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  • Did they really do that?

    ...Wow.....I just read about something that just blows my mind.....apparrently at one time....way back in the get this.....I am not making this up.....the United States govt had drawn up plans to plant nuclear missle launch sites on...........THE MOON........the basic idea being that if Russia (we were in the midst of a nasty cold war with Russia at the time) happened to launch on us and take out our ability to respond...we would launch nukes from the moon....and they would travel some 240000 miles to Russia and explode on impact.....Carl Sagan supposedly was even involved with this project....they were planning on using bombs that were rougly the size of the ones we dropped on think about this for a second.....the very concept of this had to be borderline insanely outrageous in say...1958.....which makes me wonder......what are they up to right now??...this very second?.....thanks for stopping by........Rick

  • No I didn't win the big one....

    ....I finally got around to checking my powerball ticket...and unfortunately I did not hit the big one!!!! a matter of fact I only hit ONE number!!! you would think the lottery gods could just tease me a little and let me hit on a couple of them.........or even just hit a single powerball and win a couple bucks.......oh well there is always next week lol.....I just found out about yet ANOTHER huge show comming to town...and I do wanna tell you about it but cant just yet!!! Be listening to T95 for details on it very soon...............thanks for stopping by....Rick

  • Another busy weekend on the horizon!

    .....As we get deeper into the NFL season every game becomes more and more impactful!!...K State in action this weekend as well taking on Texas in their final game of the season.....Notre Dame already punching their ticket to the big dance......they will face Alabama or Georgia....I will be out and about this weekend,,,,will be at Pleasures Saturday night from 9-11 so please stop by!.....Kid Rock comming to town on Feb 10th and tickets on sale on the 7th!!.....Not So Silent Night comming up as well....Dec 8th at the Cotillion with Chevelle headlining!!! hope to see you out and about soon.....Rick

  • Where did November go?

    ...Was just looking at the calandar and shaking my head at the same seems like Halloween was just yesterday and yet Saturday is the first day of December!!!! Christmas/New Years will be here in the blink of an eye and to me that is just crazy!!!.... Not So Silent Night right around the corner and it is going to be an outstanding show! Chevelle....Aranda...and Livy High...what a lineup!!!...not to mention the Marines will be on hand to collect for toys for tots and that is always a great cause....Kid Rock in town on Feb 10th just in time for my b day on the 13th!!! Have you bought your powerball tix yet?.......thank you for stopping by..........Rick

  • My name is KIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!

    ....Kid Rock is comming to town!!!!!!!! Few shows rival his and he is comming to IBA on Feb 10th just 3 days before my birthday!!!!!! Tickets on sale this weekend and start as low as 29 bucks!!! Select a Seat outlets!!! and of course do not forget about Not So Silent Night on Dec 8th at the Cotillion.......Chevelle/Aranda/Livy High!! cant wait to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Thank You

    ...Thank you so much to those of you who have sent your really meant alot to me and i can not thank you enough.....I miss Ozzie sooooooooooooooooo much.....watched a ton of football over the weekend.....comming down to crunch time in the NFL....still next to impossible to predict for week to week but i will keep trying!....I can not believe the Powerball is up to over 400 million dollars!...I will definitely have to buy a ticket......(i get it....i realize my odds of winning are like 10 billion to one...but i will still play lol)....i promis you this....If I win this week's Powerball drawing, I will put together the biggest party this city has ever seen,,,,i will bring in an entire day/nights worth o of bands and do it up right!!!!.....and I will charge not one red cent for any and all of it!....I do hope you are having a good monday.....Rick

  • college football saturday!!

    Lots of good college football on today and you can bet I will be watching!...the iron bowl...Auburn Alabama...that one is always a classic...when those two meet you can basically throw out all the numbers...stats...records,,etc.....USC Notre Dame tonight and that one has national title implications....basically if Notre Dame wins they will play for the national title....if they lose....who knows with the BCS lol.....K State is off today and will play again on Dec 1st....Oregon/Oregon State will also be a big gotta love college football especially this time of year!....I do hope you are having a great Saturday! Rick

  • How was your turkey day?

