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  • Spring is almost here!

    ...Spring is on the way and of course that means warmer weather......and Opening Day!!!! as usual I can not wait for Opening Day!!!....we are only a little over a month and a half away!!!....have been watching some NCAA basketball lately getting ready for the big tourny......this year's field admittedly is a bit strange considering there really is no clear cut stand out...there are at least 5 to 6 squads that could easily win it all....not to mention another half dozen at least who could easily be this year's Cinderella....I think this year's tournament will be more competative than ever before as a result....the brackets will be interesting to say the least....I do hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick.

  • Hooter girls rock!!!

    ...I will be helping ot MC the Hooters Swimsuit Competition this Saturday at the Chill!! (Hey someone has to do it)......It is gonna be it's usual great time so by all means make sure you do not miss it! gets underway at or around 4pm or so....and of course the Chill is always a great time for everyone....Warrant will be playing live at the Chill Saturday night!....all kinds of tix this week on listening for your chance to win tix to everything from The Chill to Shinedown!.....Rick

  • LOTS of tickets/giveaways this week!

    ....During the show this week I will be hooking you up with Arena Cross tix...Rocklahoma Tix.... Shinedown tix (that come with meet and greet passes for 3 Days Grace) well as tix to other regional and local events as well..........DO NOT MISS OUT!!!! be listening all week long for your shot at all of it!!...more shows on the horizon as listening for details on those comming soon... Opening day is on the horizon.......under 2 months to go!!!!! Yankees in Kansas City mid May and do you think I will be there??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL!!....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Had a great weekend!

    ...Was outstanding to see everyone who came out to the West side location of Complete Nutrition on Saturday...and of course thank you very much to Jimmy Johns for providing their as usual excellent sandwiches!!....Thank you as well to everyone who came out and said hi at Pleasures Saturday night!!....always a good time at Pleasures!....I will be at the Chill this weekend helping out with the Hooters swimsuit competition......(rough job but hey someone has to do it right).....we are getting closer and closer to opening day!!!!! Rick.

  • Astroids.....and weekend shenannigans!!

    ...Planet Earth got a....well....I guess one could say....a rather close call today....with a gigantic asteroid!!!....thankfully the one asteroid that actually made impact in Russia was waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than the one that sort of shaved us!!.....will be out and about this weekend,,,,will be at Complete Nutrition in New Market Square (21st and Maize) Saturday from noon-2pm....and of course will be at Pleasures Sat night (47th south and west) from nine to eleven pm!! by all means stop by and say hey! Rick

  • Happy Valentines Day!!!!

    ....Have you ever wondered exactly how Valentines Day as we know it originated?....well I decided to do a little research on that very subject...and this is what I came up with:

  • It's my Birthday!!!!

    ...What do Henry Rollins....Chuck Yeager....Peter Gabriel....Randy Moss.....George Seagul....and Jerry Springer all have in common with me???...they are all Aquarians and they were all born on Feb 13th!! celebrating my b day today and tonight as well!!....HUGE things on the horizon for T95 and by all means I do hope you will be a part of them.....Lot's of shows comming to town get all the dirt on that at Calandar......hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • Mardi Gras is off and running!!!!

    ....Fat Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! Mardi Gras is off and running....I have been to New Orleans a couple of times and stayed right in the heart of the French Quarter........but I have never been there during Mardi Gras....would love to do so sometime!....if you have never been to New Orleans you have to experience it at least once......the French Quarter just seems to have a life of it's own....and it's not just the never ending's the history...the culture...the authentic cajun cooking....the southern hospitality......there is ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE like it on a matter of fact I will have to make another visit there very soon....hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • Flight is an outstanding film!

    ....I saw Flight starring Denzel Washington over the weekend....what a great movie!!...I loved the story and I loved the depth to it all.....if you get a chance by all means check it out....Washington unleashes his usual stellar performance and the supporting cast is just as outstanding...Love on Demand comming your way on Valentines Day!!....what is Love on Demand?....very simple....Hank and I both will be partaking.....if you just happen to love a particular us on the request line at 436 1095 and demand it! and we play it!...Love on Demand!!!! Thursday on T95! Rick

  • Big things on the Horizon

    ....Rocklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Details very soon on T95.....I am also putting together a weekly podcast/broadcast of a new segment entitled "The Three Count" ....if you are event he least bit a professional wrestling fan...YOU WILL LOVE IT!!.....Shinedown on the way to town with Three Days Grace and P.O.D.....and that is gonna rock!!!...and of course be listening for your shot at free tix to that!! check out our concert calandar at for details on all the shows comming to town.!! Rick

  • Kid Rock......ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!!!!

