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  • Dad's Day

    ...My father taught me that the most important and valuable things in life are not for sale...he taught me that mistakes we make are merely teachers in disguise....he taught me that winners and losers are not determined by a final score...they instead are defined by the effort put forth on the field of play....he taught me that quietly leading by example speaks volumes....he taught me that doing the right thing is not always popular and hardly if ever easy....he taught me that we can have most anything in life we desire as long as we were willing to work for it and go get it ourselves because no one would simply hand it to us.....this is my first Father's Day since my father passed several months ago....I miss him dearly......I do hope you have a great Dad's Day!.....thanks for stopping by....................Rick

  • assorted thoughts

    ...WE ARE GIVING AWAY A 2010 DYNA FATBOB in less than 24 hours from now!!!! I do hope to see you out at Alef's!!!! let's see....assorted thoughts on a Friday.....Do you believe full moons effect people? you like crispy or orginial?....what would you say is the boldest and biggest lie you ever told anyone?.....have you ever had a pie thrown at you?.....have you ever thrown a pie at someone else? you believe in extra terrestrials?....if you could go to a tropical island and live expense free for the rest of your life under the conditions that you could only take a handful of people with you,,,,,would you do it?......thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you over the weekend! Rick

  • Americas Pub Idol

    .....Will be back at Americas Pub tonight 8-10! Bo Bice.....yes THE Bo Bice of American Idol fame...will be there tonight!!!!! as well as my good friends Livy's gonna be one outstanding show and it's happening tonight at America's Pub!!!! Hope to see you there! Rick

  • Wed night! about this......3 4 1 drinks at Americas Pub TONIGHT!!!!!!! even better....NO COVER FOR LADIES!!!!....I will be there live tonight from all means come out! i mean how can anyone resist 3 drinks for the price of ONE!!!!.....Can you believe July 4th is only a touch over a couple weeks out??? where does it all go?.....311 in town July 6th...that should be off da hoooook!.....hope to see you tonight at the Pub! thanks for stopping by Rick

  • Rock And Ride

    ....we are just a few days away from giving away a brand new 2010 Dyna Fatbob at Alef's Harley Davidson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be giving it away Saturday..... if you do not have a are still in the ballgame as we will be drawing an instant qualifier on sight at Alef's on Saturday!!!...we will be doing that around definitely get there early!....Rock and Ride is always a party!!!!...I just found out about something else we will be doing on T95 very soon....I wish i could let the cat outta the bag right now!!!! I will tell you this......It is going to be....simply put.....HUGE!!!!.....anyways thank you as always for stopping by Rick

  • Mavs

    ...what a weekend!....the Plunge was outstanding and congratulations to our returning champions!...was at the poker run earlier during the day on saturday....was awesome to see those of you who turned out for it!.....How bout them Mavs?....I have to admit.....I did enjoy seeing Lebron lose.....and I know I'm not the only one!....I have nothing personally whatsoever against Lebron James....I have never even so much as met him so therefore how could I?....and I do respect his abilities as an athlete....It is no question whatsoever that he is one of the best all around players in the NBA.....period....his numbers speak rather loudly.....I guess the reason I found some satisfaction in seeing the Heat lose last night is merely because I wasn't overly fond of how Lebron and other Heat members had used words like dynasty before the season even began.....or how they decided to mock Dirk Nowitzki's illness prior to one of the championship series games (the irony is that even while sick Dirk still put a whoopin on them)...and I can honestly say I was not a huge fan of how Lebron decided to leave Cleveland.....I have nothing at all against an athlete saying I wanna play somewhere else....not happy here..etc etc.....but do you really feel the need to go on ESPN for an hour just so you can basically stick it to Cleveland and their fans?....I guess I just felt there was a much better way to handle the entire situation.......but hey...maybe Lebron and the Heat learn and take something positive away from this year and bounce back stronger and better next year....and I honestly think that Lebron is a good guy....I think he has a good heart and I think that he will grow in a positve way as a result of this experience.....Thank you as always for stopping by! Rick

  • Festing

    ....Huge Riverfest weekend!....I will definitely be festing this weekend! all means please say hi if you see me out and about.....will be at the poker run and the plunge this weekend....and of course will be at Pleasures saturday night!...was out on the west side last night and ran into some friends I hadn't seen in quite some time.....was great to see them!....Go Mavs!....thanks as always for stopping by and I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • Assorted thoughts

    ....Will someone please explain to me why it is that my beloved NY Yankees simply can NOT beat Boston this year???? they are a dreadful 1 and 7 against them.....IT IS KILLING ME!!!!!! ...wanna say thank you to those of you who came out to America's Pub last night!....3 4 1s every wed night at the pub!.....HUGE riverfest weekend on the way....and of course i will be at my Saturday night hang Pleasures this weekend....I do hope to see you out and about! Rick