    I do hope you had an outstanding Thanksgiving!....I had a rather enjoyable one,,,,got to see some family I had not seen in some time and that was nice...My Cowboys got beat which I can not say I am overly excited about,,,,,but hey there is always next week right lol.....I will be out and about tomorrow night at Pleasures.....will be there from 9 to 11 with great drink specials and lots of lovely all means please stop by and say hi!...Black Friday Holiday Weekend in full swing on T95 and has been going great! Rick

  • Man's best friend

    I lost my best friend today...and I will not hurts....when I got up this morning I noticed Ozzie was lethargic and knew right away something was way wrong....I raced him to the vet and when I walked in they rushed me immediately to the back with which point they told me he was lethargic and having trouble breathing because his heart was stopping....he was suffering massive cardiac arrest...and as a result was dying....and the worst part was after giving him a heavy dose of ephenedrine they told me I was going to have to let him go...there was nothing they could do...they even tried mouth to mouth when he stopped no avail....Boxers do tend to have heart issues as they age....but Ozzie was only 5 going on 6....and I miss him dearly already....for 5 years plus he was basically my alarm clock and the first thing i would see when i woke up in the morning. and the last thing i would see when i went to bed at night...I will so miss the late night walks...they were golden........Goodbye Ozzie.

  • Big Weekend on the Way!

    ...Lots of things happening in the next few days!!....Black Friday Holiday Weekend kicks off on T95 Wednesday at 5pm and runs through the weekend.......I will be broadcasting live on Black Friday at Rusty Eck Ford from 12pm-2pm.....will also be at Pleasures Saturday night from 9-11pm so please come by and say hi!....hope to see you soon..Rick

  • I finally saw Skyfall!

    ..I am a huge James Bond freak....I have seen every Bond film...some several times....and am fully able to admit I think 007 rocks!!....Skyfall is the latest installment and I finally got to see it yesterday......I thought it was right on par and I would say the villian was a perfect match for the 007 series.....Villlians in the James Bond films are far and away some of the most colorful bad guys ever created and Skyfall definitely provided the fireworks on that end....the only thing I can say that I was only slightly disappointed in was the lack of the usual gadgetry that accompanies Bond films...It's not like there wasn't ANY of that....just seemed like it was not nearly as prevailent as in past 007 it worth going to see?? I would say absolutely! thanks for stopping by...Rick

  • Turkey day is almost here!

    ....Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!....what is your favorite part of the turkey?....or maybe you don't like turkey at all......what would you say is your favorite Thanksgiving food period?...I would have to say i am partial to pumpkin pie....I mean how can one not like a good pumpkin pie??...i have yet to understand the appeal to the sweet potatoes.....i mean potatoes were not meant to taste sweet!!!! But hey to each their own right?....Black Friday almost upon us as well and be listening to T95 Wednesday beginning at 5pm through the weekend as we pay tribute to Black Friday with a Black Friday holiday weekend!....also.....Concert announcement coming this Monday!!! thank you for stopping by.......Rick

  • what is the one movie you can watch any time?

    ....We all have our favorites.....our favorite cocktail....our favorite type of food....our favorite city...and yes, our favorite movies.....our A list so to speak....and then there is that even more esteemed list of the few movies that you could easily watch any time day or night.....the one that when you happen to see it while channel surfing you automatically bounce back to it because you just can not resist....with me it would have to without a doubt be Pulp Fiction....Tarantino in my book is borderline if not full fledged genius....if i could pick the brain of any one person in Hollywood for one hour.....Tarantino hands down......I will be all over the place this weekend so come see me! thank you for stopping by........Rick

  • What are you thankful for?

