to actually meet him once in Kansas CIty...although the meeting was brief (all be it just a few minutes) it took me no time at all to see that he is a class act and a breath of fresh air to America's past time...he embodies what is right with professional sports and no one I have ever seen play has the amount of competative spirit/juices he has...he plays the game with respect for it and plays 150 percent every time he sets foot on the field....the Captain will be sorely missed.

  • Motley...Chevelle....Rocklahoma....the list goes on!

    ....this year is going to be nothing short of UNFORGETTABLE!!...which is the only way to have it considering we are celebrating our 35th b day all year long!!.....Chevelle coming to town....Motley Crue coming to town as well to help us celebrate our b day...and Rocklahoma featuring everyone from Seether to Kid Rock!!!!! It just keeps getting better!!....WSU STILL undbeaten and that is awesome... espectially considering we are just a few weeks from the tourny!....this town will be completely off da hooooooooooooook if WSU makes the final four two years in a row!....I do hope to see you out and about very soon.....thank you for stopping by. Rick

  • Happy birthday Mr. Rose!!

    ...every once in a blue moon a band comes along that makes such an impact that you will always recall exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard them for the very first time.....I can recall vividly exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard Guns n Roses...I was on a playground playing basketball with some friends of mine when this kid I knew (who was not a smoker....of cigarettes) came running up to me and while completely out of breath excitedly between gulps of air started to tell me about this "dude from Indiana who had this band on the west coast and they were like really amazing and you gotta check them out"....he then paused long enough to play me a cassette (yes this was back in the day when cassettes existed) of a song called Welcome to the Jungle....and I am the first to admit it hit me like ten bricks...I knew immediately that he had stumbled upon something so unique/special/cool/outstanding that it was only a matter of time before this band would be beyond huge...check out this interview with Sebastian Bach....he talks about the first time he met Axl Happy 51st b day Axl! Rick

  • If you think it is cold here..............

    ....By no means am I even about to deny the simple fact that is cooooooold out today! I don't care who you are, 6 degrees is coooooold!!...That being said.....believe it or not we could have it much worse....the coldest temperature ever recorded on planet earth was negative 128.6 degrees in Antarctica in July of International Falls Minnesota the temp hits zero or below a whopping 60 nights a Fraser Colorado it is not uncommon for the temp to dip to 29 degrees...IN Hell Norway (yes that is the name of the town) the temp is below freezing over one third of the year!!! hang in there, this may not be fun but will be over soon and believe me it could be so much worse!....I do hope you are having a great and warm Wednesday! Rick

  • great weather for........soup!

    January was national soup month!!...what would you say is your personal favorite soup?....there really is no right or wrong answer as it is pretty much a matter of personal taste.....I myself have to go with clam chowder.......NOTHING beats a nice hot bowl of clam chowder on a cold winter day....NOTHING.....and of course the old classic chili is always a good concoction as well....potato soup can hit the spot as well as the classic french onion.....whatever tickles your fancy I do hope you are staying warm and enjoying a nice hot cup/bowl of your favorite soup for National Soup Month! Thank you for stopping by.....Rick

  • I told you so I told you so!!

    ...You have to admit....I CALLED IT!!.....Seattle and the defense.......WOW....I called it last week...I picked Seattle because of that D and what a whomping they put on Denver!!!...I admit I did think it would be closer....can't blame Payton he was in way over his head...I mean he had benefited from a soft schedule all season long...he had yet to come across what Seattle had waiting for would be like an up and coming fighter beating up on un ranked opponents and building an on paper record that looks outstanding running into a Mike Tyson in his would get ugly quick and that's exactly what happened....congrats Seattle on your first ring! Thank you for stopping by.....Rick

  • The Big One

    Seattle is going to win.

  • Are you ready for some football???

