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  • The Captain will be back

    ...I was definitely saddened to see Derek Jeter get injured over the weekend....and I was saddened not merely because I am a Yankees fan.....i was saddened because of what it is that he stands for and what he has accomplished.....Baseball, reguardless of it's ups and downs, is the one consistent thing we can always count's tradition and rich history so appealing to even the most nonchalant sports fan...when you talk baseball with people you will often find those who are like me,,,,,die hard true fanatics for america's past time.....people who LIVE to sit in the stands at the ballpark on a summer will also often find people who are not nearly as big of fans of the sport, yet still manage to somewhat keep up with it....and you will find those who simply are not fans of it....and have no desire to be...due to numerous things ranging from bloated salaries to players using phds to simply just not liking baseball,,,,finding it unappealing...(it difficult as that is for me to understand it defiinitely happens lol),,,,,,,What makes Derek Jeter so unique isn't what he has accomplished on the field....I mean don't get me wrong it's hard to argue with his numbers....but instead it is what he represents in an era of disillusionment. and "me me me" athletes.........he leads by example and rarely if ever will you ever hear him complain or play the blame game...that simply is not his style....he is often referred to as what is "right" about baseball and deservingly so....I have seen him play half a dozen times in person if not more...other Yankee players respect him.....I know so because I have seen it first hand....they respect him because through his leadership he has earned that resect....if you ever get a chance to see him play in person just take a minute or two and watch him when he is on the field...posted at short so and you will notice how keenly aware he is of EVERYTHING going on on that field....he knows oposing hitters often better than they know themselves.....he knows the strengths and weaknesses of every player that makes it to base....he knows how likely they are to hit and run.....or pull one down the line.....again I have seen it first hand....he is one of the last true ball players....and that is why I was saddened to see him get injured and have to leave the game he loves....even though I know he will be back next still smarts. thank you for stopping by! Rick


    .....Ok....just to be fair.....I can not let today go by without saying once again.....WHAT A GREAT FINISH LAST NIGHT IN NY!!!!.....I realize my Yankees lost....but it was still an outstanding game that went into extras....and it would be unfair of me to only mention these types of things when the Yankees congrats to Baltimore for a huge win last night.....comming down to game 5...and as a baseball fan I couldnt ask for anything more!!!!....I can not believe it is already Friday....this week just blasted by!!....I will be at Pleasures tomorrow night so please feel free to stop by.....also will be out tomorrow morning signing people up for a chance to hang with Aerosmith!!!! I do hope to see you soon........Rick


    .....I had no idea it would go to extras.....and WOW what a finish!!!! Granted I am biased being a Yankees fan and all.....but any baseball fan would have to admit that finish last night in NY was storybook to say the least....that is what i LOVE about baseball.....I mean think about it.....yesterday afternoon only die hard Yankee fans could tell you who Raul Ibanez was.....late last night he became a household name instantly when he hit not one....but two dingers in back to back at bats and single handedly lifted the Yankees over the Orioles in extra was magical...and I for one will NEVER forget's moments like that which define baseball and make it America's past time.....I will be out and about this weekend including my Saturday night stop at Pleasrues so I do hope to see you out and about as well!! Rick

  • The Booing of Matt Cassel

    .....Matt Cassel so far has been anything but the answer for the KC Chiefs....there is no doubt about that fact.....does that, however, justify the actions of the hometown fans in KC this past Sunday?....I mean booing him when he is down with an injury?.....Even one of the Chief's linemen commented on it during the postgame......and my thoughts on it go as follows......They were not booing Matt Cassel....I will say it again....they were NOT booing Matt Cassel.......what Kansas City fans were booing was a ton of different things that had culminated....not the fact the Matt Cassel was injured...they were showing disdain for years of dealing with a front office who seems bound and determined to neglect the on field product.....they were booing the fact that the Chiefs haven't competed for ten years now....they were booing the fact that it was sad to see Kansas City go from one of the absolute most electric places to be on Sunday afternoons to ......empty seats everywhere. They were booing the fact that Arrohead stadium which at one time years ago was a place opposing teams were intimidated by...a place that was so energetic .... a place that was once the loudest stadium in the league....has become a welcome mat for opponents looking for an easy win....they were booing the fact that ownership has shown little desire to turn things around....or even remotely deal with the culmination of these particular issues......I have been to Arrowhead and the fans there are outstanding people,,,,they are not "classless" nor are they "bad" people....they are just fans of good football and want it to return to the mighty confines of their beloved stadium..