    ...WIth Thanksgiving right around the corner it is only natural to start thinking about things to be thankful for...of course that list varies from person to person, however I am quite sure there are some things on that list that many of us share....I for one am thankful to live in this country....I still sincerely believe this is the greatest country on earth and am very thankful to be blessed enough to live here....I am thankful of family and friends I have....I am thankful to have what i do have....i am definitely far from rich lol, but none the less and still thankful for what it is that i do have....i am thankful to be able to work in a profession i am passionate about..,,i am thankful for our veterans and our current service men/women...i am thankful for many things and i do my best to not take these things for granted.....and of course i am thankful that you decided to stop by today.....Rick

  • Who will be this year's NFL suprise??

    ...The NFL season this year already half over and it seems like it just started!!!....One thing that is definitely a positive about the National Football League is that you can almost always count on at least one good suprise team making the playoffs.....and even sometimes making a deep run in the post season as well....I have seen where some are already boldly predicting this year it will be the Dallas Cowboys......and to be honest I can see where they are comming from considering the Cowboys have the soft schedule combined with 5 out of 7 of their last games at home....However...I am not quite ready to go there just yet....Don't forget they are not even at 500 yet AND even though Romo has a great history in the month of November, his December woes are legendary....and let's face it, in order to win 6 out of your last 7 (which I believe is what they will have to do if they wanna see the post season) you absolutely HAVE to play your best football in December....period...end of story....and so far let's face it.....the Dallas Cowboys simply have not done so...not for many years....would I like to see it happen? I holding my breath?....nope......guess time will tell....thanks as always for stopping by! Rick

  • Heeeere's Johnnny!!!

    ...Apparently a biopic about Johnny Carson is in the works with screenwriter John McLaughlin making the adaptation of Bill Zehme's forthcoming biography "Carson the Magnificent; an Intimate Portrait." As of right now they have yet to attatch a director as everything remains in the embyonic stage so to speak....the question I have is......who do you think should play Johnny Carson?....or Ed McMahon as far as that goes.....I honestly think either role would not be easy.....maybe Jim Carrey?....Kevin Spacey?....or for Ed maybe Josh Brolin.....Will Farrell?....who knows....will be interesting if this ever does come into fruition.....thanks for stopping by.....Rick

  • How busy is your weekend?

    ...Very busy weekend for me comming up and I would not have it any other way!!...Saturday I will be at T-mobile from 10am to noon with outstanding deals store wide!!.....will then be at Rusty Eck Ford from 1-3pm and of course they will be slashing prices like crazy while i am there!!...and then Saturday night I will be at Pleasures!!! I will be there from 9-11pm with 3 dollar you call its and of course lots of lovely ladies who love to entertain!!! by all means stop by when and where you can and say hi! always hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Welcome to the middle of the week!

    ....I hope you are having an outstanding Wednesday!....I just got back from my remote with the Kansas Lottery at KC Gas and Grocery.......had a great time with everyone fromt the Kansas Lottery and thank you to those of you who stopped by! We even had a couple cash winners!....and of course we spun the wheel and gave away a ton of Kansas Lottery schwag!!....I will be out and about this weekend....Pleasures on Saturday night and more than likely will be out and about on Saturday afternoon too! always hope to see you soon.....Rick

  • if you could be any animal for one day.....

    .....If you could be any animal on planet earth for one day.....what would you choose?...perhaps a hawk so you could fly and fly and fly,,,,,or perhaps a cheetah....would be fun to see what it's like to run 50 mph,,,,,,or maybe you would be the worlds most pampered dog for one day,,,,,i think i would wanna be something so cuddly that Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders would wanna constantly hug me....that would be totally awesome!! would be,,,dare i say it,,,,Epic!!....what would you be? Rick

  • What do the Chiefs have to do?????

    ...I really thought Kansas CIty was gonna pull one out last night....I really thought they were gonna escape the confines of Pittsburgh with a win!!! Instead, they cough it up in is almost as if the gods or whatever are just dead set against them winning more than one game this year.....I mean i was convinced!!! I thought,,,,they GOTTA have this,,,anyways I do have Wings tickets during the show today and we are yet another day closer to Not So Silient NIght!!!! Rick

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