    ..The big one in just a couple days!!! I have always said the federal govt should just make that day a national holiday......Seattle and Denver with all the chips on the table...this promises to be an epic match unstoppable offense facing the league's best defense...what some are saying is the best defense in the history of the league....and of course we will be kickin it Sunday afternoon with our home invasion winner while delivering a brand new sofa.a brand new 50 inch hd tv,,,and papa johns pizza spiced up with some lovely T95 rock squad can you go wrong???...any ways I do hope to see you out and about soon....Rick


    ....Motley Crue...AND Alice Cooper helping us celebrate our 35th Birthday Bash???? Are you kidding me???? THIS IS GOING TO BE OF DA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!...July 12th at Intrust Bank Arena...I for one can not WAIT!!!....Motley is nothing short of legendary!!....Tix on sale Sat at Select A Seat outlets!!! Rick

  • T95 Home Invasion....thank you for being a part of it!

    ...Had a great time Saturday with T95's Home Invasion and by all means thank you so much to those of you who came out to McVapor E Cigs and Novelties in Derby on Saturday!....we had a blast....and of course congrats to our winner...he seemed very excited and we will be invading his house on big game day with some Papa Johns Pizza...a brand new couch and 50 inch plasma tv..and a slew of rock squad girls.....shaping up to be epic!! again thank you to those of you who came out and hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Less than one Week to the BIG ONE!

    ...and then there were two...we are less than one week away from the big game and I can not wait!!...I honestly am not too concerned with who more concerned with it simply being a good ballgame...nothing more boring than a blowout...who and I going with? conditions will be a tad chilly....which should slow down the passing game to some degree and therefore favor Seattle....however I still just don't see anyone slowing down the Denver offense....I will take Denver by ten.....but hey if I knew everything I would own islands!! I do hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • It's a 21st Century Weekend!

    ...As you may or may not already know, the past couple of weekends we here at T95 have been celebrating our heritage due to the fact this year marks our 35th year in existence....two weekends ago we did so by featuring an entire weekend dedicated to the 80s...and played nothing but tracks that came out in the 80s....and the following weekend we celebrated the 90s in much the same fashion....therefore this weekend we will be celebrating the 21st century!! Starting Friday at 5pm and all the way through Sunday night at ten, we will be playing tracks exclusively from the 21st century!! By all means make sure you check it out!! You will hear some very cool stuff I promise!! T95 Home Invasion give away this weekend ...if you are qualified by all means good luck..and if you are not you can still get qualified all this week...hope to see you out and about soon...Rick

  • Something VERY BIG on the horizon!

    ...We are most definitely planning some outstandingly big things in honor or our 35th birthday here at T95!!...and I SOOOOOOOO wanna tell you about some of them but can't least not just yet...but I will tell you this much...2014 is going to be our biggest year yet!!!! it is going to be EPIC!....Saturday we will of course be giving away our T95 Home Invasion (thank you McVapor E Cigs and Novelties) ...someone will end up with a very cool prize package as well as some papa johns pizza and rock squad girls at their house on the day of the big game....and it still could end up being you....we are still qualifying all week long!!...I do hope you are staying warm and I do hope to see you out and about very soon! Rick

  • How about a shot at.....ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

    ...I don't know if you have heard about this or not....Warren Buffet making news recently by offering 1 billion big ones to anyone who fills out a bracket before the tourny in March....and hits on every one of other words ...pick all the games not miss a single one....and Warren Buffet will hook you up with one billion dollars!!! The odds are not a matter of fact no one has ever chosen them all correctly...and that being said....I still can not resist but to send one in....of course there is a one entrance per person stipulation...which simply stands to reason....but I mean what have I got to lose??? and I don't know about you....but I could use a billion bucks!!!! I do hope you are having a great day....and I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • And then there were 2......

    .......Seattle........Denver.......that is what we are down to and in two weeks....a new champion shall be crownd......which brings me to my pick....this one is difficult considering the matchup...both of these teams have played extremely well this season and are both very capable of nailing down the win in a couple weeks......if Seattle can manage to run the football....and run....and run...andrun.....and with Lynch they certainly have the ability....if they can manage to chew clock and score on the ground...and keep Manning on the sidelines.....they definitely have a fighting chance....I personally do not think they will be able to do so nearly enough and I like Denver's chances...primarily due to the fact that NO ONE has really proven themselves able to stop Manning and that offense....I will take Denver by 10..... thank you for stopping by and I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

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