  • 3 4 1

    ........3 4 1s at Americas Pub tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE DRINKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!!! and than's not all.......2 4 1 on the cover! TWO OF YOU GET IN FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! you simply can not beat that!!!!! I will be there tonight broadcasting live starting at ten and I certainly hope to see you's a Wednesday night party at Americas PPPPPPPPPUUUUUUUUUBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!! Rick

  • Plunge

    ....Will be at the Riverfest Poker Run as well as the T95 plunge this weekend! Both events should be outstanding! am listening to new Adalitas Way as I type this...I have always had a soft spot for that band.....them and Theory of a Deadman....I still LOVE that track Nothing Can Come Between Us.....remember that one?....back in like 04 or so.....anyways thank you as always for checking in! Rick

  • first monday in June! listening to Black Country Communion as i type this....they are kind of a supergroup featuring Glen Hughes and Jason Bonham....and they are GOOD......can you believe it has been hitting 100 plus degrees?????? it's only early June !!!!!......Riverfest underway....I was at the dodgeball event Saturday and had a great time.....will be at the Plunge this saturday and I do hope to see you there!....thanks for stopping by as always..................Rick

  • weekend is here!

    ....Riverfest kicking off today!...I will be at the Riverfest T95 dodgeball event tomorrow and i certainly hope to see you there!....will also be at Rusty Eck tomorrow 1-3pm and at Pleasures tomorrow night 9=11pm.....and I am sure I will be floating around the Riverfest all weekend....have you got your button?....hope to see you soon......Rick

  • goings ons

    ...Big Head Todd at the Cotillion tonight....should be a great show!.....I will definitely be at the best butt finals at America's pub Saturday night!!!! A Playboy Playmate will be on hand to help us judge!!!! Be looking for video on it on my link at kicking off tomorrow can you believe it!...311 just a little over a month away!!!!! thank you for checking in as always........Rick

  • Checking in

    Wassup!!!!....only 17 days and counting till we give away a 2010 Fatbob at Alef's with T95's Rock and Ride 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!......Riverfest kicking into gear this weekend.......what's your favourite River Fest food?....I am kinda partial to the bratwurst this very second as I type this I am listening to the new Adilita's Way 4 tracks in and so far....OUTSTANDING....anyways thank you as always for checking in.................Rick

  • welcome back!

    ....I hope your Memorial Day weekend was outstanding! Welcome to Summer 2011!!!....Unfortunately I did not make it to Rocklahoma over the weekend but I heard it was off da hook!....this Thursday by the way the first official T95 Thirsty Thursday of the Summer with the Wichita Wingnuts so don't miss out!....River fest getting under way this on the lookout for T95 Dodgeball and The Plunge during Riverfest 2011.......Hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Thank you

    "It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you"

  • day.....

    .....Whitesnake/Warrant tonight at Hartman!!!! should be a great show!!!! 311 comming up June 6th....outdoors during Riverfest....that's gonna be incredible!!!! Can you believe Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us?? the official kickoff to summer?? 3 day weekends R O C K!.. Rock and Ride finishing up in just a few weeks with the grand finale at Alef's on June 18th.....keep it locked on T95 for your shot at a key!!!!!!! thanks for stopping by..............Rick

  • Late last night

    ....I have said it countless times on this blog.....time and time again.....I love baseball....there simply isn't a better way to spend an afternoon than at the ballpark....period....which brings me to late last night....I found myself fighting insomnia at around 1am last night...nothing new considering I have always been a full fledged night owl....anyways i was scanning through the channels when I ran across Field Of Dreams which was just starting on one of the movie channels....of course I have seen this film several i said...I am a HUGE fan of the worlds greatest recreation,,,.however it had been literally years and years since I had seen it....and I have to tell you....what a treat it was to watch.....I had forgotten how good of a movie it really is....they simply do not make them like that any more....I don't think they ever will.....there is something just pure and incredibly right about that movie....I don't know how to explain me it's the greatest movie about our national past time ever made.....and that is with all due respect to The Natural.....Field Of Dreams takes you to that place that only you are aware exists inside of all of us is part of our blueprint....and the only word I can think of to do it justice is......magic. Thank you for stopping by as always Rick

  • Rocklahoma this weekend!

    ....HUGE weekend down in OK !!!! this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) the biggest party in the country takes place with ROCKLAHOMA!!!!! if you have yet to see the line up for the three day event be sure to check out boys Seether as well as Staind and many many others will be there!!!! also be on the lookout for thursty thursdays at Lawrence Dumont as the Wingnut season gets underway GO NUTS!......thanks for stopping by as always......Rick

  • Monday wassup!

    ....was at the ballpark yesterday....was at Kauffman stadium in Kansas CIty watching the Royals Cardinals.....was about 80 or so.....tried to rain but failed......a perfect day for some baseball and I was in heaven!!!!!! was sitting down the right field line right by the viisitors bullpen...god i love this time of year......ANY day at the ballpark is a good day....people always talk about what they would do if they ever hit a huge lottery jackpot....I can tell you right now the first thing i would do....i would spend an entire summer going to ballgames at every mlb park in the country,,,all 30 of em....then i would do it again! thank you for stopping by......Rick

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