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  • What are you thankful for?

    ...WIth Thanksgiving right around the corner it is only natural to start thinking about things to be thankful for...of course that list varies from person to person, however I am quite sure there are some things on that list that many of us share....I for one am thankful to live in this country....I still sincerely believe this is the greatest country on earth and am very thankful to be blessed enough to live here....I am thankful of family and friends I have....I am thankful to have what i do have....i am definitely far from rich lol, but none the less and still thankful for what it is that i do have....i am thankful to be able to work in a profession i am passionate about..,,i am thankful for our veterans and our current service men/women...i am thankful for many things and i do my best to not take these things for granted.....and of course i am thankful that you decided to stop by today.....Rick

  • Who will be this year's NFL suprise??

    ...The NFL season this year already half over and it seems like it just started!!!....One thing that is definitely a positive about the National Football League is that you can almost always count on at least one good suprise team making the playoffs.....and even sometimes making a deep run in the post season as well....I have seen where some are already boldly predicting this year it will be the Dallas Cowboys......and to be honest I can see where they are comming from considering the Cowboys have the soft schedule combined with 5 out of 7 of their last games at home....However...I am not quite ready to go there just yet....Don't forget they are not even at 500 yet AND even though Romo has a great history in the month of November, his December woes are legendary....and let's face it, in order to win 6 out of your last 7 (which I believe is what they will have to do if they wanna see the post season) you absolutely HAVE to play your best football in December....period...end of story....and so far let's face it.....the Dallas Cowboys simply have not done so...not for many years....would I like to see it happen? I holding my breath?....nope......guess time will tell....thanks as always for stopping by! Rick

  • Heeeere's Johnnny!!!

    ...Apparently a biopic about Johnny Carson is in the works with screenwriter John McLaughlin making the adaptation of Bill Zehme's forthcoming biography "Carson the Magnificent; an Intimate Portrait." As of right now they have yet to attatch a director as everything remains in the embyonic stage so to speak....the question I have is......who do you think should play Johnny Carson?....or Ed McMahon as far as that goes.....I honestly think either role would not be easy.....maybe Jim Carrey?....Kevin Spacey?....or for Ed maybe Josh Brolin.....Will Farrell?....who knows....will be interesting if this ever does come into fruition.....thanks for stopping by.....Rick

  • How busy is your weekend?

    ...Very busy weekend for me comming up and I would not have it any other way!!...Saturday I will be at T-mobile from 10am to noon with outstanding deals store wide!!.....will then be at Rusty Eck Ford from 1-3pm and of course they will be slashing prices like crazy while i am there!!...and then Saturday night I will be at Pleasures!!! I will be there from 9-11pm with 3 dollar you call its and of course lots of lovely ladies who love to entertain!!! by all means stop by when and where you can and say hi! always hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Welcome to the middle of the week!

    ....I hope you are having an outstanding Wednesday!....I just got back from my remote with the Kansas Lottery at KC Gas and Grocery.......had a great time with everyone fromt the Kansas Lottery and thank you to those of you who stopped by! We even had a couple cash winners!....and of course we spun the wheel and gave away a ton of Kansas Lottery schwag!!....I will be out and about this weekend....Pleasures on Saturday night and more than likely will be out and about on Saturday afternoon too! always hope to see you soon.....Rick

  • if you could be any animal for one day.....

    .....If you could be any animal on planet earth for one day.....what would you choose?...perhaps a hawk so you could fly and fly and fly,,,,,or perhaps a cheetah....would be fun to see what it's like to run 50 mph,,,,,,or maybe you would be the worlds most pampered dog for one day,,,,,i think i would wanna be something so cuddly that Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders would wanna constantly hug me....that would be totally awesome!! would be,,,dare i say it,,,,Epic!!....what would you be? Rick

  • What do the Chiefs have to do?????

