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  • WWE is in da house!!!!

    WWE Smackdown in town tonight and the Intrust Bank Arena is gonna be off da hoooooooook!!...I will have a WWE superstar as an in studio guest during todays show......I won't say yet who but I will tell you he is a big name in the business!!....Mob Hit continuing today as well and someone will hook up with 1000 big ones on could be you!!!...Seether coming to town Aug 31st and that is gonna rock.....tix on sale this Friday.....hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • ...The Right the Right Time!

    ..We are most definitely living in a viral is everywhere and you just never know at any given time what may or may not happen!....I saw this video and coudn't help but think these two had no idea how simply stopping to get gas could completely change their lives!..check it out here....and remember...this is America....anything can and often does happen!!.

  • VIDEO: Baseball is the greatest sport on the planet!

    ....This is why I LOVE baseball....there is no greater sport on planet earth!!! at least that's my opinion lol......Mob Hit in full swing and we have been giving away cash money like crazyyyyyyyy!!! you may be next! Volbeat in town tomorrow night and that is gonna flat out rock!!!...WWE Smackdown in da house this coming tues night!!! hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • I am adopting a cat!!

    ...I just got back from the Ks Humane Society...and I am going to be welcoming a new member to my household tonight!!...When I get off work tonight I will be stopping back by and picking up a 15 pound 5 year old male Siamese cat!....I haven't had a cat in my house for quite some time now and I think it is time I did!...I have always had a soft spot for Siamese cats and when I saw this one I knew immediately I wanted to take him home....I am going to name him Kahn (after the Asian ruler Ghingis Kahn).....I am totally like a kid who can't wait for recess right now.....anyways I do hope you are having an outstanding Tues! Rick

  • What a great weekend!

    ...Had an outstanding weekend and we are just getting started!!....Pleasures on Saturday was awesome !! they were in the midst of their "80s Flashback" weekend....all the girls dressed as if it were 1985!!....anyone who wore 80s attire got in free...and the dj played nothing but 80s music all rocked!!!!....Cinco De Mayo on Sunday at the Sedwick county Zoo was a great time as well...and of course they had outsanding Mexican cusine on hand.....Volbeat in town this week and I will be doing my show live at the Cotillion from 5-7p on Thursday.....Mob Hit in full swing so far we have had 2 straight 1000 dollar winners!!! could be next!....thank you for stopping by....Rick

  • Busy Saturday come say hi!!

    ...I will be out and about a matter of fact am getting ready right now to head over to Parks Motors in Augusta!! will be there from 10 to noon as they celebrate Cinco De Mayo!!....will also be at Pleasures later tonight as they kick off their 80s flashback weekend!!! come by and say hi by all means!!....gave away 1000 bucks yesterday with our T95 Mob hit and you could be next......thanks for stopping by....Rick

  • Volbeat and WWE on tap!!

    ....We have been qualifying people all week long to sit ringside with me when WWE Smackdown is in town!!! and we will continue to do so through tomorrow and then of course draw our ringside winner tomorrow as well....and that winner plus a guest will sit ringside....yes RINGSIDE with me at WWE Smackdown at IBA!!!! is gonna be AWESOME!!!!...and of course we are still hooking people up all week with Volbeat tix so be listening for your chance to snag those as well!!!!....Mob hit rolls on and tomorrow I will put a Mob Hit out on someone and that someone may just be 1000 bucks richer before it is said and done!!......hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • We are sliding down hill towards the WEEKEND!

    ...Welcome to Wednesday!! I do hope you are having an outstanding day.....Brit Floyd tonight and that should be a great time!...especially if you are even remotely a Pink Floyd fan and who isnt lol... T95 Mob Hit in full swing and this Friday I will be putting a Mob Hit out on someone.....and if that someone calls me within 9 min and 51 seconds of me doing so....I will give them 1000 dollars cash!!!!!....gas cards for those who qualify....if you have yet to get in on this what are you waiting for!!! get all the dirt on it at TO MAY!!!! Rick

  • It is that Time of Year!!!

    ...we are soooooo close to Summer I can feel and taste it!!!...and of course with Summer time comes shows....and more shows!!!! Volbeat around the corner (with Eye Empire and All That Remains!!).....Rockfest in Kansas City on tap as well....not to mention Rocklahoma!!!!....and we are just getting listening to T95 for details on upcoming shows all summer long!!! Rick

  • Welcome to Tuesday!!!

    ...Was watching Sportscenter early this morning before work....NBA playoffs finally starting to heat up....who will the Jets have starting under center this year?....I have to admit I do like Geno Smith's tool......however it is hard to argue with experience and Sanchez does have that over Smith....guess time will Yankees got smacked around yesterday but hey....there is always tomorrow right!....I do hope things are going well for you and I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Rick

  • Volbeat comming....Mob Hits in full swing!

