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  • Hollywood.....Foo Fighters!

    ....Did you see this??? Taylor Hawkins will be playin none other than Iggy Pop in a new film entitled "CBGB"....which centers around the now defunct iconic rock club and punk scene...should make for some very interesting cinema!!!

  • Seether...let's shoot some video....etc

    .....Another day closer to Nickelback/Seether/Bush/My Darkest Day!!!.....If i had to pick a favorite out of difficult as it may be.....don't get me wrong I think they are all outstanding.....but I do have to admit I am definitely a diehard Seether fan...Their lyrical content alone has me hooked every time I listen to them....and they seem to just keep getting better!....shot some good video of the Dodge Ball tourny at Riverfest the other day....check it out at when you get a chance...had a great time doing it and by all means if you have any good ideas for my next video shoot please let me know! always looking for the next video trek/adventure so to speak...text me at 316 768 1010 if you have any ideas or simply email me!...( thank you as always for stopping by! Rick

  • Dodgeball

    ....Had a great time at the Dodge Ball tourny during Riverfest on Saturday!....thank you to everyone who came out and participated and or spectated!....I shot some video and it is up on so check that out when you get a chance......Riverfest of course continues all week long so make sure you get out and check it ou!....Nickelback/Seether/My Darkest Days/Bush here this Friday and it's gonna rock!!....the Party on the Plaza kicking off around 4....I will be broadcasting live from 3-7p so make sure you stop by and say hi!!! Rick

  • Riverfest....weekend!!!

    Wasssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!! The Riverfest officially under way!....I will be at the dodgeball tourny tomorrow during Riverfest and am sure I will be at various other Riverfest events as well....and of course I will be at Bourbon Street tonight as well so by all means come out!!! Over Under ..... over or not over?......well not entirely!...the on air portion is over yes.....but Over Under continues online at! if you are a freeloader you can answer Over Under questions on and get a shot at even more cash!! If you are not a freeloader by all means become one at!'s free and only takes mere seconds to sign up! hope to see you soon..................Rick

  • Over Under Continues

    ....we have given away thousands of dollars with our Over Under contest and we are contnuing to give away cash money all this week!.....T95's Over Under STILL going on this week!....if you haven't signed up as a freeloader at yet what are you waiting for????'s free to do so and only takes a few seconds!.....Bourbon Street this friday night we will be broadcasting live so make sure you stop by and say hi.....The Riverfest almost upon us as well!! Rick

  • Welcome back!!!

    ....The one great thing about comming back from a holiday weekend is the simple fact that we have a short week! is already Tuesday soon to be Wednesday!.....the Under the Covers Weekend went great and we had a ton of great feedback so thank you!!.....we are in the process of planning yet another specialty programming event in honor of the 4th of July and from what I can tell so far it is gonna rock!!!....Emphatic is an up and comming band I recently started becomming familiar with...they are out of Omaha...and they are really good!!! check em out when you get a chance!....I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Memorial Day

    ...I hope you are having an outstanding Memorial Day!...Every time I see military personnel....whether they are in uniform or not....I always make an effort to shake their hands and thank them personally....if not for them I would not be able to do what I do for a living...not to mention the fact that none of us would be able to enjoy the freedoms we have today if not for them....I will never forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrafice for us and I will also never forget those who put their lives on the line in the line of duty in order to secure our well as those who continue to do so today....tonight before I go to bed I will light a candle and put it in my's not much....but it is my way of paying tribute and respect for those who are no longer with us because they chose to put their lives on the line defending you and I from tyranny...if you get a chance light a candle tonight as well......thank you for stopping by! Rick.

  • Zombie!!!

    ...What a huge show tonight at Hartman!!! Rob Zombie/Megadeth/ doesn't get much better than that!!!!....what is really cool is the fact that they will be performing full arena style shows....which is something you won't get to see when you see them at big rock all means I have nothing what so ever against bigger festivals......but I think anyone would have to admit there is something to be said about the over all intamacy of venues the size of Hartman.....I am looking forward to it!!!! don't forget the after party is at Bourbon Street Bar and Grill on South Seneca tonight!!! dollar jello shots......5 dollar bombs.....and of course I will be there broadcasting live!!!! hope to see you out and about soon!!! Rick

  • Under the Covers

    ....Ihave been working nonstop to get our Under the Covers weekend put together.......starting tomorrow at 3pm and running all the way through Monday night at midnight we will be playing several cover songs done by some of your favourite artists every hour.....its gonna rock!!!! will hear some things that you haven't heard in quite some time!.....I can't wait to get it started!!!!....of course I will be at Zombie tomorrow night and Bourbon Street as well.....will be at Pleasures on Sat night.....I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • Holiday weekends rock

    .....We are planning something outstanding as far as the programming on T95 goes for this Memorial Day Weekend so make sure you check it out!!!! Over Under continues and so far we have given away tons of cash....who knows you could be next!!!....Zombie/Megadeth in just 3 days!!!! that is GOING TO ROCK!!! what a way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend!!!...and of course the same night we will be after partying at Bourbon Street Bar so make sure you stop by (south on Seneca just off 235) and say hi! dollar jello shots and 5 dollar bombs,,,,,not to mention T95 broadcasting live in da house!!!!!! Rick

  • weekend comming

    ....Welcome to Monday!!! we are just a few days from a holiday weekend!!.....we will be doing something totally cool this weekend on T95.....just in time for Memorial Day make sure you lock us on!....Under Over still going on and yes we are still giving away cash money!!!!.....Rob Zombie/Megadeth here Friday......and that is gonna rock!! Hartman Arena.....part of T95's Month of Mayhem!!!.....what a way to launch Memorial Day weekend! Rick