    ...I really thought Kansas CIty was gonna pull one out last night....I really thought they were gonna escape the confines of Pittsburgh with a win!!! Instead, they cough it up in is almost as if the gods or whatever are just dead set against them winning more than one game this year.....I mean i was convinced!!! I thought,,,,they GOTTA have this,,,anyways I do have Wings tickets during the show today and we are yet another day closer to Not So Silient NIght!!!! Rick

  • Aerosmith in da houuuuuuuuuuse!!

    ...There are only a handful of lead singers that can just reach out and grab an audience and pull that audience into their world....into their lair so to speak....only a hanful who have that "swagger".....who apitomize what a lead singer of a rock band absolutely should be....someone who not only connects with his audience....but someone who drags them kicking and screaming if he has to right onto the front of the stage.....those that can do that make a very good living....because there are so very few that can pull it off....when I construct my list of performers I have seen do that and do it on a level so far above most....I think of names like Jagger....Axl Rose..(love him or hate him....he had swagger)....Jim Morrison....even David Lee Roth.....and after last night I would definitely add Steven Tyler to that list...I had never seen Aerosmith live until last night and the first thing that hit me while watching them was Tyler definitely has the "it" factor....can't really explain or define it.....but I know it when I see it....Not so Silent Night tickets up for grabs this week during the show so by all means don't miss out on your chance for those...and as always I do hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • Someone gets to kick it with Aerosmith!

    .....Am actually pretty stoked right now!!! just a little bit I will be notifying our grand prize winner of the VIP Aerosmith package that he or she will be kicking it with Aerosmith!!!...someone will end up not only going backstage to meet Aerosmith......but will also be sitting on stage during their set!!!! I can not wait to notify them during today's show!!!...not only that I STILL have one pair of FRONT ROW tix left to give away today!!!.....what a great weekend it is going to be!!! Rick

  • Are the Atlanta Falcoms for real??

    ...The only unbeaten team in the NFL right now is the Atlanta Falcons.....are they for real??...Superbowl bound perhaps?....if I were in Vegas right now and had to bet on it.....I would say this.....they are definitely an outstanding football team...their roster is peppered with pro bowlers and they are starting to develop a well above average running game which makes them even more scary.....Shaub is on his way to establishing himself as one of the league's few premiere qbs....Gonzalez is on his last legs of his careeer and yet is having one of his best years.....they are capable of beating anyone in the NFL this very second.....but something deep down inside of me says they are NOT a superbowl caliber team.....I don't know why exactly....just one of those deeply rooted gut instincts that I rarely ignore because they are almost always right the NFC this year I like the a sleeper i would say GB the AFC this year I like.....Houston......(if not for an injury to Ray Lewis i would say Baltiimore) a sleeper...get ready for this.........Denver. Remember you heard it here first!!!! Rick

  • would you like some flouride?

    ...I guess I am kind of at a loss on this whole flouride in our water controversy....I will be the first to admit perhaps I am just not educated enough on this particular issue...I guess what I don't understand is why flouride is a bad thing in some people's minds....I thought it was supposed to be good for us....for our overall dental health......again, I am sure there are many things about this issue I am simply not educated on.....but I could swear we had flouride in our water when we were kids growing least I thought we did...Aerosmith in town Sunday!!!!!! Rick

  • Are you ready for Aerosmith?

    ...Aerosmith in town on Sunday.....should be an outstanding show!!! I mean even if you are not the world's biggest Aerosmith fan.....EVERYONE at least likes a couple of their songs if nothing else...they will roll hit after hit after hit at us,,,,,gonna be off da hook!!!....speaking of which I will be giving away 2nd row seats on today's show.......FRONT row on tomorrow's show!!...if I had to pick my favorite track from them it would not be easy,,,,would have to narrow it down to maybe 3...such as sweet emotion.....livin on the edge.....same old song and dance.....anyways hope to see you out and about soon!!! Rick

  • DId your guy win?

    ...Another four years of President Obama.....I watched for a good couple hours last night as the election results came in...and to be honest I was suprised....not so much that Obama won...but more so by how much he won by.....I really thought it would come down to the wire....I will say this as well....I do not envy the president....I would not want that job!Can you imagine how much daily pressure is piled upon him? much he ages while in office?,,,,,,,On a lighter note still giving away Aerosmith tix this week during the show so make sure you get in on it!!! Rick

  • Counting them down!!