  • The Ghosts and Goblins will soon be out!

    ....We are fastly approaching Halloween!!!...I looooove of my favorite times of the year!!!....Have yet to figure out what I will dress up as this year......was thinking about the possiblility of a Pawn Stars theme....I do know we are planning some very cool Halloween festiviites....keep it locked on T95 for details Yankeees losing last night!!! they are going to have to find some offense or plan on making an early exit this year......I do hope you are having a great Tuesday and I hope to see you soon!!! Rick

  • What a great time of year to be a sports fan!!!!

    ....So last night I was flipping back and forth between Sunday Night football and the MLB playoffs..... New Orleans taking on San Diego in a classic NFL matchup and my beloved Yanks doing battle with Baltimore in a classic MLB matchup......i basically programmed my remote to be able to flip back and forth with the touch of one button.....both contests went down to the wire...Drew Brees breaking Johhny Unitas's consectutive game with a td pass record......and breaking the hearts of Charger fans nationwide as he squeaked out a win against San Diego......the Yankess meanwhile finallly came alive in the top of the ninth and scored some runs to put away Baltimore in game one of their series......Baltimore is hot right now and if I were in a Yankees uniform the VERY LAST thing I would do is take the Baltimore Orioles lightly.....getting one win from them is one thing,,..getting three out of five on the other hand.......College football in full swing as well.....K State STILL unbeaten!!...Like I said......what better time to be a sports nut???? thanks for stopping by.....Rick

  • Did you watch last night's debate?

    ....I watchted last night's presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney,....well at least I watched most of be honest I was flipping back and forth between it and the Yankees game....but I did watch a generous portion of it...I am not going to take sides on this and I am going to remain unbiased with the direction of this particular blog.....that being said....and again, I am by no means taking a particular nothing more than a mere onlooker I would have to say Romney seemed to come off more prepared and more at ease with it.....President Obama is an outstanding orator and suprisingly he looked a little off his game last night....and completely in his defense I will say this....he has what I would consider one of the most difficult jobs on the planet....I do not envy him nor would i even remotely have any desire to hold his position...and it is only round one....there are still a couple more to go so who knows whats gonna happen in November...anyways I do hope you are having a good Thursday....Buckcherry in town tonight!!!!!! Rick

  • I just heard about something very cool!

    ....I just heard about something we are going to do on T95 that is very cool!!! listening for it around election time......that is all I can tell you at this point!.....I know...I hate secrets too....but it really is all i can say at this point......Buckcherry tomorrow night at the Cotillion!!!!! ... it is going to be off da hoooooooooooooook!!!!....and I do hope to see you there! Rick

  • Let the debating begin!

    ....Tomoorrow night President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney will square off in what will be the first of three debate sessions....the main reason I mention this is because I believe the impact of the 2012 presidential election will be nothing short of historic....I mean once can argue that they are all historic to some degree...and that would be correct....however it seems to me as though this particular election is going to be more impactful than any previous....primarily because of the amount of out and out differentiation between the two ideologies represented by these campaigns......regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, you have to admit these two candidates vastly differ in direction.....will be interesting to see how it turns out!....thanks for stopping by........Rick

  • WWE rocked last night!

    ....Had a great time at Intrust Bank Arena last night with WWE!!!....Big Show.....CM Punk.......Kane....Daniel Bryant.....among many others were on hand!!! Even the legendary Paul Heyman was there!.....the Lumberjack match at the end was more or less the highlight....however the tag team match with Kane and DB was pretty good too....I hope you had a great weekend and welcome to Monday!!!! Rick

  • It's Fanfest time!!!!

    I will be broadcasting the last part of my show (5-7p) tonight live at Pucks Sports Bar at the Wichita Ice Center!.....and starting at 6 it will be Fanfest!!....come out and get autographs from your favorite Thunder players....Interview the team in a fan forum!....and bring a friend and cheer on the Junior Thunder afterwards! the Thunder office for more info at 264-4624......will also be out and about this weekend so I do hope to see you soon! Rick

  • They are finally back!

    ....Thankfully the NFL has finally came to it's senses and resolved the replacement ref issue!!!!! The NFL refs are back!!!!!! I was really beginning to wonder as to whether or not it was ever gonna happen.......huge weekend on tap....gonna be at Ryan Woodward skateboarding event over the well as a couple other places including Pleasures on Saturday night!....I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Woo Woo Woo!