    ...What a great show last night!!! Kid Rock was on his game!!! as was Buckcherry!....If you missed it all I can tell you is.....YOU MISSED OUT!!!...if you ever get a chance to see him perform.....DO SO!...I saw "Flight" over the weekend (starring Denzel Washington)....was very entertaining...I certainly recommend it the next time you select a feature presentation....I do hope you are having a great Monday! Rick

  • I am STOKED about KID ROCK!!

    ...Kid Rock puts on one of the top 5 best live shows I have ever seen....period.....I have seen him at least half a dozen times and have NEVER been disappointed....not even close.....AND I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE HIM SUNDAY! not to mention Buckcherry who are outstanding live as well!!! Will be at Pleasures tomorrow night from 9-11pm and I do hope to see you there!!! name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!! CAN NOT WAIT! Rick

  • What a busy weekend on tap!

    ...Let's see....will be at Pleasures on Saturday night so by all means stop by and see me! will be there from nine to eleven with three dollar you call its and lots and lots of lovely ladies watiting to entertain you!! is ALWAYS a great time so come see me!! 47th south and west!!!....Kid Rock in town on Sunday night and that is gonna ROCK!!...if you havent got tix yet you can still get them at the IBA box office or at select a seat!...I have seen literlly hundreds of live shows and his is by far one of the best!!! hope to see you out and about soon..................Rick

  • We are Headed for the Weekend Fast!

    .....Kid Rock in town on Sunday with Buckcherry!!!! Get all the details and ticket info on the T95 Concert Calandar on!......I definitely can not wait for that show!!....and of course do not forget Shinedown with P.O.D. and Three Days Grace on the way as well!! is already Wednesday which means we are headed downhill towards the weekend!!...and yes another day closer to OPENING DAY!!!! Rick

  • Spring is on the way!

    ....we are merely a couple weeks or so from Spring!!!....not that we have had a bad Winter by any b day is also right around the corner!!! just 8 days and counting!!! have yet to figure out exactly what I will do to celebrate but am quite sure I will stumble into something lol.....Kid Rock on Sunday....Buckcherry on that ticket as well at Intrust Bank Arena!!....speaking of which be listening all week long for your chance to win tix to Kid Rock!.....will be having our morning show gurus Todd and Tyler live on the show today so by all means do not miss that!.....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick


    ...Kid Rock in town this comming Sunday!!!! Buckcherry is gonna open up and it is gonna flat out rock!!!!!.....I have seen Kid Rock at least half a dozen times and STILL can not wait to see this show!! He is absolutely no doubt about it one of the most entertaining shows on the market...PERIOD.....and Buckcherry will definitely bring it as well.....Papa Roach and Otherwise with Kingshifter the other night at the Cotillion was off da hook as well...had a great time!....hope to see you out and about soon! Rick

  • Baltimore triumphs!

    ...Was it a good game?....i would have to say that thanks to the 2nd half yes.....Baltimore pretty much owned the first two quarters.....You have to hand it to San Fran for not folding up their tents and going home when the chips were down....they fought their way back to within one score..I was honestly hoping they would pull it out if nothing else just to see history making come back.....Kid Rock tickets all week long!!! Make sure you listen for your chance to score some!!!! and thanks for stopping by.............Rick.

  • Big Hair Big Game!

    ....Only one day away from the big game...and of course we are neck deep in T95's Big Hair Big Game weekend!!!! Big Hair classics that you have not heard in FOREVER!.....T95 broadcasting live at Rusty Eck later today (1-3pm) and we will be at Heroes for the big one tomorrow at 3p!...get there early to get a good it will be packed i am sure.....Kid Rock tix still to go all next week so by all means be listening for your chance to win those!! Rick


    ...Papa Roach with Otherwise at the Cotillion tonight!!! AND YES I DO HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!....Otherwise will be popping by the studio today...and they are awesome!...their new single "I Don't Apologize" is our current street fight champ and it is an excellent song!!! still available but going fast at the Cotillion box office!...I will be doing the latter part of my show live from the Cotillion....Come hang out with us tonight!!! Rick

  • Big Game weekend!!

    ...We are inching closer and closer to our Big Hair Big Game weekend!!!! Starting Friday at 5pm we will kick it off as Big Hair will dominate our airwaves all weekend long just in time for the Big Game!!!!....I honestly do not care who wins this one...I mean my team was out of it over a month ago lol.....I do hope it is a good game and I most definitely hope we score some good commercials from it!....Papa Roach tomorrow night!!!! Kid Rock in less than 2 weeks!!! Rick

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