  • Ribfest Weekend

    ....wassup!!!! It is finally Friday and I hope I find you in a good mood!....Ribfest at IBA this weekend... I will be in and out throughout the day Saturday......will also be at Rusty Eck Ford Saturday as well as Midwest Drum and Percussion.......and of course tonight I will be at Bourbon Street Bar!...our good friends Pretty Ugly performing live at Ribfest on Saturday as well as some of the nation's best bbq!!!!...I do look forward to seeing you out and about soon! Rick

  • Radio

    ....When I started in this business I was all of 15 years old and could barely see over the control board.....believe it or not I actually cued up records on occasion......when is the last time you saw someone do that??..I started at a news/talk station in Great Bend was news talk on one side and country on the first job in radio involved me basically doing 2 minute news breaks and 1 minute psa/weather breaks a couple of times an hour......not long into it I received a call from a program director in Hoisington Ks at KHOK (a CHR top forty station at the time)....he had heard one of my breaks while in his car one Sunday morning and for whatever reasons liked what I did.....he asked me if I would be interested in doing overnights (back then they actually had live over night radio) at KHOK on the weekends .... basically midnight to 6 friday and sat nights....I was thrilled to death at the oppurtunity and within a couple weeks I was developing my craft on the overnight shift sat and sun mornings from midnight to six....I was all of 16 and doing overnights on a top forty station on the weekends and I couldn't have been more excited about it....sure I missed alot of weekend events throughout my high school days but you could not have dragged me out of that me there was nothing like managing a gigantic stack of cds....carts.....and a reel to reel recorder for phones in the middle of the night......creating magic so to speak between songs and in breaks.....I flew by the seat of my pants and didnt always land softly....but that's what getting your chops is all about....Radio has evolved and definitely changed since then...the technology we have today is nothing short of incredible compared to back then...but I do have to admit....sometimes late at night...when the moon is bright and the stars are shining bright as well...a piece of me misses those days of having to create magic at the drop of a hat so to speak...those were fun days...and nights.......hope to see you out and about soon! Rick.

  • Middle of week!

    ...You gotta love Wednesdays.......i mean it's like they mark the official beginning of the downhill slide into the weekend!!!....we are yet another day closer to Rob Zombie/Megadeth out at Hartman and that is going to rock!!!!!!! still kicking myself for missing Rockfest this year....but hey there is always next year!....Ribfest this weekend get all the dirt on that at like some outstanding smoked ribs!!!!!....willl be at Bourbon Street on Friday night, Rusty Eck 2-4 and Midwest Drum from 4-6 Saturday always I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Today 05 15

    ....wassup!!!!! I hope I find you having a great Tuesday!.....on this day in 1941.....Joe Dimaggio began his yet to be duplicated 56 game hitting streak.....a record which no one has really even came close to since....on this day in 1953 Rocky Marciano snagged his 44th pro boxing victory over Jersey Joe took him about 2 and a half minutes of the first round to do so....and on this day in 1981 Len Barker....a 25 year old pitcher for the Cleveland Indians pitched a 3-0 win against the Toronto Blue Jays.....and he did so while not allowing a single runner to reach first base....thus making him only the tenth major leaguer in history to toss a perfect game.........I do hope to see you out and about soon!!! Rick

  • Monday......

    ....Welcome to Monday!!! I hope you had an outstanding weekend!.....Getting closer to Zombie/Megadeth at Hartman......not to mention Rocklahoma.....and listening to T95 of course for your shot at tix to all those shows as well as your shot at meet and greet with Nickelback!.....Over Under continues with lots of cash money up for grabs as well so by all means keep us close!!!......Rick

  • Mothers Day Weekend!

    ...I realize it is only Saturday....but happy Mothers day!!.....Moms don't get near enough recognition so make sure you let your mom know what she means to you this weekend!.....hey it's like Radar Oreilly on one episode of MASH once said...."sometimes a fellow just needs to talk to his mom".....busy Saturday....will be at Rusty Eck today 1 to 3 and then will be at Pleasures from 9 to 11 tonight......I do hope to see you out and about soon!!! Rick

  • Weekend festivities!

    ....As usual lots of things going on this weekend and I would have it no other way!!!! was going to hit Kansas City up for rockfest this weekend but way too much going on here to get away!....I will of course be at Bourbon Street tonight from ten on so by all means stop by and say hi......will also be at Rusty Eck tomorrow from 1 to 3 and Pleasures tomorrow night from 9-11.....Over Under going strong....we had a 900 dollar winner today!!!!!.....Month of Mayhem kicking in again with Rob Zombie/Megadeth still comming up!!!!!!!! hope to see you soon.......Rick

  • what a show!!!!!

    ....What a show last night!!!! There was no weak link.....In This Moment....Trivium....and FFDP were all outstanding!!!!....thank you to all of you who helped make it a sellout!!! The Month of Mayhem continues with Zombie/Megatdeth still to come!!!!!!....the meet and greet with FFDP was awesome...they were very down to earth and pleasant with everyone.....I will be at Bourbon Street tomorrow night and my usual haunts over the weekend including Pleasures........I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • what a show!!!!

    ...What a great show last night!!!!! Pop Evil was off da hook as was Theory!!! ,....and we have yet another show in town tonight!!!!......The T95 Month of Mayhem continues with Five Finger Death Punch tonight at the Cotillion!!!!.....sold out show......gonna rock!....If you didn't happen to get tickets to this one by all means make sure you do not miss our next one......Zombie/Megadeth at Hartman!!! get all the details at

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