    ....WWE in town Sunday and of course I am stoked!.....someone and a guest will end up sitting ring side with me as well as getting in on a meet and greet!!!.....rumors floating that the one and only Zack Ryder (woo woo woo!!!!) may call the show this week.........also in full swing now with Name that Rock.......already have given away alot of cash and fully intend to give away alot more!!! I do hope you are having a good Wednesday...........Rick

  • One word.....WOW

    ....Did you happen to catch the end of the Monday Night Football game last night?....THEY NEED TO GET THE REAL NFL OFFICIALS BACK TO WORK ASAP!.....and to be honest, at the beginning of the season I really thought it would make little or no difference...I mean I thought ...well it's just officiating...not like they can't find others that can do it......Oh how sadly mistaken I was.....I am not a Green Bay fan or a Seattle fan by any means......but I am a fan of good officiating....and that is NOT what we saw last's one thing when someone botches a call that could have gone either way or a call that has little if any effect on the outcome......but the simple fact of the matter is...last night's officiating cost Green Bay a win....period....plain and simple....and to be fair I would have to say I feel somewhat sorry for these replacement officials.....these just about anyone would be....are in over their heads and just trying to keep afloat....of all the major sports I would have to say that NFL games are the most difficult to officiate.....there is SO MUCH going on so quickly and all at once.....keeping track of legal and illegal formations.....the number of players on the field....the play clock.....the actual spotting of the ball......substitutions.....playrers in motion.....all of this BEFORE the ball is even is not a job that can be taken even remotely lightly nor is it a job that most people can effectively do....I am the first to admit I would be lost....and I have watched/played football for most of my life.....Roger Goodell and the powers that be must get their officials back to work NOW....or risk sacraficing the integrity of one of the most successful orginizations on Earth. Thank you for stopping by.....Rick

  • Did you have a good weekend?

    ....I do hope you had a great weekend!...My Yankees ended their winning streak...but I can't complain considering they have won 7 out of last 8......My Cowboys actually won this weekend!!!...It's so hard being a Cowboys fan considering you never know which team is going to show week they are incredibly good...the next week they leave you wondering whether or not they will win another game all season......The Chiefs get thier first win this weekend...beating the Saints.......what a great time of year to be a sports fan! listening all week long for you shot at cash money with Name That Rock!!! we play every 95 minutes week days.....also more Wendys goodies as well as k-state football tix.....AND someone will end up sitting with me in the FRONT ROW when WWE is in town this Sunday!!!! I do hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • What you up to this weekend?

    .....this week just seemed to fly by!!!......I will be out and about this weekend ... will be at Lobo Auto Sales on Broadway Saturday morning from ten to also planning on stopping by the ren fest this weekend at Sedwick County Park.....Football Sunday!!!!! I LOVE Sunday afternoons this time of year!!!!....I do hope to see you out and about this weekend as always! Rick

  • Let's talk sports!

    .....What a pennant race it is shaping up to be in MLB! many teams on the bubble right now....this is by far one of the most exciting seasons i have seen in quite some time....The Nationals???? really?....and how can you not root for an underdog.....The well as the Angels still in it......not to mention the White Sox.....Rangers....and of course Yankees right in the the thick of it......and check out Baltimore!!!!! What a story...they have completely turned that team around from last year......I do wish the NFL would get their regular officials back to work.....I feel sorry to some degree for the replacement officials....they are being asked to do an incredibly difficult job under even more difficult circumstances......I do not envy them in the least.....thank you for checking in and hope to see you soon! Rick

  • Name that Rock!!

    ...on only the third day of Name that Rock and we have given away a ton of cash!!! and the good news is we are just getting started!!!!...I will be out and about this weekend.....Bikers for Babies this weekend as well as some other things....I do hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Seether was awesome...Buckcherry on the way!

    ....Seether was outstanding this past Friday night in Kanas City!!!...whenever that band is totally on...which is most of the time.....they are so goooooood!.......Buckcherry/Saving Abel/Lit on the way to town on Oct 4!......Name That Rock in full swing and we have been giving away cash money all week on T95!!! Hope to see you out and about soon.......Rick

  • Who wants to win some cash money???

    ....we are stoked!!!!! T95's Name That Rock starts this comming Monday !! your chance at 95 bucks cash just for naming that rock!!!! We will be playing 6 times a day so you will get plenty of chances to win some cash!!!!.......I will be out and about this weekend,,,,,,,and i do hope you are as well so i may run into going to the Seether show tomorrow nt in Kansas City.....can not wait!!! Rick

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