    We are counting down the T95 top 95 songs of all time right now!!!! who will be number 1??? who will be number 10? who will be number whatever?? Aerosmith ticket....NOT JUST TIX BUT ROW 4 TICKETS....ROW THREE TICKETS....ROW TWO...ETC going on this week as well!!! Have you voted yet?? if not please do so!!! thanks for stopping by,,,Rick.

  • Tomorrow is a big day!

    ....Election day tomorrow!....I have no concern as to who you vote be honest that's not my business....but please do is a right we have in this country so please utilize it...we are fortunate to at least have some say in who leads us......not to mention the sacrafices American men and women have made to insure that right.....also be listening tomorrow for the top 95 T95 rock songs countdown!! voted on by you! we will kick that off tomorrow at ten am! Rick

  • The NFL season is at the half way point!

    ....Hard to believe, but we are already half way through this year's NFL season......and there are most definitely some suprises to say the least...I mean who woulda thought the Cowboys would only have 3 wins at this point?....I am not saying I had them picked to make it much past the first round,,,,,but only 3 wins at this point??? wow.....and who woulda thought the Bears would have only one loss....or that Seattle would be looking like a contender....or that New Orleans would be in a must win situation this early on?...makes me wonder what the next half will bring,,,,,,speaking of New Orleans.....Saints Eagles tonight on MNF! thanks for stopping by,,,,Rick

  • Had a great weekend!

    ...what a great weekend!....was good to see everyone come out to the Jesse James Dupree signing on Sat afternoon....even saw someone had a chainsaw for him to sign!....The Jackyll show was off da hook Sat night from what everyone says,,,,and I understand the Primus show was something special as well on Sunday!....Ron Schneider in town tonight at the Loony Bin,,,i understand as I type this there are still some tix left for the late show....I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

  • Turning back time

    ...Have you ever wondered what you would say to yourself if you could go back in time....say ten years or so?......what if you could go back in time for one day and tell yourself anything....let's say you went back to ten years ago....while retaining all the info/knowledge you currently have today....and you could talk to ... you......what kind of advice would you give yourself?....obviously it will differentiate depending on each individual....i mean we all have our own blueprints so to speak...when I think about it I honestly don't know for sure what I would tell myself....I can think of some things in general I might say....but not specific things.......I think I would tell myself to perhaps take more time for the little things that in all actuality are the HUGE things that will be cherished as life goes on....things like calling an old friend I haven't talked to in way too long.....taking a day off just to...well....take a day off and maybe jump in my car and drive to somewhere i have never been....just to do it.....perhaps introduce myself to the neighbor i have seen time and time again and have yet to say hi to......spend the day at the zoo......ask a friend what their favorite book is....and then read it.......go visit my uncle who I NEVER see despite the fact he only lives a couple hours that I think about it these definitely are specific things lol....I will be out and about this weekend and I definitely hope to see you out and about as well! Rick

  • favorite games to play

    ....A friend of mine and I were discussing this just the other you recall the games you and other kids in your neighborhood used to play?....and do you think kids sill play them today?...I can vividly recall spending entire afternoons playing sandlot football....or kick the can......or capture the flag.....and of course when we had enough of us we would play some good old fashioned sandlot baseball.....those were magical days to say the least....sometimes I wish i could go back and be ten again for just one week....just so i could relive some of those days.....we honestly often thought they would never end....thanks for stopping by..........Rick

  • Welcome to November!

    ...Had a great time last night at Hooters!!! Gave away some Aerosmith tix as well as some K State football tix...and even some Prmus 3 d tix!.....thank you to everyone who came out and thank you to those who partook in the dude looks like a lady contest as well as the costume contest!!....Jackyl in town this weekend and that is always a party!.....I will be broadcasting live at Rusty Eck Saturday from 1-3 and more than likely I will pop by Jesse's autograph signing Sat afternoon.....and of course the show sat night........hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

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