    ...we are just over a week away from Volbeat at the Cotillion and that is GONNA ROCK!!! Be listening to T95 for your last second chances to hook up with tix....I gave away a thounsand bucks just this last Friday with T95's Mob Hit and you could be next!!!! We are just getting started with free gas cards to all who qualify and of course cold hard cash moneyyyyyyyyyyy to those who call back withing 9 min and 51 seconds of hearing their name called out for a Mob Hit!.....get all the details and sign up to be a freeloader at to see you soon! Rick

  • Tim Tebow is far from done

    ....I saw this morning on Espn that Tim Tebow has been released from the NY Jets...considering they did draft Geno Smith, it really came as no suprise to see this occur...many are now saying Tebow will end up playing pro football in Canada instead of the NFL....which absolutely may be true....who knows...I will say this however....Tim Tebow is far from a matter of fact I think he is just getting started....regardless of where he ends up this season...he will be back in the NFL at some point....his determination and work ethic will see to that.....I have always said I would put a Tim Tebow on my squad any day.....primarily due to his constant striving to improve...combined with his incredibly positive attitude.....had a great weekend and was good to see those of you who came out to Rusty Eck on Saturday as well as those who stopped by Snacks on Friday......and of course Pleasures was a good time as always Sat night....hope to see you out and about soon...Rick

  • Let's give away some cash!!

    ...Later today I will be calling out our first mob hit on someone....and that someone will have 9 minutes and 51 seconds to call me when I do so and win 1000 bucks!!! I love giving away cash and with T95's Mob Hit we will be doing just that every Friday!.....HUGE weekend on tap.....willl be at Rusty Eck tomorrow from 1 to 3 and Pleasures tomorrow night from 9 to 11....will also be at the VFC fights from 6:30-8:30 at Intrust Bank Arena......I do hope you are having a great Friday and I do hope to run into you sometime soon! Rick

  • NFL Draft day is here!

    ...Let the games begin!! The NFL draft kicks off today and if you are even remotely a football fan you gotta love it!....who will KC pick with the first overall?....who will the suprise draft pick be? there almost always is one.....and who will get drafted in the 4th or 5th round and turn out to be a huge star?.....only time will tell....Mob Hit continues on T95 and tomorrow I will give away a thousand bucks!!!! busy weekend.....will be out tomorrow with the KS Lottery people at Snacks on South Broadway and that should be a great time....will be at Rusty Eck and Pleasures over the weekend so I do hope to see you out and about soon!! Rick

  • Volbeat is gonna rock!!!

    ...Am sitting in my office listening to the new Volbeat full length as i type a huge fan of track 5 (Cape of our Hero) and 11 (Lonesome Rider).....actually the entire cd is outstanding and I hightly reccomend it....and I can not wait until they are at the Cotillion on May 9th!!!!! ...Mob Hit roles onward on T95.....Friday I will be giving away a grand.....1000 big ones!!! will be doing that every Friday actually .... will be out and about this weekend so as always I do hope to run into you soon!!...Rick

  • Welcome to Tuesday!!

    ..The T95 Mob Hit is off and running!!! and we have only scraped the surface!!! ...lots of gas cards and cash to be given away and you could be our next 1000 dollar winner!!! get all the details at be hanging out with the KS Lottery people on Friday......and that is always alot of fun!...will be at Rusty Eck on Sat and Pleasures Sat night so by all means stop by and say hi! I do hope to see you out and about soon....Rick

  • WWE the ICT!!

    ....I have always been a pro wrestling fan and I have absolutely no quams about telling anyone I am....there is no greater carnival on Earth in my opinion!....I mean where else can you get everything from really hot chicks slugging it out to steel cages and tabel/latters & chairs??? simply can't beat it!....yes I am well aware of the fact it isn't "real" so to speak.....but who cares when it is that entertaining?....It's like I always is a soap opera for men!.....WWE Smackdown is on it's way to town and you can be I will be there!! and I do hope to see you there as well, is FLAT OUT GONNA ROCK! Rick

  • Rain Rain go away!

    ...looks like one more kind of mini blast of Winter so to speak is headed our way lol...hopefully it will be shortlived and we can get on with Spring!!!!.....had a great time over the weekend at Rusty Eck as well as Complete Nutrition and Pleasures!!!....The T95 Mob Hit is under way and so far we have already given away some 25 dollar gas cards!!!....someone will hook up with a thousand big ones on Friday and that someone could end up being you!!! details on the T95 Mob Hit at!....I will be at the Yankees/Royals game at the K on May 10th and I can not wait!!!!...will be sitting right behind the Yankees dugout so keep an eye out for me!!!! Rick

  • I will be EVERYWHERE!!

    ...very busy weekend under way!!!....Tomorrow I will be at the Ren Fair at Sedwick County Park for at least a little while....should be there early on,,,11am or so....will be at Rusty Eck Ford from 1pm-3pm.and then Complete Nutrition from 4-6pm....and of course Pleasures tomorrow night from 9-11pm!!! I do hope to run into you while out and about!....T95's Mob Hit kicks off Monday and you will have a weekly shot at 1000 bucks!!! check out for all the dirt on that and if you have not signed up to be a freeloader yet by all means do!!! costs nothing and takes mere seconds!,,,,thank you for stopping by....Rick

  • Mobster Movies

    ...With the T95 Mob Hit starting up Monday, I started thinking about my all time favorite mob movies of all time..........and to be honest once I started thinking about them I realized there were a few more than I had originally thought.....I would have to say my top 5 would have to be as follows: 5) Donnie Brasco....what an amazing story....4) far one of Pacino's greates roles..EVER....3) Casino....again what an amazing story.....2) Goodfellas....who can possible ever forget the Peschi scene about being a clown.....CLASSIC.....and 1) The Godfather trilogy.....I simply can not argue with a masterpiece.....honorable mentions going to The Departed....and The Untouchables. thank you for stopping by as always................Rick

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